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Surefire Tips For Podcast SEO In 2022. Demand for podcasts is growing steadily every year as more people turn to informative audio content. A podcast is an episodic series of spoken words available in digital audio files online like Google, Apple, and Spotify.


In 2019, Less than 9 million people in the United Kingdom were steadily listening to podcasts. However, this figure almost doubled by 2020 with 15.65 million people actively listening to a podcast. 


Unlike a website, these files can be heard by audiences, any time and on a device like Google, Apple, and Spotify. There are over 2 million podcasts available on digital audio platforms.


A podcast is an excellent way to reach your targeting audiences and it helps build a more personalized experience for them.  


Podcasts on Google’s SERPs


Audit My SEO - Tips For Podcast SEOIn the past, Podcasts haven’t been considered SEO assets as they weren’t very popular. They also didn’t show up on Search Engine Ranking Pages like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. Nevertheless, In May 2019, Google noticed that podcasts were growing momentum and announced that podcasts would be indexed, ranked, and would show up on Google’s Search Engine Result Pages as well. 


Aside from ranking podcasts on top of SERPs, it’s also fascinating how Google began transcribing these podcasts through their speech-to-text feature. This meant that users were ready to find information without having any information about the podcast. Google would examine and transcribe the contents of the podcast and show it as a search result. 


This change implies that podcasts are becoming vital. Podcast SEO offers an opportunity for online businesses to generate traffic for their website. Since they are listed and ranking on search engines like Google, you can search for a particular podcast, find some episodes on the Search Engine Result Page and consume it directly. 


The question is that where exactly the podcast appears on search engines?


When you search for information on search engines, podcasts are displayed in their sliders.


This feature is related to video search sliders that you currently see on your Search Engine Result Page (SERP).


Users can listen to the podcast on the search engine result page without going directly to its page.


If users don’t find a related podcast, they can skip to the next podcast or choose another one.


Tips to Optimize Podcasts SEO 


Here are the best podcast SEO tips that you can follow for optimization and successful brand structure: 


Research topics for the podcast that might generate traffic, Tips For Podcast SEO


Audit My SEO - Tips For Podcast SEOThe difference between a podcast and a blog is the way it passes the information on from one person or another. Blog posts are written, whereas podcasts are audio files.


In a blog post, you need to write on a topic or theme. Otherwise, you won’t generate traffic or the user won’t be interested in reading your content. As a result, you won’t rank on Search Engine Result Pages or get any social media attention. That same concept applies to a podcast as well. 


Before you start a podcast, search for trending topics. If you already have a topic in mind, search for the related keywords. For this, you can use Keyword research tools. 


Keyword research for your podcast


Keyword researching is one of the vital processes for blog posts as well as a podcast. Once you have your podcast outlined, conduct keyword research.


Your goal should be to find high-volume keywords and low competition. You can use Google Ads or other paid keywords research tools like SEMrush, ahrefs, or MOZ to find what fits your podcast in the best way.    


Audit My SEO - Tips For Podcast SEOPodcast Voice, Tips For Podcast SEO


Our podcast has the requirements to have a decent and strong voice. This is to guarantee that Google can catch and comprehend the numerous catchphrases being spoken. Muttering or not talking unmistakably will make it harder for Google’s Natural language Processing (NLP) to get what you are saying and makes it harder for the AI (man-made brainpower) to interpret it too. 


Having a heavy podcast voice helps enhance the podcast SEO. A podcast on an amazing topic with decent voice searchers helps drive traffic naturally by acquiring more audience members. 


In case you’re just starting, make sure to speak from your heart and not from your mind. However, once you’re recording, keep a decent stance and attempt to articulate the words to allow your audience and Google’s AI to understand you. 


Episode Transcripts


Google’s speech-to-text highlight automatically deciphers your podcast. However, that doesn’t imply that it will be awesome. You should go through your transcript to guarantee that there are no errors. 


Translating and cross-checking information is a tedious interaction. Alter time’ permits you to add your podcast SEO watchwords inside the transcript. It can also help search engines to comprehend your podcast better and exhaustively. 


Appending a scene transcript with a podcast makes the topic more available to crowds. It allows them an opportunity to search for specific content that they might be searching for.


Audit My SEO - Tips For Podcast SEO

Provide metadata, Tips For Podcast SEO


Adding metatags is a very notable SEO practice, as metadata gives additional information and insights about your content.


When a title has been added, it’s followed up by the depiction. This depiction assists crowds with getting what’s going on with the content and furthermore aids in inquiry streamlining. Meta tags are extremely helpful for podcasts too. With metadata, clients think that it’s easier to search for information. You can add a few applicable meta tags to get natural traffic to your podcast, as including metadata to your podcasts makes them effectively discoverable on SERPs. 


Divide your podcast into small chapters for your listeners


Frequently, podcasts can feel like a relaxed conversation. In any case, that doesn’t imply that the should just podcast keep going. Actually like composed content, your podcast likewise needs to have construction and theme. 


Isolating your podcast into more modest chapters makes them more interesting for audience members. You can embed a chapter by chapter guide with different section titles. This additionally gives them the choice of jumping to the content that they are searching for without paying attention to the complete file. 


Chapters also allow you to create a system for the podcast. Recording a more modest part can be less stressful for, you too. Besides, it’s quicker to translate a little section than a long one. When we talk about podcast SEO, having chapters makes it simpler for Google to comprehend the theme and subject of your podcast and how to index it. 


Create a Write-Up for every  episode, Tips For Podcast SEO


Adding a write-up about your podcast is significant. This write-up gives the crowd a brief look at what the podcast is about before they pay attention to the audio file. This concise text additionally allows you to add keywords naturally. 


Be that as it may, a write-up ought not to be mistaken for the record. A write-up is only an outline of the podcast. The record catches every one of the subtleties. Records additionally assist Google with understanding the content of your podcast and where the central matters lie. 


Since audio files can be confounded, adding a write-up and alongside the record helps with rankings on SERPs too.


Audit My SEO - Tips For Podcast SEOConclusion:


Perhaps the most effortless way of working on your podcast SEO is by submitting it to Google Podcasts. Google podcast SEO is the fastest way of boosting your advanced presence as you can use your content through them. You can add them to your RSS feed and your podcast snippets will appear on the inquiry page. 


With Google focusing harder on podcasts, podcast SEO is setting down deep roots since a long time ago now. While making your podcast, you need to make sure to focus on its content and audio quality. This is the thing that will help you connect with your crowd. In contrast to composing content, podcasts refine your image and help you build relationships.


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