Audit My SEO - Surefire SEO Techniques For Bloggers In 2022

Surefire SEO Techniques For Bloggers In 2022. In this post, you are going to learn how to create effective SEO strategies and implement them, step-by-step.


What is an SEO Strategy? 


Audit My SEO - Surefire SEO Techniques For Bloggers In 2022An SEO strategy or SEO approach is the process of planning and optimizing a website content that helps search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing to understand a user’s intent while browsing.


By optimizing the web page around a topic, then adding keywords within the topic, you can improve a search engine ranking.     


Search engine optimization is basically the practice of using meaningful content principles and technical improvement to improve website traffic and ranking your website on the search engine’s results page. 


SEO strategies for 2022


SEO Audit


Audit My SEO - Surefire SEO Techniques For Bloggers In 2022SEO Auditing a website is an essential element in establishing your search engine optimization strategies because it allows you to establish a baseline knowledge and simply identify where you have room for development. It can help you to understand:


  • If your website design is user-friendly, easy to navigate, or not.
  • If any problems are making your website load slowly
  • The performance of your weblinks and if they’re sending users to the correct destination website
  • Your performance in SERPs for your preferred keywords
  • If your website content is optimized to assure better conversions


SEO audit is like a report card of your website. You can improve in all areas where you need to.


Creating a list of keywords


Keywords are just words and phrases that consumers use to search for a service or product on the internet. By working on such keywords into your search engine optimization strategies and site content, you make it simpler for the search engines to find your website. Apply keywords tool to identify 8-10 long-tail keywords that delve deeper into the primary topic keyword.


  • Essential to pick keywords that your possible customers will be searching for on search engines.
  • Keywords research for your search engine optimization strategies, they should be taken based on Demand, Competition, and Relevance.


Choose low competition and high traffic keywords and your target customers will be searching for. Assure a mixture of local keywords, short-tail keywords, and long-tail keywords.


Focus on Page Titles 


Page titles are the crucial part when it comes to creating powerful SEO strategies. How well a website is ranked and indexed on search engines depends on various things. Among these, page titles are an advanced factor. 


Some important points to remember while creating Page titles:


  1. Insert keywords properly. H1 and H2 are some of the most vital places when it comes to a search engine optimization strategy. 
  2. Build reliability and display expertise by crafting crisp, professional titles. 
  3. Make it high efficiency because the first impression is the last impression in the digital world. 

Backlinks, Surefire SEO Techniques For Bloggers In 2022


Backlinks are also known as incoming links from one website to a page on another website. It works like votes, that consider by search engines like Google and other major search engines. Website pages with a high number of backlinks leading to having a high rank on the search engine result page. 


A source that backlinks to your site, increases the authority and can have excellent results on search engine result page rankings. Adding links on your website and in content, which points back to trustworthy outside sources related to your content, helps our SEO strategy.


Great Content


Audit My SEO - Surefire SEO Techniques For Bloggers In 2022Search engine optimization strategies are created on unique content and fully optimized on-site SEO.


Content is an important tool if your content is engaging, captivating, and appealing.


The content should provide values like:


  • Educating on a subject
  • Giving answers to the readers
  • Helping with solutions to a problem
  • Providing detailed information about products and services

Enhance User Experience, Surefire SEO Techniques For Bloggers In 2022 


Search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing have become more conscious about delivering the best results to their users. They are taking note of how long a reader stays and interacts with a site. But that’s not all. They are also defined to assign better search ranks to websites that offer premium user experience compared to the ones that don’t. 


Some essential questions to ask yourself while evaluating your site for user experience include: 


  • Are all links working on my website? 
  • Should all the content be corrected? 
  • Is the design compatible, clean, and simple to navigate through? 
  • Do the page components load fast? 



Research shows that the number of smartphone users is expected to be more than 4.7 billion by 2020. Search engine Google has made algorithm changes to prioritize mobile-friendly search results. Your site should have the following search engine optimization strategy:


  • Responsive mobile response time
  • Text formatted to adapt to smaller screens
  • Avoid images of big size that slows down the responsiveness of your website
  • Make your website responsive 


Now people are searching on their mobile phones preferably than a computer, it’s crucial to have a mobile version for your site to reach the highest amount of people’s interests in your product and service. The web pages need to be optimized for mobile devices. 


