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Top SEO Auditing Sites to Use in 2022 and Beyond. Website auditing is the most crucial aspect of your SEO strategy. It can either make or break your website. So, if you are hunting for the best website that offers auditing services, we got your back. We have curated the list of the 13 best auditing sites that will take your website to the level of awesomeness. 

1) Sitechecker

Audit My SEO - Top SEO Auditing SitesSitechecker is the all-in-one website for SEO  and website auditing. It will help you measure how your website is performing on search engines.

On the other hand, an SEO checker helps you spot a technical error in crucial areas such as headings, URL structure, meta titles, HTTP status codes, page size, and image sizes. These are important factors to on-page site optimization.

SEO Sitechecker is ideal for both beginners and technical experts.  Also, it can Spot hidden SEO issues. These include wrong redirects, wrong anchors, broken links, indexing issues, SERP movement, and misaligned content strategies.


Audit My SEO - Top SEO Auditing is a powerful web-based and user-based SEO suite designed with efficient SEO research and website analysis to help digital marketers.

Additionally, is a user-friendly website and very easy to use to build a keywords list, analyze your competitors, track rankings, and easily access various accounts.

Furthermore, it presents a set of website sections that includes competitive analysis, keyword research, site optimization, reports, promotional features, integrations, and link management.


Raven is designed to manage online advertising campaigns, search engine optimization, and social media conversations. With the help of Raven, you can conduct research and analysis, manage link building, monitor and manage ad campaigns, monitor social media, track search engine trends and collaborate with team members.  

4) DeepCrawl

Audit My SEO - DEEPCRAWLWith DeepCrawl, companies can regularly check websites for assets and issues to fix. DeepCrawl enables the website to stay ahead of the search engines and ensures that they stay apparent on the web.

Additionally, DeepCrawl also gives suggestions to improve their SEO and increase their website traffic.

Benefits of using DeepCrawl,

  • Regular Technical Audits
  • Migration Control
  • Architecture Understanding
  • Penalty Recovery
  • SEO and UX Improvement
  • Competitor Analysis 

5) BrightEdge

BrightEdge is an award-winning SEO and content creation platform. It helps businesses win the content battles of the digital world. With BrightEdge, businesses can easily measure content performance, improve their content reach and generate more revenue.

BrightEdge ensures that users can plan, predict, and optimize content for maximum return on investment.

There are various benefits of using BrightEdge.

  • Content Optimizer
  • Landing Page Optimizer
  • Ignite Campaigns
  • Story Builders 
  • Data Cube 

Audit My SEO - Top SEO Auditing Sites6) WooRank

WooRank is an SEO solution that provides automatic reviews as well as suggestions to improve the SEO of websites, which leads to an increase in traffic, rankings sales, and more.

Additionally, Woorank helps online marketers and businesses get a higher ranking on search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. 

7) Analytics SEO

With the help of Analytics SEO, you can set SEO campaigns and also check analytics. It offers advanced reports and features that help you to make a good decision for your SEO campaigns. Also, they provide instant reporting to PowerPoint for easy communication for their users.

Analytics SEO helps users build a search-friendly website. Some features of Analytics SEO are

  • Daily Website Monitoring and Recommendations
  • Majestic SEO Backlink Data
  • Piggyback Off Your Competitors’ SEO Campaigns

8) Agency Analytics 

Audit My SEO - Top SEO Auditing SitesA SEO reporting stage, AgencyAnalytics is intended for marketing organizations. It accompanies custom dashboards, versatile tools, and a huge swath of examination integrations, mechanized reporting, social investigation, backlink observing, SEO auditing, PPC watchword following, and that’s just the beginning. 

By using the software, you can think of your own dashboards to manage customers’ marketing efforts. You can undoubtedly use different gadgets that give data on commitment across numerous social media networks, number of backlinks, and connecting domains. 

Besides, you can customize and mark dashboards for each mission, so information gave can be customized by using appropriate measurements as a premise. 

