Audit My SEO - 25 Stunning SEO Auditing Tools For Better Results

25 Stunning SEO Auditing Tools For Better Results.

1. SemRush


Audit My SEO - 25 Stunning SEO Auditing Tools For Better ResultsCurrently, SEMrush is the best SEO auditing tool to use. The site auditing feature of SEMrush allows you to check and manage the overall health of your website. Whether you want to do on-page analysis or technical SEO analysis, SEMrush makes things easy for you.


Key features of SEMrush for site auditing;


Checks 120+ factors including duplicate content, broken links, lost links, HTTPS errors and much more.


Ability to audit desktop as well as mobile version site.


  • High speed site crawler.
  • Get easy to understand site auditing reports and much more.
  • Detecting and fixing AMP issues.
  • Fix hreflang issues.


2. SERP Stat


SERP Stat is another great SEO site auditing tool. It allows you to do advance level site auditing.


When you audit your site on Serpstat it gives you an SDO score i.e, Serpstat domain optimization score. This score tells you the strength of your domain by analyzing certain factors.


A higher SDO score indicates that your domain is well optimized and vice-versa.


Key features of Serpstat;


  • It checks the page title, URL, meta tags and other important tags.
  • It scans the sitemap and robots.txt file.
  • Get a complete list of webpages that have technical issues.
  • Checks loading speed and mobile optimization.
  • Checks Schemas.
  • HTTPS status code and much more.

3. SEOrch


Audit My SEO - How To Write A Content That Ranks On GoogleIf you are looking for the free SEO auditing tool, then SEOrch is waiting for you.


SEOrch will help you in auditing each and every aspect of your website. The crawlers of this tool will scan each and every aspect of your website including on-page, off-page, content, social, technical and more.


Here is the screenshot of on-page analysis done by this tool.


Key features of this tool;


  • It does semantic analysis of your website and tells for which keywords your site can rank.
  • Analysis important tags such as title, meta, headings and more.
  • It checks HTML microdata, twitter card, WAI-ARIA accessibility and more.
  • Checks open graph protocol.
  • Does technical analysis on factors such as meta robots, robots.txt, HTML errors, canonical tags and more.

4. SEO Analyzer By Neil Patel


SEO analyzer by Neil Patel will audit your site on factors such as on-page, site speed, technical errors, duplicate title + meta and much more.


The beauty of this SEO auditing software is that it highlights the critical errors, tells you about the warnings and gives you recommendations so that you can improve the health of your site.


Key features of this tool;


  • Analyze desktop and mobile loading time.
  • Highlights top on-page SEO issues.
  • Check the broken links and redirects on your site.
  • Gives you organic keywords and traffic reports.
  • Easy to use interface and much more.


5. SEObility


SEObility is a freemium SEO tool.


This tool can be used for the purpose of keyword monitoring and checking, rank checking, backlink analysis, redirects checking, complete website auditing and much more.


I personally use this tool to analyze the on-page and technical issues within my website.


Key auditing features of this tool;


  • Highlights title and meta issues.
  • Tell you about issues in your content and structure.
  • It audits JSS and CSS files.
  • It also gives you PDF reports and much more.


6. SEO Profiler

Audit My SEO - 25 Stunning SEO Auditing Tools For Better Results

Do you want to improve the indexability of your website?


Are you looking for fixing the duplicate content problems in your website?


If your answer to the above question is yes, then SEOProfiler is a tool which you should use. 


This tool will help you in removing website errors, checking site elements, improving indexing status of your site and more.


Key features of this tool; 


  • Daily ranking checks.
  • Automated site auditing.
  • Audit reports for mobile websites.
  • Keyword research and tracking.
  • Link-building and local SEO.
  • Technical SEO analysis and more.


7. Site Checker Pro


Audit My SEO - How SEO is going to changeSite Checker Pro is all in one SEO tool.


It can be used for site monitoring, backlink tracking and building, ranking tracking, keyword tracking and finding, on-page checking and much more.


Although it offers multiple services, its site auditing feature is bang on.


It audits your website by checking 100+ on-page, off-page and technical factors. Also, it will help you in detecting and fixing errors faster than other auditing tools.


Key features of this tool;


  • Find broken and other spammy links.
  • Audits all the important meta tags.
  • Checks internal and external links.
  • Speed test.
  • Analyze your website structure.
  • Generate reports and share them with others.

8. SEOptimer

If you want to do complete analysis of your website under 30 seconds, then SEOptimer is the tool which you should use.


