Audit My SEO - Why Should You Add Videos To Your Content?

Why Should You Add Videos To Your Content? Video is the way consumers absorb content on the internet, and you should prime your business to take advantage of the opportunity that video provides. Statistics show that video viewers will stay engaged longer than with reading and are more likely to convert to leads after viewing a video. This is because video lets your company communicate to your customer base in a simple but useful way.


Statistics on Internet Video Consumption


  • Online video consumption has risen by 32% annually between 2013 and 2018. Experts expect consumption to increase continually within the next few years.
  • Now, YouTube has around 2 billion monthly active users across the world
  • 85% of internet users within the USA consume content through internet video
  • In 2021, the average person watched internet videos for 100 minutes each day, a gain from 84 minutes in 2020
  • Online videos will comprise over 82% of total consumer online traffic by 2022

Why Your Business Should Have Video On Your Website


There are various reasons for adding a video or several videos on your website:


1. Improve Your Rank on the Search Engine Results Pages(SERPs)


As you have often heard, “Content is king” applies to video too! Although search engine crawlers may not index the footage in the video, the way you optimize the data on the video makes the difference.



Using main keywords in the video title, description, and tags helps provide an additional SEO gain. 


Optimized YouTube Channel

Also, Google owns YouTube. This is a built-in benefit for your company to have an improved presence on Google’s search engine results page (SERP).


Create an SEO-optimized channel that hosts all of your video content, even if you have the video embedded on your actual site. The channel and videos provide high-quality links and details about your website.


2. Show off your Product, Service, Brand, and Business Personality


Audit My SEO - Why Should You Add Videos To Your Content?Video is the best way to humanize your business and connect with your website users. This connection is part of developing a relationship and trust. People buy from companies they trust, and a video can help bridge the gap.  


Build Trust

Videos convey the message that you believe in your product or service. Even when a video is not watched fully, a subconscious trust signal is established between your business and the video viewer. This is why having a video for your services or products is a superb way to develop emotions within your buyer base that triggers them to contact you.


3. Stand Out From Your Competition


Audit My SEO - Why Should You Add Videos To Your Content?Many businesses are still out of the loop on the significance of video, but that window of opportunity is closing. As more brands become aware of the success of video marketing, your competitors may use the chance to get ahead of you in search results and brand messages.


Videos will assist you in reaching new site visitors and creating a lasting impression.


Video Provides a Better Website Experience and Retention Rate

A video offers supplemental material to the static website content that helps provide a compelling experience for the shopper. Videos are a prominent way to create a lasting relationship with online users.


Customers are more likely to memorize your video than the content they can read on your competitor’s website blog. Add the fact that video links are shareable, and you have an opportunity for your consumers to post your content across their social media platforms. 


Can I Use YouTube Videos on My Website?


Why not? You can use your YouTube videos on your website.


Since YouTube is owned by Google and even by itself is the second most-used search engine online, we highly urge you to use this platform for your videos.


You can add several plugins to the backend dashboard of your WordPress site to incorporate playlists from your YouTube channel. The actual YouTube plugin is a significant one because it allows a high degree of functionality and control.


What Types of Videos Should I Make?


Exploit all types of video media for your business. Each type of video ought to have a specific message as a main priority. There are a couple of options that all companies can profit from utilizing as promotional material.


Audit My SEO - Why Should You Add Videos To Your Content?Introduction to the Business


Consider this your opportunity to let your customers know what your identity is, what your business is about, and WHY they ought to work with you versus your competition. Think about this as a mini TV advertisement, yet for the internet. Frequently, a video like this is best presented on the website’s homepage.


Product and Services


Ads and advertisements are an ordinary part of life, yet publicizing space for TV and billboards is exorbitant. Online videos on your website and YouTube channel don’t need to be limited to a specific time opening, length, or style.


For example, the video underneath is significantly longer than a business, yet provides more details on the product which an industry-savvy consumer would understand and be keen on.


Customer Testimonials


A customer’s personal experience with your company speaks volumes. Consumers are more prone to trust their peer’s experience over an attempt to seal the deal quickly, and a good testimonial video that shows your client will get a greater reaction than a picture with a caption expressing, “We loved our experience with Company XYZ.” People can be pretty skeptical and a video can help overcome the skepticism.




Who needs to peruse a long guidance manual when YouTube is loaded with tutorial videos? Answers to a ton of questions for “how to… ” are promptly accessible on the web. Rather than giving a random novice YouTuber more hits on their channel, optimize your company’s web videos to answer questions pertinent to your business. You wouldn’t believe how well your videos are received and it can give your company the opening to attract new clients.


What Should I Avoid When Creating Video for My Website?


Audit My SEO - StrategiesThere are things that ought to be kept away from in regard to making a video for your website. The goal is to make a happy drawing that causes the RIGHT emotional response to your viewers. Here are a few tips to try not to make a video that wrecks your marketing strategy:


Keep your message short and simple: Make sure you can hit every one of the hot points in your video during the time dispensed. Try not to overextend your screen time, as it can negatively influence viewership. If your topic is broader than the time you have, break the message down into multiple videos. KEEP YOUR VIEWERS’ ATTENTION!


Don’t wear your audience out! Keep your video exciting. This will help engagement and allow you to make yourself clear. People will daydream or leave an exhausting video that doesn’t catch their eye.


Shoot with a Script: This will help keep your video and message on target. Regardless of whether you are an expert on your topic, having a script will keep you centered. This will provide confidence to the person in the video or doing the voiceover and will help them during recording to eliminate uncomfortable silences and gestures.


Try not to over-promote your business, BUT make sure you have a call-to-action included – Without a call-to-action in your video, you will lose a portion of the viability of your message and marketing exertion. Request that your viewer completes the cycle by presenting a call-to-action that snatches them emotionally and causes them to act! In any case, be cautious – don’t over-promote your business or you could switch off potential customers by offering to them too much. Keep the data clean and simple.


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