SEO Strategies: Don’t Run Into Things. Having a great design won’t be enough to take your online business or site into the sky of success. Along with the right design, you need to do SEO. You can introduce SEO to your site whenever you want to, it will certainly work. But to make it most beneficial and deliver quick results, you need to keep this in mind throughout the site development. The composition of your pages and your site architecture are important and need to be supported by what SEO does.


Here are the most important factors you need to consider to develop your SEO strategy. 




Audit My SEO - StrategiesKeep SEO in mind when you work on finalizing the design of your website. With a complicated design, you could miss the flaw with your client, while an easy one may not impress the visitors enough. When the website designers are finalizing a look, they will look at it creatively and not from a business point of view.


So you should make sure that your website’s navigation is user-friendly. It is simple enough for the website user to understand and take action on your site.


Text-based navigation is thought better for search engine optimization than one composed of a JavaScript or image map. Have lots of eye-catchy colors and content so that your website captures the people. 


Writing for Conversion or Leads


Your blog or article must be magnetic-relevant and fully informative. It should be convincing enough at the same time not to be duplicated. Each page of your website must have different details. Make every page content title unique and attractive. This will get you a much better chance of getting indexed for specific keywords. Include the product or service and the topic you want the website visitor to notice first on the navigation bars.    


Audit My SEO - StrategiesPolish Your On-Page SEO


Once you have completed your website pages and the site navigation architecture, it is time to move on; the important part of SEO is On-Page.


This means working on keyword selection, the use of tags, meta title, meta description, permalink structure, and other elements.


You must have a verified HTML code for optimization, and it will be helpful for both the search engine spiders and human visitors. Make sure that the codes comply with W3C validation rules.


Audit My SEO - StrategiesWebsite Testing


Well, testing is essential to do before launching any product.


This is crucial to ensure the website does not have any issues while running—review for HTML validity by running the site through several validation programs.


You also double-check internal and external linking, grammar, and spelling.


If the website lacks somewhere, fix it and re-run the test. 


Make It Easier For The Bots To Read Content & Then Submit


When the search engine spiders come to your site, give them a robots.txt file and tell them what to index. This will speed up the indexing process. Submit your sites to free and paid web directories and select the most authoritative names in your niche.


Work On Off-Page SEO


It is equally important for optimization. Once your website is up and about, work on activities like social marketing, press releases, backlink building, article submission, and more. Off-page SEO helps you build your authority and reputation in your business area.


Parting Tip


Always submit or promote or invite the bots to a complete website! Your pages should be ready with their content complete on your site. An incomplete site is a nuisance to the visitors, who will come to your website looking for some information and will be highly disappointed when they don’t find the same. The search engine robots will not be able to index your pages effectively.




Audit My SEO - StrategiesAlways invite or submit or promote the bots to a complete site. Your pages must be ready with the content. The content should be complete and in place. An incomplete site irritates the visitors who visit your site in search of some information. And if you have an incomplete site, then they will feel extremely disappointed if they are unable to find the information. Search engine robots don’t effectively index your pages if the content is incomplete.


The above-mentioned areas can be really helpful when it comes to quick optimization tips. Always keep this in mind, and you will soon see a spike in the rankings for all your keywords. 

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