Audit My SEO - What is an SEO Audit

What is an SEO Audit?   An SEO Audit is the process of analyzing your website to find out how it’s performing in terms of health, rankings, traffic, and many other factors. In short, auditing is analyzing a website from top to bottom.


Auditing sites also help in identifying issues that could prevent your site from ranking on search engines like Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, and Google as well. 


The main purpose of SEO auditing is to find issues that are affecting the organic search performance, traffic, and rankings of a website.


An SEO audit typically reveals:


  • Technical SEO issues
  • Competition insight
  • Website structure issues
  • Content gaps and opportunities
  • Competitive marketplace insights
  • On-page SEO issues
  • User experience issues
  • Potential off-site problems


It’s vital to do SEO auditing for a website for its long-term success. This is like when we need to do a health check-up to avoid getting sick. So, like us, a website needs SEO auditing to prevent breaking links, On-page issues, User experience issues, etc




There are many ways to perform an SEO Audit which includes an automated SEO checker or tool, hiring an SEO agency or freelancer, or it can be done by SEO software such as MOZ, Ahrefs, and SEMrush that provides site audit tool to show general site health and common issues.  




In this checklist, you can perform the audit of your site without external help, Before auditing ensure the site is added as a property in Google Analytics and Google Search Console


To perform an SEO audit, follow those steps,


  • Identify external and internal link-building opportunities.
  • Ensure that meta tags are optimized for target keywords.
  • Identify content that needs to be updated or improved and find content gaps
  • Check website speed
  • Identify duplicate content.
  • Identify site architecture improvements.
  • Check broken links
  • Shift your site URL from HTTP to HTTPS to ensure security.

What is the importance of SEO auditing?


Audit My SEO - What is an SEO AuditAn SEO audit gives a tailored view of how your website is performing on search engines. 


After an audit is complete, you get a clear idea of where you need to work on your website. There are many benefits to doing SEO audits for websites such as:


  1. Improve website ranking – After an SEO audit, you will find information about things that are wrong on your website and suggestions for improvement. This way, If you apply these suggestions, it will lead to improving website ranking on search engines
  1. Increase traffic on a website- After doing changes on your website, you may see an increase in its traffic. This is thanks to better visibility on search engines. Besides, this may also increase brand awareness and sales.
  2. Improve your site’s overall performance-   Website performance is the key factor to rank on Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Running an SEO audit will allow you to know issues like website site speed, issues with site maps. It can also help to find security issues your website may be facing.   

Important factors of SEO auditing?


There are a bunch of Important factors that are,


  1. Website Speed-  It’s one of the main ranking factors, that many people forget to do. In 2010, Google confirmed website speed is one of the main factors to improve your site ranking. 
  1. Mobile-Friendliness- Mobile SEO is more important than ever. More than 65% of Google searches come from a mobile device. Also, Google officially confirmed that mobile versions will be indexed first. 
  1. Fix Broken Links- Broken links are bad for the user experience, which can hurt your search engine optimization. You can find broken links through Ahrefs, SEMrush, Google’s Search Console, and broken link check. 


Now, here are the top 5 SEO tools that will help you audit your website from top to bottom.




Semrush has over 50 items, tools, and additional items for online visibility management. This includes tools for search, content, social media and statistical surveying, and information all over 140 nations. 


It can also flawlessly coordinate with Google and task management tools, making SEMrush a critical solution for organizations that need to fabricate and work on their online presence. 


SEMrush screens over 200 million exceptional areas for SEO across 142 geodatabases. It additionally has 41 trillion backlinks, 20 billion keywords and over 7 million domain data.


On SEMrush, you can assemble information and fair them to a professional-grade PDF report. In addition, you can tweak it without any problem. You can add photos and images and in any event and commenting or highlight it as well. 


On the other hand, you can share and convey your report through an immediate connection or email. This guarantees that everyone in your team has access to the reports. You can even timetable your report to go out routinely in the event that you’d like. This is ideal for web-based organizations and, particularly for, digital marketing companies and specialists.




