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What is YouTube SEO? Guide For 2022. YouTube search engine optimization is the process of optimizing your videos and channel to rank higher on the YouTube search engine result’s page. In 2006, YouTube was acquired by Google. Today, it has a complex algorithm that decides how your videos will appear in YouTube rankings. Optimizing channels can increase important metrics like getting more subscribers, follower count, brand awareness, website visits, and also revenue.


SEO is the practice of optimizing your YouTube channel, meta title, meta description, and videos. You can optimize your YouTube videos on YouTube’s search engine and also other search engines like Google, Bing.


How does the YouTube Algorithm work?


Audit My SEO - YouTube SEOThere are two important features of the YouTube Algorithm:


  1. Your YouTube videos need to have a well-optimized and relevant title, proper description, and Video content.
  2. User Engagement is the key element to rank on the YouTube result page. If your videos are getting more views, likes, and comments, the YouTube algorithm acknowledges it as a signal to rank your videos higher on the YouTube result page.

How to carry out YouTube SEO?


The key element for the success of a YouTube channel is to harness the power of your video’s transcripts, subtitles, and closed captions. In this case, it’s crucial to focus on keywords across your YouTube page. After all, this will lead to an increase in both the Search engine result page and your audience. 


12 YouTube SEO tips and tricks for 2022:


  1. Audit My SEO - YouTube SEOYouTube Keyword Research
  2. YouTube Titles & Descriptions
  3. Make Engaging Videos
  4. Eye-striking Thumbnails
  5. Use Keywords while Talking
  6. Use Subtitles And Closed Captions 
  7. Utilize YouTube Stories and Posts 
  8. Video SEO Embed 
  9. Promote Your Video on Social Media 
  10. Utilize Your Email List 
  11. Really look at Watch Time Report 
  12. Ensure Your Keywords are Low Competition

YouTube Keyword Research


Keywords research is vital for YouTube as well as Google. If you are a SEO Agency you might be using tools like Google Ads, SEMrush, and Ahrefs, for keywords research. On YouTube, Keywords research is a bit different and tricky. There are no such dedicated tools available for keyword research on YouTube. 


So, how do I perform YouTube keyword research?


  • Keyword Ideas– First and most important for performing keywords research is to find keywords ideas.  Open a spreadsheet or excel and find out all the Keywords ideas surrounding your video. 
  • Use YouTube Suggestion- Once you have all your Keywords Ideas, The next step is to put those Ideas in the YouTube search bar. You will see YouTube suggestion keywords for the term you are entering.
  • Use Competitor’s keywords- Competitor Analysis is a critical strategy for YouTube as well as Google search Engine. The strategy is to discover the keywords the competitors are targeting and ranking for. 

Optimize YouTube Titles 


Audit My SEO - YouTube SEOAfter performing good keywords research, so what do you do next with them?


You can optimize those keywords in the Titles and Descriptions of a page, to rank higher on the result page. 


Do proper keyword research, and add primary and secondary keywords in the Titles and Descriptions of your video. There are some powerful factors need to know such as 


  • Title Length
  • Use main keywords at the start of your Title.
  • Use of number in the Title.
  • Write detail Descriptions
  • Add links to your website in the Descriptions
  • Use #hashtags in descriptions

Audit My SEO - YouTube SEOMake engaging videos


One of the most important factors in the YouTubesearch engine is User Engagement and optimization of titles & Descriptions. No matter how good your video is optimized for SEO, If your video fails to engage a user, the end result would be a decrease in ranking on YouTube.


Eye-striking thumbnails


The Video thumbnail, which needs to be Eye-catchy and bring some additional information. Put yourself in the user’s shoes and decide on what thumbnail would work best for my video. You can also check competitors’ thumbnails and get some ideas. DO NOT use clickbait thumbnails.


Audit My SEO - YouTube SEOUse keywords while talking 


Abracadabra! This is a secret trick you can use to assist with ranking your videos on YouTube. At any point, watched a video and turned on the subtitles(auto-generated)? At the point when you listen to tunes or any videos for that matter, YouTube shows you auto-generated subtitles, regardless of whether the individual who has uploaded the video has not uploaded subtitles. This is all gratitude to their speech acknowledgment technology. 


