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Technical SEO Ranking Factors for 2022. Search engine optimization or SEO is a part of digital marketing that is used to make a website rank higher in the organic search results section of Google’s search engine result page for important search keywords. It is divided into three important subtypes, On-page optimization(On-site optimization), Off-page optimization(Off-site optimization), and technical SEO.


On-page SEO is the process of optimizing the content within a site and off-page SEO is building quality external links to a website. Let’s proceed to explain and refine technical SEO in the following sections, It is crucial to understand that a website owner, publisher, or developer, all three types of search engine optimization are important to support you in drawing more web traffic, generating leads, and have repeat website audience.


What is Technical SEO?


Technical SEO is the process of the better a website infrastructure so that search engine (Google, Yahoo!, and Bing) bots can index and crawl the pages on your site more efficiently.


It is vital because, Technical SEO concentrates on holding in place a structural sound, properly planned, and quickly set-out website that will be a flurry to navigate for its users.


This will help build a great reputation for the website, and Google will finally pick up on ranking signals like user reviews, time spent on the site, feedback, reviews, etc. to provide it with a good search ranking on the search engine result page. 


Why is Technical SEO Important? 


Audit My SEO - Technical SEO RankingTechnical SEO is necessary to understand its meaning and the role it plays. It ensures that a site is well-structured and loads speed needs to be fast. Search engines like Google prefer to rank such websites better than the ones that are slow loading and full of error links. 


Search engines perceive users’ experience, reviews, and feedback on a website. They always take note of which websites offered them proper categorized and fast information. When developers develop and strong arm their sites keeping the technical SEO checklist in mind, their websites become secure, fast, and user-friendly. This automatically enhances the user recognition rate and helps search engines to boost search engine ranking. Therefore, it is vital to make a solid technical SEO base for your business website.  


Why should you optimize your site technically?


Here are five reasons why you should invest in technically optimizing your website.


  1. Technical SEO helps search engines quickly navigate, map, and understand your site. This helps them rank your site more precisely. 
  2. To have higher user recognition and attention. 
  3. To have outranked competitor websites. As content search engine optimization becomes increasingly widespread and available, optimizing your site technically will give you an advantage over others. 
  4. Technical search engine optimization makes your website user-responsive, secure, and mobile-friendly. This significantly changes Google’s SEO ranking of the website. 
  5. To optimize your website technically, reduce data repetition and improve sitemap categorization. This is useful for both users and search engines.

Top Advance Technical SEO Checklist


Audit My SEO - Technical SEO RankingIt is not unusual to feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of things you must do to search engine optimize your website. Simply read the following technical SEO audit checklist to improve user experience on your website and get higher on Google’s search result page. Here is the list of top advanced technical SEO checklist you need to perform to make your site SEO friendly:


  • HTTPS version
  • Mobile-friendly website
  • Add structured data markup
  • Site speed
  • Name your preferred domain
  • Breadcrumb Menu
  • JavaScript
  • Pagination
  • Avoid Duplicate and Thin Content
  • Hreflang for International Website

HTTPS Version


In 2014, Google declared that HTTPS(Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) protocol was a ranking factor. So, if your website is still HTTP, It’s time to make HTTPS. 


HTTPS only used by online shopping or e-commerce website were the only ones to apply Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software for a reliable and secure environment that helped transactions. Nevertheless, In 2014, Google declared that all websites need to adopt the technology of HTTPS if they wanted a higher organic search ranking on its search engine result pages.


Mobile-Friendly Website


A mobile-friendly website is a crucial factor in Technical SEO. In 2018, Google proclaimed that it was performing mobile-first for indexing. This indicates that the search engine sees web pages from a mobile device view and estimates how responsive it is. 


If you are not serving mobile-friendly websites to the users, you will find that your organic ranking effected.


You can see how you measure up in this category by analyzing your GSC(Google Search Console) data.  


Add structured data markup


Structured markup data helps search engines to provide information about a page and its content- providing context to google about the information about the page, and helping you increase organic listing on the search engine result page. 


One of the most common types of structured data markup is called schema markup.


There are several kinds of schema markup data added on a website such as people, places, organizations, local businesses, reviews, and many more.


Audit My SEO - Technical SEO RankingImprove your Site Speed 


Slow website speed make for a poor user experience.


Although, a search engine like Google has always held desktop website speed as an essential ranking factor, In 2018, it declared that the speed at which your mobile website loads is also a top-ranking advantage. 