Ahrefs likewise assists clients with delving profound into their competitors’ traffic with the search explorer tool. You can easily see the keywords the competitor’s site is ranking for on the web. However, this isn’t all, since you can also find out the keywords they’re spending on for their promoting and marketing campaigns. You can also check the flow of organic and paid traffic they are getting. 


Content is still king, and Ahrefs allows you to figure out which kind of content you should be making. You will see which content is getting shared the most, just as each site is linking to popular and moving content materials. 


Knowing what keywords are getting positioned and ranked is key in the battle for getting on top of search engine results pages(SERPs). Ahrefs assists you with monitoring your keyword rankings in every single geographic area and language, just as how your keywords perform on mobile stages as well. 




Keyword research tools give significant insights and natural ideas by scanning all long-tail keywords. The MOZ Pro tool provides exact volume evaluations of keywords and admittance to more than 500,000 vetted keywords. 


MOZ Pro uses demonstrated industry metrics to get to and assess top web links that assist with recovering broken links, discover new link openings and find unlinked mentions. It likewise provides tools to look and clean conceivably harmful links, which regularly bring about punishments from Google. 


It also has a diagnostics assistant that helps in fixing SEO and site crawlability issues, including duplicate titles and content, missing page elements, broken links, and different mistakes. Not only that, but it naturally focuses on the main issues and provides cautions to new issues. 


The page enhancement highlights assist with distinguishing top-performing content and give moment advancement reports. 


The tailor-made SEO suggestions assist clients with further developing rankings and uncover new ideas for ranking content. Underlying reporting tools give noteworthy insights and top to bottom SERP reporting. The reports can also effectively be traded into CSV or PDF design for additional examination.


SE Rankings


Audit My SEO - What is an SEO AuditBy using SE Ranking you can monitor, filter, as well as disavow backlinks, find both short-tail and long-tail keywords to help you improve the nature of your content, and track rankings with 100% accuracy.


On top of that, it offers an extraordinary SEO/PPC research tool. This allows you to find your rival’s keywords and ads for paid and organic search. 


SE Ranking also offers B2B features to let users customize the stage as much they want. Thus, you can further develop your general marketing tasks any way you wish. For one’s purposes, it has easy-to-use marketing tools that let you personalize SEO contributions. 


There are API abilities that let you expand the elements of the tool per your business requirements. 


Other than standard instruments, SE Ranking offers some exceptional tools that aren’t extremely normal for the SEO stage. It assists you with being in control of your social communications utilizing booked distributing tools and monitoring alternatives. Along these lines, you can increase your social media ranking and engagement rate effortlessly.


Raven SEO Tools


Audit My SEO - What is an SEO AuditSEO PowerSuite is an across-the-board SEO software that helps businesses further develop search motor ranking, produce more traffic, and save time. It incorporates Rank Tracker, WebSite Auditor, SEO SpyGlass, and LinkAssistant. This simple-to-use software provides amazing SEO capabilities and helps users in all tasks without needing deep SEO and specialized knowledge. As a result, users can begin immediately and take care of business. 


The complete suite offers a one-of-a-kind analytic understanding and permits businesses to make more powerful SEO strategies. It speeds up the entire course of Search Engine Optimization and allows users to accomplish more in less time and with less work. 


The software works well with large data sets and helps keep SEO customers satisfied. PowerSuite offers a thorough set of amazing assets and elements that help accomplish and keep up with high search engine rankings.




Audit My SEO - What is an SEO AuditSEO auditing is vital for your site as it helps improve its overall health. Otherwise, if your website isn’t healthy, you can’t expect to have a good website or search engine rankings at all. That’s why you must audit your website every 6 months. 


In this article, we have mentioned all the tools and resources that will help you in SEO auditing in 2022 and beyond. Make sure that you bookmark this guide and share it with others in your community. 


Because sharing is caring. 


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