The tool is so easy to use that you just need to copy and paste your site URL into the search box and click on audit. 


Within 30 seconds this tool will scan your site and report on important factors such as site security, HTML headers,  body content, indexing, links and others.


Key features of this tool;


  • Time saving.
  • Gives white labeled report.
  • Gives suggestions and recommendations.

9. MOZ


Audit My SEO - 25 Stunning SEO Auditing Tools For Better ResultsThe site crawler tool by MOZ will help you increase the ranking of websites by finding and fixing all the SEO issues.


This SEO auditing tool by MOZ gives you reports on a wide range of SEO factors such as broken links, missing tags, canonical issues, redirection issues and more.


The tool not only highlights the issues but also tells you about its impact and how to fix it.


Key features of this tool;


  • It uses colorful charts and diagrams to explain issues.
  • Automatic crawling and reporting.
  • Fast crawling.
  • Learn about the issues and how to fix them.


10. SEO Site Auditing Tool By Alexa


Audit My SEO - How To Write A Content That Ranks On GoogleThe SEO Site Auditing Tool by Alexa will assist you in finding all the issues that act as a barrier to rank your website.


This tool primarily reports on key technical issues like HTML tags, security, page length and more. It also tells you important steps that you need to take to improve your site’s overall health.


Plus, it also tells you about each issue and why it is important to fix it.


Key Features of this tool;


  • It has an easy-to-use interface.
  • It gives step-by-step instructions to solve problems.
  • Get downloadable reports and much more.


11. SEOmator


Next in my list of SEO auditing tools is SEOmator.


This is an advanced level SEO auditing software that gives in-depth technical and on-page SEO analysis of any domain.


It reports on HTML tags, page speed, internal links, organic reach, mobile SEO, text statistics, content, social media and more.


Even top SEO experts like Brain Dean have recommended this tool.


Key Features of this tool; 


  • White labeled reports.
  • Detailed on-page and off-page analysis.
  • Download your audit reports.
  • Test your sitemap.
  • Embeddable SEO widget.

12. Raven Tools

Audit My SEO - External LinkingThe SEO site auditor tool by Raven will tell you about 6 key issues i.e., visibility, content, meta, link, image and semantic issues.


All these issues come under on-page, off-page and technical issues.


After highlighting the issue, it also gives you easy-to-follow steps to fix those issues.


Raven also allows you to create and download the audit report. You can also customize your report according to your needs and wants.


Another good thing about Raven Site Auditor is that it allows you to schedule your SEO audit process.

13. Screaming Frog


Audit My SEO - 25 Stunning SEO Auditing Tools For Better ResultsScreaming Frog is an industry-leading SEO auditing and reporting tool. In fact, this is the best SEO auditing software in this entire list.


I have personally used the free version of this tool and it is bang on.


It helps in finding broken links, redirects, analysis meta tags, crawls Java scripts and other HTML tags, integrates with GA and GSC, visuals site architecture and more.


Key Features of this tool;


  • Free version can crawl 500 URLs.
  • AMP crawling and validation.
  • Store and view HTML and rendered HTML.
  • Sitemap and robots.txt analysis.
  • Pagination issues and much more.


14. Net Peak Software

Audit My SEO - How To Increase Your Site’s DA WIthin 6 Months Or LessThe site auditing tool by Net Peak Software will check 80+ issues related to website optimization. Plus, it will also highlight 60+ important on-page SEO issues.


Due to its amazing features, companies like Iprospect, Shopify and Olx use this amazing SEO auditing tool.


Why should you use this tool?


  • 14 days free trial and money-back guarantee.
  • Excellent customer support services.
  • XML sitemap generator and validator.
  • Built in tool for analyzing source code and HTML headers.


15. URL Profiler


If you are looking for an SEO auditing software which can audit the entire links on your website, then you should use URL Profiler.


With URL Profiler, you can check link status, link location, anchor text, 3rd party link metrics, unnatural and spammy links, identify unnatural patterns in links and much more.


Key features of this tool;


  • Create link building reports.
  • Do topical link prospecting.
  • Speed up your link building process by effective outreach.
  • Identify important link metrics.
  • Scan the site to identify the type of site.
  • Robots access and much more.


16. Siteliner

Site liner is a freemium SEO auditing tool. Its free version will allow you to scan one site every 30 days. Also, the free version will only scan a few web-pages.


Following issues will be highlighted by free version; 


  • Duplicate content.
  • Page size and speed.
  • No words per page.
  • Text to HTML ratio.
  • Internal and external links.
  • Broken links and more.


