Audit My SEO - Why is an SEO Audit important?

Why is an SEO Audit important? An SEO Audit is similar to taking your bike to a service center. As you know, regular service can be one of the most important ways to increase the life of your bike. 


The same applies to your website. If you do a regular SEO Audit, You get to know what technical issues there are and what needs to improve. The on-page and off-page factors optimize search engine visibility, usability, and conversion.


Before knowing why SEO Audit is vital to your website, let’s first understand:


  1. What is an SEO audit?
  2. What are the types of SEO Audits?
  3. How to do SEO Audit?


What is SEO Audit?


An SEO Audit is the process of analyzing and finding out the issues of your website. Because of those issues, your site cannot be properly indexed and crawled by Google. Also, those issues might be hindering your traffic and organic search rankings. 


Doing an SEO Audit reveals many issues, such as:


  • Competitive Marketplace Insights
  • Technical SEO Issues
  • On-Page SEO Issues
  • User Experience Issues
  • Website Structure Issues
  • Potential Off-Site Problems
  • Content Gaps and Opportunities


An SEO audit should not rush, as it takes time to reveal the root cause of the issues concerning your online health.


What Are the Types of SEO Audits? 


There are three types of SEO audit you can do for your website. These types are Technical SEO Audit, On-page SEO, and Off-page SEO. Additionally, you can break all those parts into three stages, as it will be much easier to organize and manage your optimization plans. Next, this section will evaluate each type of SEO Audit and how they are vital to your overall marketing strategy. 


The Three Types of SEO


Technical SEO Audit-


Technical SEO Audit involves the kind of optimization that makes your site more efficient to index and crawl. It includes various factors that improve your website’s health, such as:


  • XML Sitemap
  • Mobile SEO analysis
  • Duplication
  • International SEO analysis
  • Indexation analysis
  • Status Codes
  • Redirects
  • Page Speed
  • URL Structure
  • Robots.txt
  • Canonical Tags
  • Crawlability
  • Legal Domain Issues


On-Page Audit-


Audit My SEO - Why is an SEO Audit important?In this section, we will show you that an On-page Audit isn’t as hard as you thought. It is easy if you follow the proper process, use the right tool and follow the guidelines of Google. 


With an On-page SEO audit, you can analyze many elements, such as:


  • Site Content Structure
  • Internal Linking & HTML Sitemap
  • User Experience
  • Metadata Analysis
  • Page Copy Theme Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword Use
  • Schema
  • Images & Video


Audit My SEO - Why is an SEO Audit important?Off-Page Audit-


Once you complete a technical and On-page audit, it is time to move on to an Off-page audit.


Off-page audits include backlinks, social media engagement, domain authority, etc. 


To summarize, Off-page SEO is the practice of improving your website’s reputation and integrity by promoting it on other’s sites.


How to do an SEO Audit?


Now that you understand what an SEO audit offers to your website, let’s see how to do an SEO audit.


To illustrate, you can perform your SEO audit step-by-step.  First, choose an SEO tool such as SEMrush, Ahref, google Analytics, uber suggestion, etc. After selecting the tool, you need to do a site audit.


After completing the audit of your website, those tools generate reports. In that report, you find many issues and suggestions to solve those issues. 


Audit My SEO - How to perform an SEO AuditWhile doing an audit, there are many things you need to check, such as:


  • Benchmark your ranking and understand your competitors
  • Check duplicate various of your website in Google’s index
  • Indexed URLs
  • Check your site speed
  • Understand your site’s page experience
  • Audit your On-page SEO
  • Check for manual actions


Then you can check quick things like fixing broken internal links, checking your sitemap and toxic links, and cleaning up your sitemap. 


Lastly, the critical part of a site audit is auditing content. In auditing content, you must:


  • Find and fix duplicate content issues
  • Recognize thin content pages
  • Fix orphan pages issues

6 Reasons SEO Auditing Is Important in 2022


So you have checked out your website’s presence in Google Analytics and tracked down whether organic traffic is level or down. You may also have seen no movement in the number of leads your website creates. You have heard that SEO can assist with working on your presence in search engine results — however, which SEO tactics do you have to use? 


Before making a move and rolling out random improvements to your website, you will need to finish an SEO audit. An SEO audit is a means to assess the search engine friendliness of your website. Each website is unique, which is why an SEO audit gives a customized perspective on how well your website is getting along in Google’s eyes. 


After an audit is finished, you are more likely to devise and carry out a reasonable SEO strategy and work on your inbound advertising.


1. Improves Website Performance


It is an obvious fact that Google adores a solid website. Notably, site auditing is a critical factor in rankings. Running an SEO audit will hail up any issues that your website has, for example, low-speed or problems with site maps. Likewise, it can bring up security issues your website might be facing. 


Some of these issues can be fixed immediately.  Likewise, others will take additional time. Try not to be discouraged if you have made changes and seen no immediate improvement. In certain conditions, it can take Google weeks to perceive changes. 


We suggest playing out an SEO audit consistently. Generally, you should audit your site every month. 


Audit My SEO - Why is an SEO Audit important?2. Saves Your Site From Google Penalty


Search engine optimization or SEO is an industry that is constantly developing. A few years ago, a typical SEO practice was to buy links that are immediate to your page.


These days, although link building is still a significant component of any SEO procedure, these toxic links can be damaging to your rankings. 


It will also assist you with the dangerous historic practices, which, once removed, will improve your site’s general SEO. 


Thus, SEO auditing can help you avoid dangerous Google penalties.


Audit My SEO - Why is an SEO Audit important?3. Keywords That are Ranking


It regularly excites clients when we share with them which keywords they rank.


An SEO audit offers invaluable data about your organic presence and the keywords you organize. When you realize what you are typing (and what you are not), you can upgrade your content and try to target similar keywords for better rankings. 


You might have composed the best content on a topic.  However, if it is not streamlined as expected for the right keywords, how is your objective client supposed to discover it?


4. Understand Keywords


Ranking admirably for keywords is incredible! Be that as it may, it is practically pointless if those keywords are not producing traffic or the right kind of traffic.


 Furthermore, if you find that you are ranking great for a specific watchword, yet that catchphrase is growing little traffic, it may be the case that your buyer persona is not researching that phrasing or has a low search volume. 


Utilize it to comprehend the search terms and variations that your objective customer is utilizing. You would then be able to outfit this knowledge in your SEO system by making and streamlining content to fill in the gaps.


Audit My SEO - Why is an SEO Audit important?5. Know Your Progress


Once you do an SEO audit and implement the changes, it is crucial to follow that process monthly.


Following the process will help you track your progress in improving your website ranking on Google and give you a greater idea of what you can do next. 


After all, SEO is an ongoing and long-term process.


SEO tools such as SEMrush can help to keep track of progress.


Audit My SEO - Why is an SEO Audit important?6. See What Competitors are Doing


Do you have a tough competitor who always seems to beat you in search engine rankings and outranks your site or content?  Would you like to know how your competitor outranking you? If yes, then SEO auditing your competitor’s website will help you with it. Besides auditing your website, you can also audit that of your competition. It is an excellent way by which you analyze your competition and get some information you can use in your SEO strategy.


Conclusion: SEO Auditing is Crucially Important


An SEO audit is the most critical part of an entire SEO plan. It will help you diagnose your site from top to bottom. With the help of sound SEO auditing, you can eliminate all the critical SEO errors that might be hampering the traffic and rankings of your site


We hope this blog has provided you with everything you need to know about SEO audits. Furthermore, if you want to learn more about SEO audits and why they are essential, consider following our newsletter for more updated information.

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