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SEO Friendly Website – Why it is Necessary and Tips for Creating One. In today’s online world, it is crucial to be in the know about all the ways you can increase more organic traffic through a search engine on your website. While terms like Technical SEO, SEO-friendly website design, image optimization, keywords research, and more are thrown around by everyone in the industry, they can be quite enormous for beginners.


In this article, you will find why a SEO Friendly website is important, and how you can seamlessly do it. 


What is an SEO-friendly Website?


In simple terms, an SEO-friendly website makes it easy for search engines (Google, Yahoo! and Bing) crawlers to evaluate it and get a good perception of its structure and content.


Let’s explore how to make SEO friendly websites:


Unique Title and Descriptions for all Pages


For an SEO-friendly website, You need to write unique meta titles and descriptions for your web page. The title normally ranges between 50-60 characters and the descriptions should be up to 155 characters. These titles and descriptions are essential for search engine indexing, as they specifically tell visitors about your website.


Clean URL Structure


The URLs of your website should follow the best practices for search engine indexing. For permanent links, you must make sure that are all descriptive, lower case, separated by dashes, and possibly contain keywords organically for more visibility.


Fast Loading Webpages


A slow-loading webpage can get you penalized by Google. Nobody wants to wait around for a slow page to load. With the help of Google Page Speed Tool, you can find out your website’s loading speed, ranks, and how it can be improved.


Unique Content 


You must make sure that your website’s content is unique and not copied. Search engines (Google, Yahoo!, and Bing) flag websites with plagiarized content, and this can significantly decrease your website’s SEO friendliness and ranking on the Search Engine Result Page.


Audit My SEO - SEO Friendly WebsiteOptimized Images


A large size set of images can increase the loading time of your website, which isn’t a good thing for it. That’s why you must make sure that your images are optimized and also add alt text.


Create Proper Content Structure


Proper structure makes it easy for search engines crawlers to crawl your website easily. For this,  the comprehensive structure of your webpage should have these elements:  


  • H1 Tag or Page Title
  • Author Bio/Information
  • Content with Subheadings
  • Header
  • Footer

Why is a SEO Friendly Website Important for a Business?


Now that you know what makes a website search engine friendly, let’s dive into how it is beneficial:


Audit My SEO - SEO Friendly WebsiteHelps in Increasing Organic Traffic


An SEO-Friendly website generates more organic traffic and increases its rank on the Search Engine Result Page


Increases Your Brand Credibility


If your website ranks on the first page of search engines.


It will build brand credibility and also build user and search engine trust. 


Audit My SEO - SEO Friendly WebsiteCost-Effective


Organically ranked websites don’t pay anything to the search engine. An SEO-friendly website follows the best practice for search engine algorithms and It drives 24 x 7 traffic through them.


Improves User Experience


User experience is crucial to the success of any product or service and website. You can improve it by providing Engaging Content, concise Information, a strategic Layout, and by not annoying your visitor.


Tips for Creating an SEO Friendly Website


  • Response content and design


Audit My SEO - SEO Friendly WebsiteIn the present advanced age, no one can tell what device clients may visit your website on. As indicated by a new report, over 54% of the inquiries in 2020 were done from smartphones. Because of this, your website must have a responsive plan. This basic element can help you drive internet-based success for your business. A client-responsive plan is one of the most vital elements of making an SEO-accommodating website plan. 


A responsive plan adapts your website to a wide range of devices and fits independent on client look. Regardless of whether they are opening it on a tablet or a PC, clients will actually want to work the most suitable rendition of your website. 


To comprehend this much further, consider that all devices have diverse screen sizes and resolutions. A responsive website configuration helps your website conform to the measurements accordingly dependent on the thing device it is being visited on. This at last improves the clients’ experience and helps them surf through your website with next to no hassles. 


You need your clients to remain on your website to the extent that this would be possible, as it sends a positive sign to Google about your website’s adaptiveness and UX. Clients would prefer to visit an enhanced contender website in case they can’t investigate your website on their device easily. In addition, having a responsive plan will likewise help you in achieving higher rankings on Google as the web index would consider it pertinent to the inquiry aim of the clients.


  • Keywords


Making remarkable and significant content is one of the main parts of any website. It helps your website in driving traffic and producing important leads. Website content boosts your domain authority and helps drive high-esteem leads dependent on relevant pursuit terms. Focusing on relevant watchwords in your domain is a flat-out need to expand the permeability of your content. Targeted watchwords help your website is positioning higher on SERPs for the relevant hunt inquiries/terms. 


Discovering these targeted watchwords requires comprehensive catchphrase research, which permits you to discover high and low competition catchphrases in your domain. It additionally features the worth of those catchphrases and how or then again on the off chance that they can be utilized in your content technique. 


For example, long-tail catchphrases are generally low-competition watchwords that are extremely targeted. They are for the most part at least three words and are unmistakable, which helps in producing more qualified leads. For example, “top of the line insurance agency in Bangalore” is a long-tail watchword that can help in creating important traffic and qualified leads for websites utilizing it. 


The subsequent stage in the wake of discovering targeted watchwords is to choose the best arrangement of content that accommodates your advertising objectives. You can pick from different sorts of formats like infographics, recordings, blogs, ebooks, and so on After picking your favored formats, the time has come to make important content with the targeted watchwords.


  • Headings


Audit My SEO - SEO Friendly WebsiteHeader labels are maybe the main part of making organized and unmistakable substance for web search tools. Streamlining your header labels can end up being exceptionally helpful in making a site SEO-accommodating.


The headings which depict the start of a specific segment in content ought to have a header tag. For example, this subheading is an H3 tag, while the title of this page is an H1 tag. 


While upgrading your headers, you should incorporate the most significant keywords into them naturally. For example, the title of your substance ought to have the essential watchword in it. 


This joining helps web search tool crawlers get the setting of what’s going on with your substance and file the page in like manner. It likewise helps in expanding your ranking for the specific catchphrase utilized in titles and subheadings.


  • Speed


Audit My SEO - Search IntentThis point was examined beforehand, however merits raising again due to its high significance. Ensure that each way you can enhance your website’s loading speed is worked upon, and kept up with. A complete SEO review can help you in tracking down every one of the elements you need to work upon to ensure your page load time is pretty much as little as could really be expected. 


As a rule, clients hang tight for 5-6 seconds for a page to stack. On the off chance that it takes any longer, they are probably going to close the tab and search for another option.


Page load time streamlining is of pinnacle significance to lessening the bounce rate, and essentially further develops the SEO-amicability of a website.


Audit My SEO - Search IntentConclusion: 


Now that you know what goes into creating an SEO-friendly website, it’s time to put the work in and take your website to new heights.


Since there are many elements that require intrinsic knowledge of the SEO industry,  it is always recommended hiring a company like us that will help you in creating an SEO-friendly website from scratch. 

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