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What are landing pages? All You Need to Know In 2022. Landing pages are websites that users go to after clicking an online ad or search engine result link. It´s where the web visitor ends up after they click a link on a search engine. It can come from Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, or an email. A landing page is a web page tool digital marketers use to get leads as part of their digital marketing campaign. They effectively make it different from regular pages on sites.    


The key point of a landing page is its Call to Action. That turns visiting website traffic towards the products or services a brand has on offer. So, it´s not like a page in the sense that it doesn´t inspire you to dig deeper into the site. Rather, it is mainly focused on getting website visitors to do something. 


Difference between a homepage & a landing page 


Audit My SEO - What are landing pagesA landing page is all about gaining conversion. It´s made to transform leads into customers and to turn prospects into sales. A homepage shows a bunch of amusing elements on offer and has no such finesse. You can go anywhere from a home page to other pages like service, blog, or about page. It has various aims: a more comprehensive call to action and way more additional links than a landing page should ever have.


A homepage is home to the brand or business image, service, idea, and ideology behind the business. Anything you want to know about the brand or need to interact with, the homepage will take you there. A landing page is the complete opposite. It´s about focusing to make conversion happen. For all the search engine ads, the whole structure of the web page is, then, considered to make that one button that can divert leads to consumers look so good that any user from website traffic cannot but give in to its charms.


Types of landing pages


Landing Pages are divided into 2 main kinds such as:


  • Lead generated 
  • Click-through landing pages


Lead generated


The first one is the lead generator or lead capture type. This is built on a landing page to gather as much information as possible about prospects to come. 


The lead generator pages are made as call-to-action forms. Through these forms, the landing page owner collects detailed information about their consumers or customer. Such as name, contact details, address, age, and email ids. This information helps with two different ends. The first one is, allowing you to get in contact with your leads. So you may have more virtual contact with them while building up the image of your brand in their heads. And second is, it lets you understand your customer’s base information. That kind of data is priceless to any online marketer. As they can then concentrate their efforts and campaign funds on the demographic that´s more likely to buy products and subscribe to your services.


Audit My SEO - What are landing pagesClick-through landing pages 


Click-through landing pages highlight more on clicks to push sales instantly instead of collecting customer information like lead generator pages.


Lead generation pages are indeed different on web pages.


The click-through landing pages will usually have only a call to action button.


Besides enticing information about a product & service to inspire you to buy them.


Audit My SEO - What are landing pagesLanding page best practices


Landing pages frequently get an awful rep since people accept they´re not easy to design or keep up with. Yet, if you remember the accompanying elements, you will want to design a landing page that does what it needs to do best: convert leads with the snap of a button:


  1. Focus on long-tail keywords


Each digital marketer deserving of respect realizes this. That it´s far easier to rank for long-tail keywords than it is to rank for short-tail ones. So, make enough — yet reasonable — use of long-tail keywords on your landing page. This will normally improve your on-page SEO and help the page (and your website) rank better.


  1. Improve page stacking speed


Make sure you optimize your landing page, so it loads quickly. Since they fill one need, they ought to be easy to optimize. For instance, see to any pictures you use to be decreased in size. Try not to jam elements that don’t fill the need of getting guests to tap on the source of inspiration. The addition of an excessive number of elements will unnecessarily increase the stacking season of the page. Which will, then, increase the owner’s bounce rate.


  1. Assemble backlinks


Try to get backlinks from a significant position and trustworthy websites. This will improve your overall SERP rankings and send more traffic to your landing page. When users come to your page from places they trust, they are bound to trust your products.


  1. Shareable content


This might be somewhat harder to do but try to make intriguing and special content, start a conversation. That will lead users to share your landing page and improve your active visitor clicking percentage. This will increase organic traffic to your site and improve your Google rankings.


  1. Section your traffic


Try not to do a one-size-fits-all sort of arrangement. Pretty much every item has maybe one or two sorts of buyers. Along these lines, assuming you make a separate landing page focusing on every one of those demographics, inbound traffic will be likelier to tap on your CTA.


How to optimize landing pages for conversions


  • Compose an enthralling feature: The feature is quite often the first thing a user sees. On the off chance that you can capture the pith of your brand with one feature, it won’t simply assist your user with understanding you better yet. In addition, assist with setting user assumptions from your brand. Keep in mind, regardless of whether a lead promptly converts, a decent feature can make significant review esteem that can take them back to you when they do require the item or administration you have on offer.
  • Position your CTA’s around the top: Remember that the CTA is the main component on this page. Along these lines, position it around the top as opposed to wagering on the user looking down to find it.
  • Offer something interesting in your administration: List your one-of-a-kind selling points. What separates your brand from others who offer similar support? Is it accurate to say that you are offering promotions and limits? Does your item have a component no other person does? Are your products practical? List those points and watch leads convert at a faster rate than previously.
  • Use bullet points: Nobody likes reading long texts. Add short bullet points to list your item’s perks, its highlights. Try not to bet on the guest’s understanding — they will get busy and leave whenever they get tired. By breaking text into smaller, more absorbable lumps, you make it easier for users to digest your info.


Audit My SEO - What are landing pagesConclusion:


Designing a decent landing page is no easy task.


In any case, if you remember that the focus of such a page is conversion, the task turns a lot easier.


A very much-designed landing page is an integral asset.


However long you use it well, it can give your website the traffic and brand credibility that you might have been longing for.

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