Audit My SEO - Top 9 Tools for Competitor Website Analysis

Top 9 Tools for Competitor Website Analysis. Many people still believe that if you write quality content for your website, people will find it easy and visit it. Unfortunately, running a website is not that simple. Getting ranked on top of a Google search can be tough to crack. Google ads and other features taking up valuable space on the SERPs (search engine results pages) make things even more confusing. By following effective SEO tactics, you can help yourself in various ways.


You may also enhance your chance of getting people to see your web page content by looking at how your rivals get traffic. Here is one of the many competition analysis tools available to help you enhance your site’s performance at the cost of your competitors.


You can use these tools to determine how focused your competitors are on traffic-building operations, or even if their results are entirely unexpected because they don’t follow SEO fundamentals. The competition analysis tools can give you the essential keywords your competitors use and offer you content ideas to help you suppress them in important searches. 


Successful competitor analysis is split into two parts. To appropriately alter the search engine results, you must first decide what your competitors do for website traffic. After that, you must use that information to develop content that exceeds their offerings.


At the same time, you must ensure that everything you do regarding your content is done following optimal SEO practices. These tools can help you exceed your competition over time, particularly when it comes to the essential keyword terms that bring in the most qualified targeted traffic. 


If you are determined to focus on PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Google Ads, these competitive analysis tools will be just as valuable. In this case, your primary focus will be on discovering the best search terms to bid on for your ads using suitable tools.


Even if you seem to be getting a lot of clicks, you might be wondering why your competitors’ advertising surpasses yours. This is generally because your competitors select better keyword terms than you do, and you can use these tools to find out which keywords are the most beneficial.


9 Competitor analysis tools to improve your website traffic


1. Talkwalker


Talkwalker can be used to monitor and index billions of data points daily from 150+ million websites, blogs, newsgroups, forums, and all major social media networking websites. On top of that, it has also partnered with LexisNexis to get insights based on what’s being mentioned in print media such as newspapers and magazines. In fact, their platform lets users search through data from two years ago.


For competitor analysis, you’ll see its social media channel analytics and competitive intelligence are particularly helpful for competitor analysis. With these features, you can gain precise details about your performance across all of your social media platforms. Then, to enhance your marketing, you can also use it to see what techniques and content perform best for competitors.


2. BuiltWith


Audit My SEO - Top 9 Tools for Competitor Website AnalysisIf you want to know more about the technologies that a website uses, BuiltWith is the perfect platform to start. BuiltWith also provides profiles of websites, sales, business intelligence, lead generation, eCommerce data, and competitive analysis. Outstanding, no?


Using BuiltWith in your competitive analysis will determine essential market segments that your business may be missing out on. 


BuiltWith will inform you about the site’s web server, SSL certificates, Nameserver and Email services used, CMS, and frameworks used to develop the website and Analytics, integrated Advertising, and payment services.


You can track data for various market parts and find usage trends and market share information on the Internet. Alongside analysis of competing technologies they used and how they’re performing. Competitor comparison means you can find:


  • If technology is earning or losing market share
  • If a technology’s competitors are rising market share at a faster pace
  • The rate of churn between technology competitors
  • Websites that moved from one competitor to another

3. W3bin


W3bin is an internet tool for deciding who hosts a competitor’s website. This data is helpful if you see that a competitor’s site performs better in speed and uptime and wish to switch your website to their hosting company. 


This tool also shows a website’s global rank, daily estimated traffic, website worth, and daily estimated revenue. You can also find the top keywords for which the competitor’s website ranks in search engines. W3bin will also inform you regarding other domains hosted on the same IP, IP range, and hosting firm as yours. 


4. BrandMentions


Audit My SEO - Top 9 Tools for Competitor Website AnalysisBrandMentions offer more than merely essential social listening. Instead, it gives businesses the chance to gain a complete picture of every mention across the Internet. Similar to Talkwalker, it widens its range beyond the major social media outlets to cover non-social websites as well. So, if a brand is mentioned in a blog post, news, or review website, BrandMentions will identify, index, and notify you.


For competitor analysis, you’ll need to select a plan that supports multiple projects. Along with your brand name and social channel, you’ll be able to monitor your competitors’ keywords and social handles. You may set it up to exclude exact keywords.


With BrandMentions, you can also save and organize mentions. This way, you’ll be able to use them as data points for further analysis down the line. Alternatively, you can export your data into PDF reports so that you can get down to work.  


