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What Are Breadcrumbs & How To Use Them For Effective SEO. Breadcrumbs are secondary elements of website navigation. It’s a text path, located at the top of a Webpage, which reflects the site structure of the website. 


It tells users where they currently are on the website and helps search engines to understand its structure.


 Breadcrumbs help search engines (Google, Yahoo!, and Bing) to improve crawlability. 


Here is an example of a Breadcrumb


Audit My SEO - BreadcrumbsIn this image, you can see that the breadcrumb’s trail starts from the Knowledge base, and then it displays the Marketing Tools, and the next page display campaign. Finally, the existing page ‘that is, the page where the user currently is’ at the end.


In this post, we have listed the various types of breadcrumbs, their benefits, and some best practices which need to be considered while implementing breadcrumbs on a website.


When to use breadcrumb navigation?


You can use breadcrumb navigation on big websites in which information is planned category-wise, such as e-commerce websites. Don’t use breadcrumbs in single-level sites that do not contain a logical hierarchy or groups.


Different types of breadcrumbs


There are three types of breadcrumbs. These are the three most basic ones: 


Audit My SEO - BreadcrumbsHierarchy-based breadcrumbs


Hierarchy-based breadcrumbs tell you where you are on a website and how many steps there are to get back to the homepage. It’s the most common and mostly used on websites. 


Something likes this, Home > Blog > Category > Post


Attribute-based breadcrumbs


Attribute-based breadcrumbs, mostly used on e-commerce websites. It’s made up of product attributes, for example: Home  Page> Service page > Attribute 1 > Attribute 2 > Attribute 3


History-based breadcrumbs


History-based breadcrumbs do specifically what it says on the tin; they are arranged according to what you have been doing on the website.


Think of these as a dilemma to your internet history bar,


For example:


Home Page > service  page > service page > service page > Current page. 


How to Optimize Breadcrumbs SEO’s Impact?


Audit My SEO - BreadcrumbsBreadcrumbs Should Be Mobile-Friendly


Once attached, the breadcrumbs should make navigation across the website as easy as possible for users.


To accomplish this, you will have to assure that the breadcrumbs are in a suitable format on a mobile device. If the size of the font is too small, it’s difficult for a user to click on an individual page name 


If the breadcrumbs are encircled in lines, it will be stimulating to discover them. Not many designers prefer to put out breadcrumbs as buttons. 


Breadcrumbs Should Be Visible


Breadcrumbs have to be visible for both your user and search engines. Some designers think that breadcrumbs don’t match the theme. Nevertheless, you must make sure that they are well-integrated into the on-page components. 


As your website develops and you keep adding more specific pages, categories, and sub-categories pages- your users will need navigation tools.


What are the benefits of breadcrumbs?


Here are a few advantages of implementing breadcrumb trails: 


Improved user experience 


Breadcrumbs offer an immediate way to the users to navigate to more significant levels of category pages rapidly. They are mainly useful to the users that come through search motor page results (SERPs). Commonly, these users don’t know the website’s structure. 


Audit My SEO - BreadcrumbsConvincing Google search snippets 


Breadcrumbs give Google one more way of recognizing the structure of the website.


Google has now supplanted URLs with breadcrumb trails on the search results to make them more useful.


On the off chance that you don’t use breadcrumbs, Google will choose the breadcrumbs on its own. For this, it will take into account the URLs. To ensure Google shows your breadcrumb in the search snippet, add a breadcrumb list diagram on the website. You can go through the means on the best way to implement structured data according to your requirements. 


Work on internal linking structure 


Alongside the top navigation, breadcrumbs help to work on the internal linking structure across the website. 


Little size and horizontal oriented 


Breadcrumbs are generally short, horizontal oriented, and written in plain text so they don’t take too much space. Besides, breadcrumbs don’t make any create any negative effect as far as content over-burden goes. 


Diminishes clicks/activity to get back to top-level pages 


Users can try not to tap the Back button, as they can arrive at the more elevated level page with a solitary snap utilizing a breadcrumb connect. 


Diminishes Bounce Rates 


Befuddling navigation frustrates guests, who will quickly leave a website if they don’t discover what they are looking for. With breadcrumb navigation set up, you can viably diminish your bounce rate as it helps guests have a superior user experience exploring the website. This gives another opportunity to a website to hold its guests


Further develops Website Ranking 


Navigation is an urgent part regarding the general user experience. With breadcrumb SEO navigation, you can give site guests a smooth user experience by helping them sort out some way to arrive at high-ranking pages. Help them with move around the website with the least amount of clicks and see your site rankings take off. 


Keeps Users On-site for Longer 


Breadcrumb navigation can make an extraordinary experience for users who can browse through a website utilizing the least amount of clicks. Discovering high-ranking pages and arriving at their ideal page effectively keeps guests engaged, contributed, and enthused.


How to add breadcrumbs?


Here’s how you can add breadcrumbs to your site navigation: 


Audit My SEO - SEO Friendly WebsiteYoast SEO Plugin and WordPress: Some WordPress subjects support pre-introduced Yoast SEO Breadcrumbs navigation. For such subjects, you simply need to empower breadcrumbs on your dashboard and you are finished. 


Utilizing a Block Editor with Yoast SEO and WordPress: You can add breadcrumbs to explicit pages without coding. Snap on ‘+’ and go to Add Block. Quest for ‘Yoast SEO breadcrumbs’ and empower it. 


Utilizing Google Structured Data: Read this documentation to discover how to utilize structured data to add breadcrumbs for web indexes.


Common mistakes regarding breadcrumbs


Utilizing them when Not Required 


Breadcrumbs aren’t required in websites that don’t have countless pages or a mind-boggling hierarchy. Using them on simple sites might be counterproductive and might overpower the visitors by offering such many navigational options. 


Audit My SEO - SEO Friendly WebsiteUtilizing Breadcrumbs As Primary Navigation 


As expressed in the segment above, breadcrumb navigation is an optional navigation help and ought not be utilized as a primary method. This will disappoint clients as they will need to hit the “Back” button to get back to the main page. 


Utilizing Them When Pages Have Multiple Categories 


Breadcrumbs have a straight design. Thus, if a lower-level page is available in more than one parent tab, breadcrumb trails end up being excess, inaccurate, and baffling to the visitor. 


While carrying out breadcrumbs, think about these practices 


  • Use breadcrumbs for websites that have multiple levels of hierarchy. This helps clients explore more significant level pages rapidly.  
  • Utilize suitable watchwords identified with the designated URLs. From a website streamlining (SEO) perspective, utilizing an important breadcrumb anchor works on the significance of the page. 
  • Avoid linking the current page in the breadcrumb trail; basically notice the breadcrumb text. 
  • Spot breadcrumb in the upper left corner, over the substance area that gives direct visibility to the clients. 
  • Separate the breadcrumb, connect utilizing the arrow, slice and vertical bars. To keep it simple, utilizing an arrow is the most ideal choice. 
  • Treat breadcrumbs as optional navigation; they can never replace primary navigation.



Audit My SEO - BreadcrumbsBreadcrumbs are very important to enhance user experience. 


They are mostly used on a site that has a complex structure and can help users navigate to higher-level pages easily. 


Besides this, breadcrumbs help search engines understand the internal structure of your website and this can have a positive impact on SEO.


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