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12  Strategies To Outrank For Competition On Google. Improving your performance on Google is not just about running paid ads, but also using SEO and other tools so that you can get long-term results, good organic traffic, clicks, sales, and conversion as well. Before going ahead, you need to understand that Google SERP has changed significantly over the period of time.


Way back in the 2000s, Google SERP was less crowded and had more organic results.


In 2022, Google SERP has changed a lot. Over a period of time Google has introduced Google maps, local listings, people also ask, Google ads, local listings, knowledge graph, and a lot more.


To put it in a nutshell, getting on top of Google 1st page listing has become more complicated than ever.


That’s why I am writing this blog post to share 15 amazing tips and tricks by which you can easily outrank your competitors on Google. If you leverage these 15 tips, I can say on the mark that no one can stop you from getting better positioning on Google.


Make amazing Google search ads


One of the best ways to outrank your competitors on Google is by harnessing the power of Google search ads. By bidding the right keywords and creating stunning ad copies, headlines, and landing pages, you can surely outrank your competitors on Google.


Google search ads will not only help you in outranking your competitors but it will also help you in giving 50% better conversion as compared to organic results. Also, paid ads have an ROI of 200%.


Following are the things that you need to focus on while running Google search ads:


  • Do keyword research.
  • Try out various ad variations
  • Include keywords in headlines
  • Creativity in storytelling
  • Use ad extensions
  • Make out ads locally focused.


Try display ads


If you want to take your Google display ads game to the level of awesomeness, then target keywords that you are using in your search ads. You can also look at your top-performing organic content and get a feel for what is best suitable for your audience.


You can also need to make sure that your ads are running on the relevant site or network. You can check your Google analytics and analyze your referral traffic source to find out which site is best to show ads.


You can also use the Alexa Chrome extension to find out sites similar to yours.


Another important element of Google display ads is your creativity. You need to create a stunning and eye-captivating creative so that it grabs the attention of users in quick time.


Also, make different sizes and shapes for creativity so that it can serve various ad formats.


Optimize your landing pages


A landing page is a page on which a user lands on your site. It is a great way to improve your SEO, organic traffic and improve your performance on Google search or display ads.


Landing pages can be used to serve different purposes.


68% of B2B marketers use a landing page to generate leads. You can also use it to improve your conversion and sales, generate more traffic, promote your product, service, or offer and do a lot more.


You need to review your key landing pages and make sure that the content of such pages is well optimized. A highly optimized landing page will give you more sales, conversion, and leads. 


While the landing page keeps the following points in mind:


  • Include primary keywords in the H1 tag, image tag, and content.
  • Have a lead capture form.
  • Include social sharing icons.
  • Tell users what your landing page is about.
  • Keep less textual content.


Use Google My Business


Google my business has given a lending arm to all the local businesses out there in the world. With the help of Google my business, 34% of local businesses are seen in more than 1000 discovery searches every month.


Also, the average businesses have started getting 1009 customers per month via Google my business.


This clearly means that Google my business is the next big thing.


Hence, you must have Google my business account. If you already have Google my business account then focus on getting more reviews. You can also respond to reviews and create engagement with your existing customers.


Responding to reviews will also showcase your brand identity and will help you in winning over the trust of customers. As 87% of customers read online reviews, it makes sense to pay attention to getting reviews.


Following are the tips to get reviews on Google my business;


  • Send email or messages to your existing customers and tell them to publish a review.
  • Give the customer a small goodie or gift card for posting a review.
  • Reply to customers’ queries and create engagement.


Leverage rich snippets


With the rapid change in technology, search engines like Google always aim at providing better experiences to their users. Also, there is a race among bloggers and SEO experts to get on the first page of Google.


However, this situation has completely changed with the introduction of Google featured snippet in 2014. A featured snippet is a type of content that appears on Google and gives answers to the query right on the SERP.


Users don’t need to click on any results. They instantly get answers to their query with the featured snippet results.


According to search engine land, featured snippets results get 8% of organic clicks. This means if you want to boost your website’s organic traffic and CTRs, then optimize your content for featured snippets.


Following are the ways by which you can get on Google’s featured snippets;


  • Create a listicle form on content. For example; top 10 tips, top 15 ways, 50 best + your keyword, and so on.
  • Keep creating backlinks.
  • Create HTML tables.
  • Use structured data markup language.
  • Optimize your content for long-tail keywords
  • Use H1, H2, and H3 tags in your content.


