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SEO For Fashion Industry Are you planning to attract more people for your fashion brand online? If so, then you have to do search engine optimization (SEO) for fashion eCommerce in which more leads will connect with your brand. SEO will help you present your beautifully designed clothing to fashion-loving people who will buy your products. 


In this guide, we’ll discuss the cardinal rules for getting started with SEO for online clothing stores.


Benefits of SEO for Fashion Brands


The competition in the fashion industry is getting intense with each day. Hence, nowadays, creating an attractive website and launching new products isn’t enough. If your website is not ranking on the Google first page and not getting sufficient traffic, it will be worthless. This is where SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can play an important role. In a high competition scenario like now, SEO for a fashion brand’s website is vital for all eCommerce business owners.


When done perfectly, it can help your website rank higher on the SERPs and drive organic traffic that will automatically improve your brand visibility, sales, and conversions.


Below are some of the most significant benefits of SEO for fashion businesses:


Audit My SEO - Fashion IndustryImprove Brand Value


There are millions of fashion businesses, but only a few have become brands. A brand value is what makes a business stand out apart from the crowd. But the question is, how to improve brand value on the internet? Growing your visibility by ranking on the top pages of Google, is your best solution!


Higher Conversion Rates


Definitely, when your brand ranks on top on the search engine and has great credibility, it will send more and more traffic to your website. And more traffic means higher sales, conversions, and better profits. 


Social Media + SEO= Best Results


Search engine optimization is excellent and social media, as we all know, works wonders for the fashion businesses. But when you combine the power of these two, you get the most compelling results. Both techniques support each other and work together to improve your site’s reach. 


Best SEO strategies for the fashion industry


1. Build a user-friendly website


Website is the most important component to implement SEO for fashion eCommerce. People stay at a website and browse products on a user-friendly website. Users feel engaged while browsing a user-friendly website. If users spend more time on your website, then it sends a positive signal to Google. As a result, you’ll rank better in Google and bring more traffic to your page.


So make sure your site loads fast. Users don’t like slow-loading pages. Use Google PageSpeed Insights to check how quickly your site loads and also use their suggestions to make improvements. 


Create product pages from which shopping is easy. If the product pages are easy to browse and shop, your audience will spend more time on your site and will be more likely to buy. 


Add unique calls-to-action (CTAs). Your CTA buttons play an important part in the user experience. A person that wants to know about your fashion brand should find CTA buttons easily to guide them to the next step.


Choose font carefully. Make sure the text present on your pages is easy to read. If the viewers can’t read your products, they will not buy from you. A clear font makes it easy for the audience to learn about your product. It also helps to convert. These also improve the user experience on your site. 


Make sure you optimize your shopping cart. Your audience should not struggle to find more information. You should also monitor your checkout experience to ensure that you’re providing a positive experience to your audience. 


2. Optimize Relevant Keywords to Bring More Traffic


Audit My SEO - Fashion IndustryKeywords play a fundamental role in determining where you rank on search pages. If your pages don’t have the right keywords, then you’ll miss the chance of driving valuable traffic for your business. You need to do keyword research to find relevant keywords. 


When you do keyword research, put focus on long-tail keywords. Log-tails keywords contain three or more words. These keywords are more specific and also attract leads for your products. To do SEO for fashion brands right, focus on specific, long-tail keywords for your pages to drive the right leads to your page. 


After finding the right keywords, integrate them into your meta description and title tag. These two are the first information audiences see when they find your site. Hence, it is important to integrate your keywords into these elements to make your page relevant. 


3. Create easy navigation that will help your leads to find your product


Navigation is a critical component of your website. Your visitors should be able to find your products easily. If your navigation is not right, then you’re losing customers. So build straightforward, easy-to-use navigation. 


You’ll also need to organize your content under different categories. As you hover over each category, you can view the products stuffed into different categories, which will help the shopper find products faster. 


You should place your navigation in such a way that your audience can see it. Don’t place your navigation in unusual places. It can cause your leads to leave your site if they can’t find the navigation. Keep your navigation on top so that users can find it easily. 


4. Start a fashion blog to bring organic traffic


For fashion eCommerce, blogging is a significant asset. Blogging brings valuable traffic to your page and boosts your SEO rankings in the search engine. People continually look for information about the latest trends and fashion tips. So when you provide information, you keep them hooked on your page and get them to browse your site. 


So how can you launch a fashion blog?


