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What is an External Linking – Importance and Types of External Linking. To have a strong Search Engine optimization strategy for your site, you have to understand external Links. Backlinks are assumed to be the foundation of the internet and they have been together since the beginning. Even today, Search engine optimization experts consider external links as an important factor when it comes to the Google Algorithm.


But, what is external linking? What are its types and why is it so important?


What are External Links?


Audit My SEO - External LinkingExternal Links are hyperlinks that point from one domain to another.

Most experts believe that external links are a very crucial factor when it comes to ranking.

This is because other websites carry different domain authorities and backlinks.


In simple terms, If a website links to your site, this is external linking and your site linking with other websites is also known as external linking.



What is the Importance of External Links?


External linking plays an important role in improving your website’s ranking and domain authority. These links are acknowledged as a third-party vote of trust by search engines, based on the simplistic idea that how people talk and suggest your website can say a lot about you. External linking has always been a vital ranking factor since the launch of Google’s search engine. So, let’s discuss some crucial facts about external linking.


Improves the visibility and relevance of the website


Search engines (Google, Yahoo!, and Bing) admire their users and always aim to show the most appropriate results to their search queries. External links coming from other sites of the equivalent niche can help the Google algorithm understand the connection of your website’s content for a specific query and the degree of your popularity. This can increase your website’s ranking on the search engine result page.

Adds value to user experience


By External linking to another high authority website, you can assist users to find some additional and appropriate information that they are searching for. This can improve the user experience and inspire them to return your website for more quality content in the future.

Increases backlinking opportunities


Linking out to other authentic websites can help you get a backlink from them and this can develop a natural linking environment. This is one of the best methods to increase your ranking on various search engine results pages(SERPs)


Types of External Links?


There are two types of External links.


Audit My SEO - External LinkingDo-follow links 


It indicates to search engine crawlers to follow the link and pass link equity or link juice to the linked site. This can increase their rankings.

No-follow links


No-follow links tell the search engine crawlers not to follow the link and not pass link juice to the other link’s website. 

What are the Best Practices in External Linking? 


Always link to relevant pages 


External linking is tied in with assisting the search motor with understanding your website’s pertinence for a specific inquiry.

You should just link to pages that are inside the context of the point that you are talking about. 

Distribute great content to get backlinks 


The least difficult and most natural way to acquire backlinks is to make great content that can answer the client’s question. This will urge others to link to your website. 


Audit My SEO - External LinkingStay away from link farms 


You should forgo the practice of two-way backlinking and linking to private blog networks.

After the Penguin update, Google is downgrading any such backlinking. 


Keep away from inordinate active links 


Having such a large number of hyperlinks on a page can be irritating according to the peruser’s viewpoint.

Attempt to link to less, relevant blogs just and focus on your on-page improvement. 

Audit My SEO - External Linking

What Factors Contribute to High-Quality External Linking? 


Allow us to take a gander at the factors that search engines like Google think about while assessing external linking:


  • The believability of the linking area. 

  • Page popularity of the source. 

  • Importance of the content between the linked source and target page. 

  • Natural-language and catchphrase rich anchor texts that don’t appear to be forced or tedious. 

  • The number of links on the source page. 

  • The number of root domains of the source page. 




External links are a little yet huge factor in SEO and ought to be paid close consideration.

The people group and rank-building exercises identified with external links ought not to be disregarded whether you are making a new website or as of now have a set up one.

External links are perhaps the hardest measurement to control. In this way, it is probably the best way for a search motor to decide your website’s standing and lift your rankings. 

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