Similarly, AgencyAnalytics is equipped for auditing SEO, allowing clients to spot issues influencing their SEO rankings. 

9) Website rocket

Site Rocket is a top-level SEO software made to help small organizations with their online customers and potential customers, increment their online presence, and harness the force of social media to successfully advance their business. 

Furthermore, Website Rocket lets clients know what to post on their social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest. It additionally gives clients step-by-step directions to accomplish and deal with the full optimization of their sites, enabling them to make and keep a significant presence and highest level in web crawler results. 

Above all, with Website Rocket, clients can know what content to distribute and when to distribute them to direct people to their websites, blogs, landing pages, and online stores and produce more sales.

10) Yext 

YEXTNext is an advanced information management tool that enables companies to deal with all the data about their services, places, and products across their websites, versatile apps, inside frameworks, and more. 

The Yext Knowledge Network is a worldwide network of direct data integrations with over 150 guides, apps, voice search tools, computerized software, web search tools, GPS frameworks, and social media, including Google, Amazon Alexa, Facebook, Twitter and many other sites.


Clickx is an across-the-board digital marketing stage that gives you the incredible accommodation to easily monitor marketing performance from the social, neighborhood, SEO, and PPC. It is perhaps the best stage for building commendable traffic for your website from organic hunts and simultaneously monitor your competitors in a bid to stay in front of the park. 

Regardless of whether you’re a small or medium undertaking, Clickx will offer an important understanding of the viability of your marketing endeavors. It will remove all the frustration from your marketing and put you on course to accomplish all goals. 

However, this element-rich stage will not just set aside your agency cash yet in addition to the time it takes to fix a portion of the SEO issues.

12) Majestic 

MajesticTop SEO Auditing Sites. Majestic is an incredible and robust marketing web crawler that caters to SEO offices, marketing firms, website designers, and media experts who need a steady stream of dependable, update data to assist with breaking down the performance of their websites just as that of their competitors and become fully mindful of their sites’ ranking as far as backlinks go. 

With Majestic, you get the world’s biggest Link Index Database. Notably, this implies it is easy for you as well as your team to explore a URL or domain down to the minutest details. 

Likewise, Majestic can be used to measure the number of backlinks for some random domain or URL. 

The software is an ideal device to scour for keywords and the pages and websites where they appear, including the pursuit score of the URL.

13) Monitor Backlinks

Monitor Backlinks is an SEO instrument made for SEO firms, digital marketers, and online business people to handily check their backlinks and distinguish the competitors’ great links. Additionally, the framework assists you with finding and screen your backlinks automatically, just as your catchphrase rankings in Google. 

14) Synup

SynupTop SEO Auditing Sites. Synup is a local reputation management website. The main aim of Synup is to simplify the way businesses manage their listings on search engines and the company’s online image. Therefore, it allows users to monitor customer interactions and local listings.

The benefits of using the Synup include:

  • Hassle-Free Listing Management
  • Improved Review Management
  • Better, More Consolidated Insights
  • Tracking Keyword Rankings Made Easy

15) Topvisor Web Analytics

Topvisor web Analytics is a Thailand-based organization. It also measures SEO campaigns such as PPC and tracks SEO progress. This website is also useful to research keywords, analyze websites from any location, and track rankings. 

Furthermore, Topvisor Web Analytics is designed for SEO consultants, marketers, and web analysts, but it can be also used by SEO learners who want to track SEO progress.  


Audit My SEO - Top SEO Auditing Sites - Contact usAs illustrated by the list above, these 13 SEO websites will help you audit your site from top to bottom. They are the most advanced SEO tools that one can use for auditing and many other purposes for SEO. Most of these tools are paid, but some offer free auditing services as well.

You can also contact us for Free auditing of your site and SEO strategy. We provide absolutely free SEO auditing services so that you can enjoy all its benefits. Furthermore, if you want to stay updated on how you can audit your website, consider subscribing to our newsletter.


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