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What are Inbound Links & Why you must use them. Inbound linking is one of the crucial aspects of offsite SEO. Being new to inbound marketing means learning about many terminologies and what their function is. You may have heard about Guest blogging is to add another kind of links.


There are three types of links that are useful to a blogger in accumulating more website traffic such as, Internal links, external links, and inbound links. 


In this blog, we are going to understand what are inbound links.  


What are Inbound Links?


Let’s start with the most prominent question.


So, what are inbound links?


Inbound links refer to the website links that come from a third-party site to your website. They are also called a backlink.


An inbound link has two components: The link to your website page, which is simply the URL to your site, and The anchor text, which is the text selected as per keyword and is highlighted in the link that leads people to your site.  


Why Use Inbound Links? 


Audit My SEO - Inbound LinksImprove ranking in search engine results


Inbound linking is one of the most regularly used SEO strategies by SEO services and agencies to help your website to improve ranking on the search engine result page.


Google uses many factors to rank webpage or websites in search engine results. Backlinks are one of the important and strongest. 


The more inbound links or backlinks your site gets, the better your ranking gets on SERP.  


To get referral traffic


When you have a fair number of Inbound links, your website is highly likely to rank higher in search engine result pages(SERP). 


Referral traffic created by a third-party website. The more number of sites that refer your website on their web pages through backlinks or inbound links, the more number of web visitors you get through third-party websites. 


Audit My SEO - Inbound LinksIncrease Brand Awareness


With the help of Inbound linking SEO strategies can help you create brand awareness through promotions on websites with higher search engine rankings than yours.


This will create curiosity among readers and get them to visit your website.


And you can also convert them by establishing an effective sales funnel from there.    


Creates a chance for relationships 


If you have credible, authoritative, and trustworthy sites linked to your website, You have the opportunity to reach out to them to build a profitable relationship. You can also have more people request links to your website. 


How does a Good Inbound Link Look?


When a link from another website to a page on your website, they are called inbound links. 


What are inbound links formed of?  


  • The link has to come from a site of authority.
  • It has to be attached with proper anchor text.


Any link that connects back to your website is an inbound link. But for it to be useful for our cause, it has to be from an authority site.


How can you get backlinks?


There are many ways to get other websites links to yours, and those are, 


Create great content


Great content means your content needs to be useful, credible, relevant, and meet user intent. Good content is essential to your Search Engine Optimization rankings. Infographics, charts, and engaging visuals play a vital role in creating pleasing content rich in information. Providing valuable content that users are looking for without random keyword stuffing.  


Choose your keywords wisely


Creating great content is assuring that you have accurate keywords. Using targeting keywords will help you increase your webpage visibility on a search engine, which leads to high website traffic. However, by adding inbound links, your links must be anchored using high-volume keywords so that they increase more traction. 


To choose high-ranking keywords, you can use keywords research tools. Such as SEMrush, Ahrefs, Google keywords planner, MOZ Keyword Explorer, and many more.


Use visuals to get backlinks


Audit My SEO - Inbound LinksYour user does not want to read endless blocks of text is not appealing to many.


Here are things that you can do to add visual attraction to your content.


  • Add Images, videos, and GIFs
  • Add Bullets and numbering
  • Add infographics
  • Using shorter paragraphs
  • Using shorter and bite-sized paragraphs
  • Variations in color and font size
  • A table of contents with internal links 
  • Use subtitles and different headers

Enhance your UI 


Having great content is not enough, You have to make sure your website is easy to use and visually attractive. Ensure that your website layout, theme, colors, and font complement the great content you have.


You can work with a web developer or designer to improve your website outlook. However, you should keep note that you would not want to have an attractive web design at the cost of website loading speed. Speed always outclass design, and an appealing page with a great UI and excellent content on page 10 on the search engine result page will not help anyone.


Audit My SEO - Inbound LinksCreate longer text content


Longer content gives you the opportunity to add more value to your blog post content. You have an opportunity to use content with an attractive image, videos, examples, and even personal views from the research to add value to your reader. The perfect length of a good blog post should be at least 1700 words.


Promote your content through contests and giveaways 


You need to promote your content in order for people to know about your existence. Promote, content and giveaways help you earn the right kind of recognition from your audience. An example here would be giving away a free subscription to a webinar or a free e-book, your readers will see the value that they are getting and will want more of it.


Another best way to promote your content, increase brand awareness and credibility to your website is by collaborating with influencers. 


Mention influential people in your blogs 


Adding or mentioning the names of influential people in your content might help you in the long run. There is a great chance that influential people monitor their mentions. When they see that you’re providing valuable content, they might like to comment or mention you back. 


Audit My SEO - Guide To White Hat SEOPost on social media and discussion forums


Another great way to gain good inbound links is by connecting with social media forums or you can join groups where your target audience is. Facebook’s groups are the best option to share your content. 


Speak at events 


Take the chance to speak at events or conferences that are related to your industry. Ask for chances to speak and voice out your ideas. Make attempts to project yourself as an influencer and let your ideas count. Let people know what you do, and make it comfortable for them to share your content.


Guest Blogging


Guest blogging is also called guest posting. It is the act of writing content for a third-party website. You can write great content for third-party websites by being a guest blogger and provide them valuable content to their website visitors. In return, high search engine ranking websites can be a great place for your potential audience to find you by clicking on the links provided. 




Inbound links are a crucial tool to use on your website.


Search engines see them as other people and websites vouching for you.


Your users also get to socialize with more valuable content.


It’s a win-win for everyone. All you need to assure is that you have high-quality backlinks on your website. 

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