Keep a Check On-Page Issues, Surefire SEO Techniques For Bloggers In 2022 


Powerful SEO strategies leave no room for defects and on-site problems. No doubt, content is the king of the online world. Hence, while planning and writing content, one must take into account variables that influence on-site SEO. They cannot be ignored as they are the construction blocks of effective user experience and indexing. 


The following components must be optimized with the appropriate keyword inclusion based on your search engine optimization strategy: 


  • Page Title
  • H1, H2, and H3 tags 
  • Content 
  • Subheadings 
  • Meta descriptions

Site Speed 


Audit My SEO - Surefire SEO Techniques For Bloggers In 2022We live during a time of instant gratification and the equivalent applies to websites. Recent articles demonstrate that even a second’s delay in loading a webpage can prompt a fall in conversions by 7%. You can actually take a look at your website’s execution in the speed division by utilizing the exceptionally helpful Google PageSpeed Insights tool. 


On the off chance that you come up lacking, you can do an assortment of things to speed up your site, including utilizing speedy facilitating, a strong CDN (content conveyance organization) and image compression programming, minifying JavaScript, HTML, and CSS assets, and so forth  


Crawlability, Surefire SEO Techniques For Bloggers In 2022 


Your webpage will be of no utilization to you or imminent clients assuming it can’t be found, slithered, and indexed via search engines. Also, to guarantee that there are no creep blunders, you should go through your robots.txt document to check to assume any important pages have been mistakenly blocked from being crept by the Googlebot. 


The Google Webmasters tool will assist you with monitoring the health of your site and staying away from such problems. Additionally, sending organized information increase will help webpage crawlers comprehend your content better and may even acquire you a rich search result. Assuming you are getting numerous backlinks to a 404 page, ensure that you do a 301 redirect to a connected, important page to hold guests attention and not lose any generosity. Here is a video from Googles Matt Cutts to see more regarding Crawling the website 




There are various kinds of information searchers or users on the internet, incorporating the individuals who like inside and out, long-tail content that presents piles of significant information on a topic of decision, infographics sweethearts, and so forth Whatever your business/image specialty, remember an assortment of multimedia for your content, including high-resolution videos and images.


This will assist you with obliging a wide assortment of site guests and keeping them locked in. Nonetheless, you should ensure that such multimedia is optimized to suit your Google SERP rankings and web traffic needs, including utilizing web fonts as opposed to installing text inside images, making important keywords part of video descriptions/records and image alt text, and so forth 


Content-Length, Surefire SEO Techniques For Bloggers In 2022 


Google loathes sites with flimsy content that fills no need and is unimportant to clients. It is fitting to keep your articles or posts somewhere in the range of 1500 and 2000 words long at any rate. While the maxim length is strength remains constant for this situation, don’t think twice about content relevancy and uniqueness and user commitment in a mission to dole out really lengthy content. Note here that long content assists you with including LSI and long-tail keywords normally, accordingly giving your webpage an advantage in natural search rankings. A recent study from ahrefs lets us know how content length plays an important job in Google ranking factors. 


Audit My SEO - Technical SEO RankingUtilization of Internal Linking 


One of the key components of on-page SEO, internal linking is the key determiner of how accessible your Web pages are.


Top-notch internal linking permits search engines to have some familiarity with about your other Web pages and makes it simple for clients to access those pages for more information.


Thus, clients can invest more energy on your website, which expands the chance of their conversion.


Conclusion, Surefire SEO Techniques For Bloggers In 2022:


If you follow all the strategies and tips mentioned on the list above, you’ll surely succeed in SEO.


Even after following the tips, you don’t get sufficient results to feel free to contact us as we can offer a FREE SEO audit for your site and also help you in ranking content on top of Google.


Also, if you have got of the new SEO strategies, do share with us and we will publish your strategy on our site. 

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