Backlinks are the kingmakers


Old school SEO experts say that content is the king. You need to keep on creating better content on regular basis in order to get better rankings on Google. However, this is not true at all.


In SEO, if the content is king and then backlinks are kingmaker.


If you don’t have high-quality backlinks, then you won’t rank high on Google. Spark did research and found that backlinks are the second most important ranking after.


High-quality and contextual backlinks will help you in passing on the link juice from one site to another. This will help you in improving the overall ranking of your website and domain authority as well.


Following are the ways by which you can create backlinks in 2022;


  • Start with profile creation: There plethora of profile creation websites that allow you to create your business profile and a list of your website.
  • Do guest posting: Contribute an article on other high DA PA websites.
  • Submit an article on content syndication sites.
  • Be active on forums in your niche and answer to the user’s query with your links.
  • Do blogger outreach campaigns.


Create content regularly


Audit My SEO -Competition On GoogleThe next in this list of 15 ways to outrank your competitors on Google is by creating regular content. According to the research done by Hubspot reveals that companies who publish blog content regularly gets;


  • 55% more website visitors.
  • 97% more links
  • 434% more indexed pages.


This clearly means that if you keep on creating a blog post on regular basis, then you’ll surely outrank on competition on Google’s organic listing. 


However, while creating content regularly keep the following things in mind;


  • Never compromise with the quality of your content.
  • Always try to add value.
  • Include tons of images and visuals in your content. Nobody likes to read textual content anymore.
  • Include relevant facts, figures, and stats in your content.
  • Share it as much as possible.


Optimize the speed of your site


In 2022 and in the coming, your site will act as an entry point for every sale and conversion for your business. Hence, the speed of your website will determine how quickly a user can take the desired action on your site.


Therefore, it is important to improve your site speed as it can create negative user experiences. 


Even Google has made it very clear that site speed is the ranking factor for mobile searches. 


Hence, it makes quite a sense to optimize the speed of your website.


First, analyze the current speed of your website by using tools like Gtmetrix or Google page speed insights. If your site is loading under 3 sec then it is good enough.


If not, then you need to optimize the speed in the following ways;


  • Migrate your site to good website hosting.
  • Use cache plugin for WordPress site.
  • Use CDN.
  • Compress all your images.
  • Minify your CSS and Javascript files.
  • Remove used CSS and codings.
  • Keep your site as light as possible.


Enable SSL certificate


Audit My SEO -Competition On GoogleNext to website speed, website security is another ranking factor that Google takes into consideration. In the early 2000s, only e-commerce sites leveraged SSL certificates that ensured safe and sound transactions can be done via websites.


In order to give better experiences to their users, Google made it mandatory for all sites to have an SSL certificate. 


Hence, if you want better rankings on Google and want to outrank your competitors, then enable an SSL certificate on your site.


Ask your hosting provider to give you an SSL certificate. 


Target regional keywords


This is one of the most underrated techniques that one can use to outrank their competition on Google. Today, most of the newbie bloggers and SEO experts are running after short-tail keywords with high competition and high search volume.


This is not gonna help them in the long run as it is next to impossible for a new website to rank for short-tail keywords.


This is where long-tail keywords come into play.


Long-tail keywords are less competitive and have decent search volumes. If you target long-tail keywords wisely, you can also get better conversions, sales, and revenue.


Create SEO optimized content


The next thing which you need to focus on is creating SEO-optimized content. An SEO-optimized content is the one that only satisfies the needs of search engine bots but users as well.

Such type of content will also allow you to target more organic keywords and increase your organic traffic. 


So, how should you create SEO optimized content;


  • Make sure to include keywords in your URLs, title, meta tags, headings tags, and image alt tags.
  • Use the combination of primary and secondary keywords throughout your content.
  • Include images and visuals.
  • Optimized the web page speed.
  • Include proper format for headings tag like H1-H2-H3-H4-H5-H6.


Create internalinks


If you want to see a quick spike in your search engine rankings, then start using internal links throughout your content. Many bloggers and SEO experts are aware of the importance of internal links but still don’t use them.


Internal links help you in passing on the link juice from high authority web pages to low authority web pages on your site.


Apart from this, internal links will also help you with improving the user experience and assist search engine bots in better crawling and indexing your site.


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