Audit My SEO - Top Grey Hat SEO Techniques To Use In 2022

Top Grey Hat SEO Techniques To Use In 2022. You often heard about white hat SEO or black hat SEO, but what are grey hat SEO techniques?


In this article, you will find out everything you need to know about this SEO strategy, including what grey hat SEO is and how it is different from white hat SEO and black hat SEO. We shared a list of the most popular grey hat SEO activities and increased search engine ranking on result pages and visibility. 


What is Gray Hat SEO?


Audit My SEO - Top Grey Hat SEO Techniques To Use In 2022If you have been into search engine optimization for a while, you may be well aware of various types of SEO which are primarily:


  • White hat SEO- White hat SEO deals with good SEO practices that follow Google rules.
  • Black Hat SEO- Black hat SEO deals with hideous SEO practices that might get your website get banned or penalized.
  • Grey Hat SEO: It is a combination of the above two.


Once you get good website traffic with the help of white hat SEO techniques, you might want to try some edgeplay methods to increase your SEO result quickly. Here’s where grey hat SEO comes into the game.


Gray hat SEO specifically deals with questionable tactics that some of them one day could become black hat SEO techniques. You can view these as somewhat dangerous, but they give you incredible results if you practice them right and perfectly.


You can consider these “dubious techniques that don’t offend your website users but work like a charm.” So there’s nothing wrong in trying them out, particularly when you are searching for desperate ways to grow your website traffic.


In simple words, Grey Hat SEO can be a riskier method than White hat SEO – but it might still evade getting your site penalized by search engines like Google and their affiliated websites.


Is Grey Hat SEO Illegal? 


No, the Grey hat SEO technique is not illegal. Despite this, grey hat SEO can actively restrict certain practices and penalize your website from search engine result pages if not cautiously managed. 


Therefore it is a technique halfway between White Hat SEO and Black hat SEO. It is partly safe but more dangerous than White hat SEO. 


Grey Hat SEO vs White Hat SEO 


The fundamental difference between Grey hat SEO and White hat SEO is that the Grey hat technique can potentially be riskier than White hat SEO but can still escape getting your site penalized or banned. In simple words, Grey hat SEO may or may not be punished by Google, depending on the approaches followed.


Grey Hat SEO vs Black Hat SEO 


The critical difference between Grey hat SEO and Black hat SEO is that grey hat typically uses strategies that do not directly disobey Google rules and guidelines. 


However, black hat SEO techniques directly violate Google guidelines.


Why Is Grey Hat SEO Important?


Audit My SEO - Top Grey Hat SEO Techniques To Use In 2022Audit My SEO - Top Grey Hat SEO Techniques To Use In 2022Many new online businesses hope for quick results because they don’t want to wait organically to enhance their ranking and traffic on search engines. At this point, SEO specialists try using strategies that are not totally honest with the pattern of Google algorithms, but still do not break the guidelines pre-mentioned. 


This is why knowledge about grey hat SEO is necessary since it can produce results within a short period of time without worrying about the results that can follow.


It is essential to stay updated with the latest categorization, partly since grey hat SEO can change not regularly.


Grey Hat SEO Techniques


1. Purchased Expired Domains 


This is one of the major grey hat SEO techniques that borderlines between black hat SEO and white hat SEO.


It refers to purchasing a domain that the owner has let expire but still has a lot of authority links because of the quality of backlinks still pointing to the website.


A gray hat SEO strategy with expired domains can be applied in two ways:


  • You can use a 301 redirect that can help redirect the link to the current domain to improve its authority. This method is widely used to boost grey hat SEO methods. 
  • You can also simultaneously analyze archives of the old content and further republish it on the website to bring it to life from the way it once was before the domain expiration. This technique can instantly amass targeted traffic for your website.

2. Careful keyword stuffing 


Keyword stuffing is the bed for a website, and you should avoid it, but careful keyword stuffing with ideal keywords density gives the best result and can increase your website’s page ranking and organic traffic. This is one of the most familiar grey hat SEO methods to improve your website ranking.


Keyword density is the ratio of how many times the keyword should occur on your webpage.


Audit My SEO - Top Grey Hat SEO Techniques To Use In 20223. Using PBN


A private blog network (also called PBN) was once a strategic link building strategy. In definition, PBN is a particular gathering of websites that you navigate to build backlinks to an individual website to help its ranking on Google. The primary thought process of PBN for concerned gray hat SEO practices is to attack a link to one central domain trying to move the most link equity, especially reasons as important as supporting its authority. Two of the major methods to utilize PBN for backlinks and SEO are:


– You can take help from another PBN, wherein you will be asked to bear a cost for the links that immediate to your website. In reality, most of them are not as you would expect – since just a handful offers relevant and valuable links that enhance your SEO.


You can also build your own Public Blog Network. Usually, it is very safe yet can potentially also take time. In case you are en route to build an authority website after having access to an exceptional PBN, then you can try this tactic out.


4. Submit site to web directories


Web index accommodation is perhaps the most utilized gray hat SEO strategy. Whenever you add website directories, you can simultaneously get a free backlink to your site. Notwithstanding, when the same is performed, however in lovely small numbers, it is exclusively a practice of white hat SEO. At the point when this strategy is mainly abused, for instance, to collect roughly more than various links to your site, it turns into a practice of gray hat SEO.


5. Buying Links


Quite possibly the most popular gray hat SEO strategy utilized by webmasters is buying and trading links. Since these tactics straightforwardly violate Google’s Webmaster rules, they can be referred to as black hat SEO. Gray hat SEO incorporates, however isn’t restricted to 4 forms,


– Buying a link already ordered in Google.

– Getting a post open door that has backlinks to one’s own website.

– Trading links with other website proprietors.

– Doing barter, giving assistance or item in exchange for a backlink in another person’s site.


6. Getting Compensated Positive Reviews


Search motors are known for giving higher ratings to websites that have positive reviews. This remains constant especially with local SEO. People generally track down ways to deceive the search motor’s algorithm by paying individuals to leave positive feedback about the posting. There are many specialist organizations and gatherings that give positive reviews to a slight discount or bonus or cash payment. This is gray hat SEO all the way.


7. Spinning Content


Spinning content is another major gray hat SEO practice that can push your Google rankings. Be that as it may, as a rule, it is an unethical practice, whenever went on for quite a while.


The basic mechanism is to create a somewhat similar replica of the real content.


In definition, spinning content is basically when you take a piece of content and rephrase it, word by word, in an attempt that it fails to be perceived by any plagiarism software. After you have turned the content, you can then post the same on your website to acquire a superior ranking for a few targeted catchphrases.


8. Duplicate Content


Duplicate content happens when you reorder several content blocks around the same site or somewhere else. Duplicate content is utilized generally in gray hat SEO, in ways like,


– To target similar search queries without having to develop another one from scratch. One of the most widely recognized instances of an event like this is when businesses build numerous pages carrying the same content for various city locations. Mainly, every content is duplicated, while just the city name is swapped.


Copying another website’s content and simultaneously uploading it on a comparatively robust domain can frequently outrank the primary source of the content, gradually directing the traffic toward the more grounded domain.


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