You need to make sure your website loading speed need to quick and acknowledge that user continue to expect more.


Name your favored domain 


A site can be gotten to by composing in either or (sans the WWW). While clients might do this spontaneously, without really thinking about it, it may confuse search engines and lead to indexing and page rank issues. 


Thus, you should demonstrate to Google the variant you like. Note that there is no benefit of picking one over the other however once you settle on a decision about your favored domain name, you should adhere to it, else there will be issues during site movement utilizing a 301 redirect. To set a favored domain name with Google, register with Google Webmaster Tools, approve all variants of your site, and afterward set the favored one under Site Settings. 


Audit My SEO - Technical SEO RankingBreadcrumb Menus 


Breadcrumbs are a fundamental compositional piece of the technical SEO agenda. Otherwise, called a breadcrumb trail, it is a sort of navigation that reveals the area of the client. It is a type of website navigation that limitlessly works on the orientation of a guest. Breadcrumbs plainly show the website hierarchy and point out where one client right now is. 


It likewise reduces the quantity of steps a client needs to take when needed to return to the homepage, a separate segment, or a higher-level page. Breadcrumbs are for the most part utilized by those websites that have different segments and demand a logical construction. Subsequently, it fills in as an incredible suggestion for internet business websites. 




A piece of the technical SEO rudiments aims to make JavaScript-substantial websites search-friendly. It is embraced by an SEO organization to make the particular website’s noticeable and higher rank in search engines. Google devices like the Mobile-Friendly Test, URL Inspection Tool inside Google Search Console, and the Rich Results Test are fundamental for troubleshooting JavaScript SEO issues. JavaScript web apps process happens in three main stages: slithering, delivering, indexing. 


Audit My SEO - How To Write A Content That Ranks On GooglePagination 


It is an interaction wherein content is separated across a progression of pages. Pagination, a crucial part of technical SEO, is utilized to isolate a rundown of products or articles into a consumable configuration. News distributors, eCommerce, blogs, forums, are the kind of websites where pagination is utilized. 


Duplicate content issues could be experienced while utilizing pagination. To avoid such instances and coordinate the connections just as page rank to the main page, one can utilize rel=next and rel=prev joins. It is done to illuminate search engines that the succeeding pages are a continuation of the main page. After tracking down the separate connections in the code, Google will perceive the main page and will utilize it for indexing purposes. 


Avoid duplicate or thin content 


Thin content is one of the dominating elements in getting what technical SEO is. It tends to be found by the ranking signs that are uncovered from the data sent by Google. To avoid instances of thin content, websites are prescribed to have higher quality content composed by the experts as opposed to utilizing mass-created content. 


Duplicate content might be eliminated from the downloaded HTML before it is sent for delivery. In application shell models, lesser content and code might be displayed in the HTML reaction. The same apparent code on various websites prompts duplicate pages which may not immediately go to delivering. In the long run, with time the concern should settle itself. Despite the fact that with newer websites, it could get tricky. At this crossroads, self-referring to standard connection components assists with forestalling duplicate content issues and showing the first page or page one that we might want to rank in the search engines. 


Extra Technical SEO Tips 


Really look at Your Site for Dead Links 


Dead Links (pages that have been erased/moved) and broken connections (non-responsive pages) might conceivably hurt your website’s SEO. There are two explanations behind the same: one, Google crawlers invest energy on these connections without getting a lot of results. 


Two, clients visit and leave these connections excessively fast leaving the search motor with an awful impression of the website. 


Consequently, consistently audit your website, recognize dead or broken connections and improve your website however much as could be expected. Perhaps the most straightforward method for distinguishing these connections is by means of Google Search Console (GSC). 


Hreflang for International Websites 


Hreflang labels help to characterize for a page which nation and language it is focused on. It likewise tackles a potential duplicate content issue. In the event that a site targets more than one nation where the same communicated in a language is available, search engines need a little assistance to comprehend the country/language one is attempting to reach. Subsequently, Hreflang shows the right website for the searched region in the search results. 




Investing valuable time into getting the technical SEO of your site right is an absolute necessity for any business or brand proprietor as its benefits far offset the underlying trouble that they might confront while understanding its concepts and executing its methods.


In any case, on the splendid side, once done accurately, you do not need to fret over it aside from an intermittent site wellbeing audit.


For everything current in the realm of SEO and that’s just the beginning, actually look at our blogs.


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