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A Guide To YouTube Keyword Research In 2022. YouTube is the second largest and preferred search engine choice for over a third of the internet’s users after search engine Google. There are over 5 billion videos on the streaming platform, which users can watch whenever they want. As a result, this makes creating video content a focus part of introducing your brand to your target audience. 


There are two ways you can increase your video reach- through Paid YouTube ads or Keywords research on YouTube. However, spreading the word about your brand through ads can be pretty expensive.


YouTube works like any other search engine, which means that it entails the usage of particular keywords to gain traction online. With the help of proper keywords research, you can gain organic traffic. Now, to obtain the right keywords, you will have to jump into the world of YouTube keyword research.  


What is Keyword Research on YouTube?


YouTube Keyword ResearchKeyword research on YouTube is the process of finding words and phrases by those who visit YouTube in search of video content.


The term “keyword” is a bit misleading because keywords can be a combination of words or a phrase. Long-term keywords have the power of higher conversion rates compared than shorter ones. Besides, they also have less competition.


The purpose of finding proper keywords for YouTube channels is to get more views for your video, increase subscribers, or make a conversion.


With the help of keywords research, you can find eye catchy words and phrases to target your audience. Once you find them, you can  apply them in the Main title, description, or hashtags of your YouTube video.


However, for keywords research to be a success, you have to get some idea of the words you want to use to promote your brand. 


Why is keywords research important for YouTube


YouTube Keyword ResearchAs you know, YouTube is the second-largest search engine after Google.


That means millions of people everyday search on YouTube to find about sports, business, entertainments, makeup, education and more.


Publishing your videos content on YouTube doesn’t ensure that they will get seen by target audience.


The main purpose of creating and publishing video content is to bring users and targeted customers to your brand. For this, you need to knowing about your user and targeting audience.


In terms of Search Engine Optimization, this is called recognizing user intent. You need to have awareness of what your users need to see when they type into the search bar.


How to do YouTube Keyword Research? 


There are many ways to do YouTube Keyword research.


  • YouTube Autocomplete


YouTube Keyword ResearchYou might notice that when you search for something on YouTube, below the search bar shows suggestions for certain keywords for you.


This feature is called Autocomplete. 


YouTube has built an easy way for its creators to find the perfect YouTube channel keywords. It takes you into users’ minds through its autocomplete suggestions list. This list indicates what search queries are trending about the phrase or words you write into the search bar.


You can add both short and long-tailed keywords, and you will get the most popular idea at the top of the search bar on YouTube. Short keywords in the between of 1 to 3 words and long-tail keywords in the between of 4 to 6+ keywords.  


  • Check your competitors’ videos 


Instead of starting zero, why not you see which keywords ready work well for your competitors?


Your competitors’ channels will show you specifically what works and what doesn’t work. They give you a basic idea of relevant keywords that make for a huge hit with the audience. Here is a step-by-step process on how to recognize popular keywords through competitor videos: 


1.Visit the preferred competitor’s YouTube channel and go to the Videos section. 


2. Click on most popular and you will notice a list of videos with the highest views and ranks. 


3. Notice the video’s title and the phrases used in the video’s description for a brief idea of popular target-specific keywords.


4. For a more detailed information, right-click on the video and choose ‘View page source’.


  • YouTube’s investigation report 


Aside from autocompleting suggestions, YouTube provides keyword understanding through a YouTube investigation report.


This information is available solidly in your YouTube account and is retrievable by signing in to your record. You should simply visit the ‘Profile’ section of your channel and click on ‘YouTube Studio’.


A dashboard containing the symbol ‘Investigation’ will be visible to you. Just click on it to get the metrics on your reach, engagement, audience, click-through rates, revenue, and other performance factors


To find the keywords that have trended, click on the ‘Reach viewers’ symbol, where you will see the percentage of fame for each keyword used by your viewers in descending order. These are the exact keywords used via searchers to track down you. From this information, you can track down better keywords to amplify your visibility. 


  • Optimize Google video result keyword 


To increase your reach on two search engine stages at the same time is like winning the lottery twice. You can get your YouTube video to rank higher on both YouTube and Google via doing a simple Google search of a specific keyword relevant to your brand. If you see a video result featured in the search results, you will know without a doubt that the keyword you need to use can acquire traffic and rank higher on two stages simultaneously. These keywords are called video result keywords and are limited to specific words or phrases, which you can just find through a manual Google Search. 


  • YouTube ads 


In the event that you have the monetary resources, you can use YouTube ads to promote your video content and reach out to people on a larger scale. As ads fall into the paid category of marketing, more often than not, they guarantee a fixed viewership/reach. There are different types of YouTube ads based on the length of the ad and the user’s freedom to skip or not skip the ad. These include: 


  • TrueView ads 


  • Unskippable ads 


  • Sponsored card ads 


  • Bumper in-stream ads 


  • Show ads 


  • Overlay ads 


However, before you select the type of ad, you ought to have an idea of the keywords you need to use. By utilizing famous keywords, the chances of your ad reaching more people increase. 




Keyword research is the fine line between people finding you and you running after them. It is an essential and nonstop process needed to amplify your brand’s reach. Moreover, it is dynamic as YouTube calculations and trends keep changing with the times. However, it is the main expense efficient way of furthering your reach and increasing your revenue.

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