You need to have ideas or topics that you will share in your blog. Think about common questions that your shoppers ask and popular topics around fashion. After finding a few topics, you can plug them into Google to check what others have written about them. You can also use Google’s “People Also Ask” section to check what type of questions people ask. 


Now create blog posts with all this material which will provide valuable information to your audience. Creating blog posts related to your industry will help you drive quality leads to your business. 


You want to avail the full experience from your blog, and then you need to post content frequently. Blogging often means your blog is fresh. It also offers more content that your audience can browse. It enables you to reach leads that are always in search of fresh topics. 


5. Use high-quality visuals to keep the audience engaged


As a fashion eCommerce company, you heavily depend on how you showcase your products to your audience. Visuals are important for SEO as they keep audiences or leads engaged to your page. You leverage photos or videos to showcase your products. With this, your audience gets insight into your products. This also increases their time spent browsing your product. 


Visuals increase the dwell time on your page. If you upload high-quality and engaging visuals, then you’ll keep your audience’s interest in your products.  


Make sure the photos or videos don’t slow down your site. Large file sizes slow down the page speed. For photos, you can use tools like Kraken to compress an image. It makes sure it doesn’t slow your site. On the other hand, you need a platform like YouTube or Wistia to host your video on an external site. It keeps your site from slowing down. 


6. Your site should work on mobile


Audit My SEO - Fashion IndustryA fashion eCommerce site should work on mobile.  76% of consumers shop using their smartphones. So you need to have a mobile-friendly site. 


Also, since Google has moved to mobile-first indexing, you need to have a site that works great on mobile. It should be critical to your SEO and securing a high rank in the search results. You can use Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test to check whether your site looks good on these devices. 


If your site isn’t mobile-friendly, then you can integrate a responsive design to optimize it. Responsive design helps your website adapt to whatever device users use. To offer a seamless user experience, you need to adjust your site to fit the screen properly. 


Including mobile-friendly elements on the site creates a positive user experience. Elements like hamburger menus, thumb-friendly scrolling, and CTAs allow users to click on them easily.


7. Target The Right Keywords


An online fashion business or brand can really harm themselves badly by not making timely decisions regarding targeting the proper keywords. A common mistake in Fashion SEO would be to target the wrong keyword. The false keyword we are referring to here is the one that is highly competitive or broad.


For instance, by targeting a keyword with high competition, you will compete with the highly established brands you’ve no chance with. Being enthusiastic is good, but you shouldn’t try to compete with the big brands like Adidas or Clarke, particularly when you’re in the early phase of your SEO. Start gradually and try to build website authority by targeting long-tail keywords by developing high-quality content. If you want to target local customers, you can do it by using local SEO and targeting local keywords. 


8. Create Stellar Content


If you want to make your fashion SEO campaign successful, keep in mind creating fresh, exciting, and engaging content that offers readers valuable information and encourages them to take action. This will make it rank higher on search engine result pages and will make your SEO campaign successful. 


The deal with modern buyers is that they don’t just buy any random item they like. Instead, they enjoy doing complete research before making the final purchase. For instance, suppose a buyer wants to buy a dress, before going to a fashion store, they will search on Google for the latest fashion trends, what kind of style is trending these days, what color/print/design will suit their body type, height and so on.


Here are some fashion brand SEO content strategy tips:


  • Get in contact with your shoppers early in their research phase. Have a dedicated blog section on your website homepage and link your targeted content.
  • Identify the foundation of your content that will form the basis of the information you’re planning to offer. Remember that in order to retain customers and keep them coming back, you will require creating a tone, personality, and, most importantly, an environment that your audience is familiar with.
  • Write content that answers the queries searched by your potential customers on Google. Search those terms and target them in your articles and blogs.
  • Don’t simply stick to one type of content, such as particular apparel or clothing. Know what they are searching for and what they expect from your brand.
  • The best type of fashion content is guidance, tutorials, how-to, and fashion classes.

9. Harness The True Power of Social Media


Audit My SEO - Fashion IndustrySocial media channels allow businesses to garner a tone volume of traffic relatively quickly- if you’re marketing in the right way, of course!


When you post engaging content on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, you stand a chance to rank in the search results. This is particularly true for Google’s platforms like YouTube and Google+. Hence, if you use the best SEO practices, as easy as inserting the right keywords, links, and hashtags into your post, your brand visibility will grow, and your fashion SEO campaign will benefit.

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