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Why Is My Website Not Ranking in Google? If you have a website, which is not ranking on Google- you may have asked this question Why is My Website Not Ranking on Google? For ranking on Google, there are many factors at play. A few important things to consider include your website’s DA(Domain Authority), its PA(Page Authority), and even the way it’s built or structured. 


Let’s start with the basics.


If your website isn’t showing up on the Google search engine result page, and you are confused and not sure why there are maybe a number of best practices you need to follow for ranking your website on Google.


The first thing you need to understand is the relevancy of the website. Search engines like Google want to provide the most relevant search result to searchers. With the help of a crawler, Google crawls website content and matches it to the search query a searcher is targeting. If your website is copying content from other authority websites, then you can be sure Google won’t show your website to searchers.


Google Ranking Factors to Improve Search Result Placement


Keyword Placement & Density


Proper keyword placement is vital for helping search engines determine the topics of a web page. Add the keyword/phrase you are targeting in the title tag and meta title tag, at the start of the web page content and spread throughout the rest of the web page. This is quite important for Search Engine Optimization!


It’s very important that your content is written for humans not for search engines, and that your web page reads inherently and not “keyword stuffed” for the sake of drawing Google web crawlers. Be careful while placing keywords. Using too many same keywords in content leads to Keywords stuffing as it comes across as spammy and Google could penalize your website for it. 


Another thing is to think about is your web Domain. While purchasing a domain name, including the keywords, and if you can. If you have already registered your domain name don’t worry, try a keyword to a subdomain. For instance, try setting up a page domain like this: rather than  


If you have a WordPress-based website, then Yoast SEO is a great plugin to help business owners optimize their web pages perfectly and naturally. It can guide how easy it is to read your web content, how many times your keyword/phrase need to be used on the page, if your images are optimized, and much more.


Image Optimization


Search Engine web crawlers can’t view images, It’s vital to help them to understand what the image on your website means. The image alt text, file name, and title tag should describe your image. Be concise in the description and keep the text altered. Periodically this means getting a little visionary for a website with equivalent images throughout.


Check for Poor Domain History


A website that ranks poorly with Google could have a terrible domain history. Punishments like Penguin and Panda were made to target oppressive tactics used to expand web rankings and your site might be negatively impacted. Be cautious facilitating with spammers and directing “dark cap” tactics. Google will ultimately recognize this and drop your website into insensibility!


Renew Your Domain Registration


Stay up with the latest, and attempt to purchase longer domain enrollments. Google considers a more drawn-out enlistment more real than more limited ones and gives more credit to websites they accept will keep on existing for years to come. Domains with momentary enrollments look less legitimate because they may not be effectively maintained or are for a temporary cause compared to a laid-out site on a similar subject.


Test Page Speed


A website that heaps slowly will fall in the rankings compared to sites that convey content rapidly. Google wants to convey quality content to searchers and a slow stacking page conveys a low-quality message. Besides, your customers are looking for speed, so if a page is stacking slowly, they’ll rapidly abandon your site which will negatively influence your bounce rate.


Really take a look at Your Site’s Backlink Quality


Audit My SEO - Social MediaEnsure you are conveying the right messages to Google in regards to your website. If you have low-quality or spammy inbound links, Google will recognize this as manipulating the ranking situation and punishing the website. Link building should be natural. Definitive sites with a high level of trust will generally assist websites with ranking higher because they give quality assets to perusers.


There are various tools accessible like the Moz program expansion, Ahrefs and Screaming Frog SEO Spider to assist with your link strategy.


Alongside building high-quality inbound links, interior website linking is likewise important to Google. Ensure your website has sufficient measures of inward links directing traffic to relevant pages of content. For instance, add a link to your contact page, or then again if you mention assistance you give in a blog article, add a link to that help page.


Likewise, check and fix broken links as they can convey a low-quality message to Google, in this manner diminishing your site presence in search results.


What If You’re Using the Wrong Keywords Altogether?


The search volume of your catchphrase phrases matters. It’s the backbone of your SEO strategy. If you’re attempting to rank for a term that just gets 100 searches a month, then there’s little chance that you’ll move to the top of the search results page. While you’re thinking about the keywords to focus on your site, ensure they have genuinely high search volumes. This will be easier than climbing a daunting task with regard to ranking. Realize which words and expressions individuals are using to track down similar pages and make content around those topics.


Google isn’t Indexing Your Website


With search engine streamlining (SEO), you could compose content that addresses the topic well indeed, however, if no one sees it, then what’s the point? You want to ensure individuals can track down your website. Some SEO tactics include posting on other famous sites and utilization of web-based media channels. You might likewise consider an SEO audit.


In spite of the fact that it’s important to understand Why is Website Not Ranking in Google? The main thing you can do as a website proprietor is make a move. If nothing else, utilize this as inspiration to learn what you want to know well enough so your site begins ranking high on search engine results pages.


Audit My SEO - Social Media

No Authoritative Backlinks


Whenever Google sees a website that has one link from a blog on a connected topic and then another link from a site that isn’t as firmly related, it will accept that the first site is more definitive (and along these lines better) than the second. You can develop your “link juice” by getting links from high-power sites.


Not Optimized for Mobile Devices


Mobile web perusing is turning out to be progressively well known. If you haven’t enhanced your site to be viable with mobile devices, it’s time to ensure you do! Ensure all of your content is available via smartphones and other handheld devices, too.


Your Website Has Been Penalized By Google


Audit My SEO - Link Optimization in SEOGetting a punishment by Google has been a thing for a surprisingly long time. Google says that there are more than 200 signs it uses to rank websites, and sometimes those rankings can be impacted by punishments. 


Well, if your site is penalized, then you’ll have to make a move before it appears anywhere on the outcomes pages once more. The first step is to learn however much you can regarding the reason why this might have occurred – and how it very well may be fixed – through assets like this blog entry. 


When in doubt, there is a repudiate tool on Google Search Console that can be utilized to let Google know which links should never again be associated with your website.


There are tons of motivations behind why your website may not be ranking on Google’s SERPs. And unfortunately learning more with regards to them will not consistently give you instant information on the best way to fix the issue. That being said, with a little research and elbow grease, you ought to have the option to get things headed in the correct direction.


Citations Needed In Local Search Results


Having citations for your business is important because it constructs the believability of your local posting. Google has been performing an algorithmic update with all likelihood more to come which will affect citations on many sites including those that have been ‘advanced’ by companies selling reference benefits or even SEO companies themselves! 


For what reason might this occur? Well, oftentimes these sorts of companies won’t give a link back from their site to yours with steady information regarding what is being upgraded. For what reason do you figure Google could punish these sorts of postings? Believe it or not – they don’t believe them however much those postings that have been appropriately enhanced. “Why Is My Website Not Ranking in Google?” you inquire? Maybe because you’re not referred to right, and the work to fix it has just barely started!


Audit My SEO - WebsiteGoogle Released a New Algorithm Update


You can wager it’s a calculation update. For what reason do I say that? Well, if you follow sites like Moz (which distributes refreshes straightforwardly from Google), you’ll see that about one time each year (plus or minus a couple of months) a significant update happens.


What sort of things might have been impacted by this update? Sure back-links, spammy links, and web-based media profiles were possible focuses for this specific update. What difference does this make to you? Because if your site is spammy in any capacity whatsoever – then there’s a decent chance that it will be affected by the following significant Google update!

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