Audit My SEO - An SEO Organic Search For Beginners

An SEO Organic Search For Beginners. Now, if you are a beginner in digital marketing, you would take a lot of time to understand what organic search is and why it is vital for the long-term success of a website. In fact, most people confuse organic search with paid search, making things even more complicated.


The purpose behind this article is to explain everything you need to be aware of about organic search in a layperson’s language that is easy to understand. 


What is Organic Search?


Organic search means the results that are displayed for a search query and excluding paid advertisements. Organic search results are based on a list of organic ranking factors that affirms significance to the user’s search query, incoming links, domain authority, device, user location, and many other factors.


With the help of an example, you can understand that better:


When you search for something in Google, it presents to you a set of results. The top portion includes paid results, you can recognize these because the symbol [AD], followed by the organic search results, highlights them.


Apart from Google, search engines like Bing and Yahoo use the same presentation format for their organic and paid results.


Why is Organic Search Important?


Now, we cannot ignore Organic search, and it is very much recommended because it is the most treasured form of traffic through which you can get to your website.


The reason organic traffic is more targeted compared to social traffic is because of the user intent. 


Users that type a search query into a search engine search for very specific data. Websites that can satisfy those turn those users into customers, repeated visitors, or subscribers.


If you want your website to appear during an organic search, then your website must appear on the top 5 positions of the search engine result pages, also known as the SERPs for keywords related to your website.


Now let us check out the difference between paid search and organic search. The utmost difference between paid search and organic search is that paid search results are paid for and popularized with the help of an auction system, while organic search results are unpaid and based on search engine ranking algorithms.


Both paid and organic search are part of SEM or Search Engine Marketing.


Paid Search


When you want to make your advertisements appear in the top positions of the search results, you can use Google Advertisements for Google or Bing Advertisements for Bing to present your advertisements for related searches.


The position your advertisements will appear in is based on an auction-type system. This system is based on a number of parameters. Those include:


  • The location of the user
  • The device that is used. These include mobile, desktop, and tablet.
  • The title of the advertisement
  • The significance of the landing page. Now the landing page is the page the user will view when they click on the advertisement.
  • The maximum amount the advertiser desires to pay for advertisement clicks
  • Competition means how many advertisers are bidding for a top position for the specified keyword


The amount to be paid depends on the keyword, competitors and several other factors.


Advertisers can explain the amount they require to pay for a click and the total amount they want to spend for their paid advertisement campaigns.


The most popular paid search platforms also referred to as PPC – Pay-Per-Click, are Google Advertisements and Bing Advertisements.


The biggest advantage of paid search is that we can understand results within a shorter duration. After you set up a campaign, they would display your advertisements in the search results, and you would start receiving search engine traffic.


And the greatest disadvantage is that you have to pay each time someone clicks on your advertisements and this price is increasing with every passing year because of the high competition. In most cases, the cost remains too high, making the campaigns unprofitable.


Organic Search


Audit My SEO - An SEO Organic Search For BeginnersNow, search algorithms decide Organic search results, which we can optimize through the use of SEO.


Organic Search refers to the results displayed for a search query that excludes those paid advertisements.


And SEO is the practice through which you can optimize a website to appear higher in the natural or organic results for similar keywords.


The three major components include on-page SEO, technical SEO, and Off-page SEO, and each component presents several rules.


How to appear in organic search results?


Audit My SEO - An SEO Organic Search For BeginnersTo increase your website’s visibility in search engine organic results, you must go through the organic search engine optimization best practices to understand your content better.


Google uses more than 255 search engine ranking features while calculating the position a website would be displayed in the search results.


Then there are the most important organic SEO features so that you can implement and enhance your organic search rankings. Those include:


Make sure that your content is capable of indexing


If you want your website to appear in the organic search results, then your website must get indexed by search engines without any hap hazards.


During the crawling and indexing phase, search engines scan the web to find websites so that they can add them to their index.


If they cannot trace your website or you have unknowingly blocked search engines from indexing your content during this process, your website will not appear for any of the searches.


Make sure that your website has the required speed and is accessible on all devices


Audit My SEO - An SEO Organic Search For BeginnersPlease ensure your content can be accessed without any problems on all devices.


Most searches happen on mobile devices, so you need to make sure that your website is mobile-friendly. You need to understand here that mobile-friendly means that the content is presented on mobile with no horizontal scrollbars, the text is huge, and any navigation elements or CTA known as Call to Action buttons are easily accessible.


In addition to this, your web pages should load quickly on all devices. Good speed leads to a good rank. In this digital world, users are in search of quick information, and so you need to make efforts to cater to them with a quick experience.


Publish content that is as per the taste of the user


If you want your users to find you in the organic results, your content needs to possess the following characteristics:


It has to be around SEO keywords


SEO keywords are words people type in the search box for searching on the Internet.


If the readers find the content unreadable, you won’t receive any traffic even if it appears in the organic results.

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