By utilizing this technology, YouTube can hear *cough* what you’re discussing. Essentially, it separates your voice into words and comprehends those words. Presently envision YouTube getting every one of the important primary keywords that you talk by this technology. Your ranking will profit from this. 


Use Subtitles And Closed Captions 


Individuals who upload videos are given choices to upload subtitles and captions to contact a bigger audience. It is intended for individuals who are hard of hearing or experience issues hearing. Ensure this element on the grounds that your captions will incorporate your primary keywords. Utilize this to your advantage, for both, contacting your audience and acquiring better rankings. 


This is the place where using keywords while talking would bode well. Ensure you give exact captions and subtitles and don’t enjoy keyword stuffing. 


Use keywords in your Filename 


Shush, … secret tip coming. Use keywords in your file name you upload. Indeed, you heard it right. Simply consider it, YouTube will know what’s going on with your video by your filename. So ensure you put your primary keyword as your filename. 


Assuming I need to upload a video on YouTube SEO, I’ll keep the filename “YouTube-seo.mp4” rather than “sefsdhsgsd444.mp4”. Bodes well, eh? 


Utilize YouTube Stories and Posts 


There are a couple of new elements added by YouTube as of late for its users. One of the elements which can end up being vital for YouTube SEO is YouTube Stories and Posts. Like Instagram stories and posts, you can upload Stories on YouTube. You can likewise upload posts including polls. 


This will radically further develop your User Engagement, which is perhaps the main ranking factor. Make drawing in posts and upload Stories that will appeal to your users. 


Audit My SEO - Guide To White Hat SEOVideo SEO Embed 


On the off chance that your YouTube videos straightforwardly promote your items or administrations, it is consistently a smart thought to embed them into your blog  posts.


This should be possible on both your own site or on guest posts.This is one of a handful of the YouTube SEO tips that are extremely inconspicuous, however can have a huge effect. To begin with, it presents your video to a lot broader audience, who can become organic viewers. Second, you can embed your YouTube videos anyplace. In any case, blog posts are the best medium to do as such 


Promote Your Video on Social Media 


Advancing your videos on social media channels is one of the main components of YouTube SEO. Advancing your YouTube video is very like upgrading any blog. The more views you get, the higher you rank. 


Thus, you should get as many eyes on your video and convert them into organic views. Most ideal way of getting this wide reach? Social media channels. Your site should have a brand page across well-known social media stages like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Here, you can regularly promote your YouTube channel and new content that you put out. 


You can likewise have a go at posting a relevant video as a reply on Quora. With a little context of how the video can assist with responding to the first question, this is a simple method of acquiring a decent piece of organic views on your video. 


Utilize Your Email List 


Email lists are an exceptionally efficient type of showcasing. Use your email list to its full potential by sending everyone in the list the YouTube link to your new videos. You can send many emails inside a couple of moments and adequately increase the views on your videos inside a couple of days! 


Really look at Watch Time Report 


Watch time is the all the time users spend observing any video. Make sure to place it in context, half fulfillment of a ten-minute video will rank higher than full culmination of a two-minute video. Henceforth, you should regularly check your watch time reports to see which videos get more watch time.


Ensure Your Keywords are Low Competition 


This is one of the YouTube SEO tips and tricks that is particularly relevant for new YouTube channels. You don’t need your videos to rival channels with a huge following. 


To avoid this competition, ensure that you use keywords in your meta and descriptions that don’t have high keyword difficulty. A simple way of doing this is utilizing apparatuses like KWFinder, which can assist you with tracking down keywords with low difficulty. Ideally, you should focus on keywords with a difficulty score of below 40. 


Audit My SEO - YouTube SEOConclusion: 


The size of the audience on YouTube is gigantic. In case there’s any search engine that approaches Google search engine, it’s that of YouTube.


The YouTube search engine can assist your image with developing and, thus, bring about changes down the pipe. 


YouTube SEO may appear to be not so troublesome. Advance your Titles, Descriptions, do a couple of hacks to a great extent, and done. However, there’s something else to it. Strategically done Keyword Research, making playlists encompassing your keywords, maybe a long yet valuable interaction. Frankly, there’s not a ton of Tech associated with YouTube SEO.


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