Audit My SEO - What Is The Google Search Network Campaign? [2022]

What Is The Google Search Network Campaign? Right Way To Set Up A Campaign [2022].




Your ads will show in the search results when someone searches with keywords. That’s why it is called a search network campaign. 


Google Search Network Campaign is one of the most popular advertising campaigns in digital marketing. If you want to run your Google ads in search engines of your own but can’t get the expected traffic, this article will help you get traffic. 


Even if you don’t have the knowledge about the Google Search Network Campaign, then look over it below. First, we will discuss what Google Search Network Campaign is. 


Let’s start!  


What Is The Google Search Network Campaign?


Google Search Network is one of Google’s advertising networks. Companies use this advertising campaign to show their advertisement across the network. When people search for something on Google, the advertisement will appear on the search result page and website. 


Advertisements will appear on the specific website and result page that has the responsibility of Google? Google’s artificial intelligence will decide which specific advertisement will be paper on which website or keywords. 


To better understand, we give you an example: if you search for the best affordable lipsticks, you will get different brands’ lipstick ads and e-commerce sites to buy the product. 


So, what do you understand about the Google search Network Campaign? If you want the simple answer: an advertisement that is displayed in the search engine of a Google search. It is very effective when you consider that Google makes over 4 billion searches per day. 


There are lucrative benefits; one of them is that you can pick the keyword that gets the most triggers from the audience. For example, if you’re selling “indoor plants,” you can decide to only show your ads when people type the word “indoor plants” into Google. 


Campaign: Right Way To Setting Up A Campaign


Audit My SEO - Google MUM Update and its Impact on SEOFirst, log in to Google ads and then hit on ‘+ Campaign.’ Then select a goal. Google offers you numerous options, including traffic, sales, leads, and brand awareness. You can select one of them to stay with the fishing pole. 


The next step is to select campaign types. Select what action you want users to take. As we are selling “indoor plants,” we’ll choose website visits. On the other hand, if you have a car or brick store, then you should choose “store visits” while an app company chooses to download the app.


Second, now is the time to give your campaign a name. Make sure you give it a simple name that would be easy to remember. Or, you can choose “display network,” which will show your ad on partner sites across the internet. 


If you only want to display on search, make sure you don’t click the “Display Network” option. It will ensure high-rank traffic on your site. The “Search Network” ad only shows from the search that takes place directly on Google. 


Now you may ask: Which campaign type would an advertiser use to target users searching on The answer is “Search Network with Display opt-in.” 


Third, language and location are very important factors in starting an advertising campaign. You may target a specific location and language which will come to your site and buy the product. To do this, you have to select some option in “Google Search Network.” 


Audit My SEO - 15 Smart Google SEO Tips for smart rankings in 2022If you are running online marketing, you may choose all countries and territories, but make sure that you can provide the service. If you want to advertise a broad country, pick “English” as the language so that you can catch the audience who find them relevant. 


Fourth, after location and language choosing, you now have to choose your target audience. When you are running an advertisement campaign, you should focus on a certain audience. 


You will get different options; make sure that you will choose as per your business purpose. 


Fifth, without a budget, marketing, selling, and branding, you can’t do it. Business means money. So, you should think about your Google search network ad campaign budget. 


If you are new to Google ads, then you should select the “Maximize Conversions” option. The budget section dictates how much you want to spend money per day on your ads. Your ads never spend further than this daily day limit. After selecting the option, next hit the “Save and continue.”


Sixth, now you can create an ad group, which is one or more ads that have the same group. Always keep in mind that when you target the keywords, they should be matched with users’ searches. Otherwise, you can’t get traffic. 


Now You May Think, Why Are Matching Keywords Important? 


Audit My SEO - CellphoneWell, it is very simple to understand for Google Search Network Ad Campaigns. You may understand the term search network; it means that you have to come up with the search result page. If your keyword does not match with users’ search keywords, then your ad will not show in Google Search results. 


Your Google ads show when keywords are matched. As we previously said, if you sell affordable lipstick and your ad keyword is “affordable lipstick,” it needs users to search for lipsticks using these same keywords.


Now you may ask: how do you understand which keywords are trendy in Google Search Network Campaigns? For this, you can use tools that help you to optimize your ads and get more traffic. 




Google Search Network Campaign is one of the best ad campaigns for all types of businesses.


More or less every e-commerce site and individual businesses use this ad campaign to get high traffic. 


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