Overall, it’s a worthwhile investment. You’ll be able to use the information as a point of reference to measure your brand’s success while also gaining a better insight into your biggest competitors’ target demographic and marketing strategies if you use it for competitor analysis.


5. Constant contact


Audit My SEO - Top 9 Tools for Competitor Website AnalysisStay in touch as one of the largest and fastest-growing email marketing services today. Moreover, it can be one of the easiest to use and most convenient email marketing services for beginners, which is a big plus.


You can create powerful marketing strategies to manage your email lists, contacts, marketing calendars, email templates, and more. Their email marketing tools give you easy access to tracking and reporting, built-in social media sharing tools, list segmentation, and Facebook ad integration if your business wants it.


When it comes to personalization and email campaigns, constant contact makes the process easier. You can choose from 100+ pre-designed mobile-friendly templates and customize your message with drag-and-drop creation tools. Adding text, images, and more is easy and straightforward.


Constant contact is the key to automation. You can create welcome messages for new customers and set up campaigns based on their actions. Combined with automation, they offer easy integration with platforms like WordPress, Gmail, Salesforce, and more.


6. GetResponse


GetResponse is a powerful email marketing software that offers professional email templates and simple design tools. They are also known as complete solutions that specialize in automation. When it comes to delivering traditional email campaigns, GetResponse does a great job of helping you create high-converting lead-generating landing pages, which is great for email marketing.


With the drag-and-drop builder, you can create campaigns, send group-specific emails, and group contacts. These tools can help you create effective email campaigns to increase your profits.


Plus, GetResponse offers great responsive forms, landing pages, A/B testing, unsubscribe tracking, and autoresponders. It also integrates with 3rd party lead generation software like ZenDesk, SalesForce, Google Docs, and more.


7. HubSpot


HubSpot is easy to use and offers many handy tools to deliver a successful marketing platform. It’s great for beginners because it lets you easily create, customize and modify your emails without the need for a web designer.


If you like personalization, they give you complete freedom to customize your layout, add images, calls to action, and options to change the content and background. If you’re someone who just wants a template to get the job done and offer simplicity, they offer dozens of pre-built templates, with the ability to create your own with a simple drag-and-drop editor.


If your business doesn’t have the right voice from automated robotic emails, they offer advanced customization tools to customize your emails to increase open and click rates.


In addition to their email marketing features, they offer a smart delivery feature that ensures recipients receive your message in a timely manner. One of the best features they offer is A/B testing, which measures your engagement on different versions of the same email using a sample of your recipients. If you are interested in analysis and detail, this feature will come in handy.


8. ConvertKit


Audit My SEO - Top 9 Tools for Competitor Website AnalysisConverKit is a powerful email marketing platform that is very easy to use and delivers great results. If you are a professional blogger, writer, or marketer, you will enjoy ConvertKit the most.


Their email marketing tools offer unique features that effectively manage the automatic replies and delivery of emails or email marketing campaigns from their email service.


ConvertKit also allows you to separate subscribers into those who are interested and those who have already purchased, which will come in handy as your list continues to grow. This will help increase conversions with automated emails that feel more personal, which is considered targeted email marketing.


If you’re looking for a drag-and-drop designer with several built-in templates, it’s a good idea to choose another email marketing service. ConvertKit only has some pretty basic templates.


Therefore, this platform is more aimed at professional bloggers and product sellers. The platform emphasizes more on building amalgamations with eCommerce platforms, landing pages, and membership sites.


Audit My SEO - Top 9 Tools for Competitor Website Analysis9. Mailchimp


Mailchimp is a popular email marketing service that offers an all-in-one integrated marketing platform for trades and the skill to grow your business the way you want.


They have become very popular because they offer free email marketing service plans forever.


Mailchimp offers features such as a simple drag-and-drop email constructor, contact segments, autoresponders, and easy tracking for analysis.


Mailchimp also allows easy amalgamation with Shopify, WordPress, Magento, and many other platforms. But if you are interested in marketing automation features, Mailchimp is quite limited compared to its competitors.


While Mailchimp has competitors in the automation space, not many can say that they offer an email list without paying a monthly fee to get started. This free price gives you time to grow your list and make the most of it before you have to pay.


Mailchimp also does a great job of offering custom design templates for each message, making it the best choice for building and managing relationships with your customers.



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