The free version of this tool also allows you to download the site audit report. 

17. SEO quake


Audit My SEO - 25 Stunning SEO Auditing Tools For Better ResultsSEO quake is an auditing tool that comes as a Chrome extension.


It helps in on-page auditing, checking internal and external links, comparing domain, exporting SEO data, site compliance and much more.


You can also use this tool to audit your competitor’s website and check their backlinks, keywords, domain age, DA and PA, traffic and other important metrics.


Key features of this tool;


  • It does real time SEO auditing.
  • It is easy to use and quick.
  • Get SEO bar and dashboard.
  • Print and export data.
  • Keyword analysis and much more.


18. SEO audit by iwebch

SEO audit by iwebch is a premium SEO auditing tool.


The main aim of this tool is to provide all the information to webmasters related to their website. Such information is related to issues faced by websites.


The following are the issues addressed by this tool;


  • Issues related to meta tags.
  • Text to HTML ratio.
  • W3C HTML validation.
  • Issues in heading tags.
  • Sitemap and robots.txt check.
  • Flash content check and much more.

19. Woo Rank


Audit My SEO - 25 Stunning SEO Auditing Tools For Better ResultsBy conducting an SEO audit on WooRank, you can fix issues like HTTP errors, indexing errors, duplicate content issues, redirection errors and much more.


This tool won’t help you with in-depth auditing of your website. Hence, it is more suitable for beginners in SEO.


Features of this tool;


  • Monitoring website up-time.
  • Get email reports.
  • Check website health and fix important issues.
  • Research keywords.
  • Track your keywords.


20. SE ranking

SE ranking is an SEO auditing software that many SEO agencies and SEO experts use.


This tool is widely known for crawling each and every webpage of your site. It can even crawl the deepest webpage of your site and give a precise report on it.


Key features of this tool;


  • Checks the important parameters of a website.
  • Image analysis.
  • Checks the indexing status.
  • Analysis of meta and heading tags.
  • Link analysis.
  • Social media and content analysis.
  • Gives you tips and advice to solve problems.

21. Bright Local


Bright Local is a top-rated local SEO tool.


You can use this tool to track your local SEO rankings, local SEO auditing, build more citations, analyze competitors’ local SEO strategy, and much more.


When you use this tool for local SEO auditing, it can help you with the following things.


22. Web CEO

Audit My SEO - SEO Content Writing TipsBy using the Web CEO SEO analysis tool, you can make your website more search engine friendly.


This tool will help you in fixing issues related to on-page, landing page, mobile SEO, and other important aspects of SEO. Also, this tool will make sure that your site is free from duplicate content.


This tool also gives you an explanation of SEO issues faced by your site. Plus, it also tells you how you can solve those issues in a quick time.


Key features of this tool;


  • Complete technical SEO audit.
  • Get PDF reports.
  • Easy to follow tips on fixing the issues.
  • Page speed test.
  • Get DIY SEO checklist and much more.


23. Night Watch (links)


Audit My SEO - 25 Stunning SEO Auditing Tools For Better ResultsNight watch performs four major SEO functions i.e., rank tracking, link monitoring, reporting, and site auditing.


Its site auditing feature will help you in discovering broken pages, missing tags, links, and other important SEO issues.


The cool part about this tool is that you can also automate your SEO auditing process by scheduling weekly or monthly SEO audits. Hence, you don’t need to audit your site manually.


Key features;


  • Tracks historical auditing data.
  • Provides free trial.


24. On-Page Champ

Audit My SEO - How To Write A Content That Ranks On GoogleAs the name suggests, On-Page Champ is one of the best SEO auditing tools for analyzing the on-page factors of any website.


The tool promises to analyze your competitor’s on-page factors in just 30 seconds. It analyzes page title, meta tags, URLs, keywords including LSIs, page speed, page rank, and much more.


By analyzing all these factors, you can surely take your on-page SEO game to the next level.


Key features of this tool;


  • It audits 25+ on-page SEO factors.
  • Processes at lighting speed.
  • Laser targeted data.
  • Affordable and very easy to use.


25. Site Analyzer


The site crawl feature by Site Analyzer will crawl unlimited web pages of your site.


After crawling, it will come up with a site health score and all the SEO issues found within your site. Mostly it looks for issues related to broken links, redirects, indexing, content speed, and more.


Other cool features of this tool; 


  • Rank tracking.
  • Backlink analysis.
  • Comparing site vs site.
  • White label SEO reports.
  • Keyword research and page analysis.
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