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SaaS SEO Checklist For 2022. A powerful SEO technique that drives industry authority, brand visibility, and organic web traffic is essential to companies’ success in the SaaS industry. What is the key to perfectly performing SEO? Why is search engine optimization for a SaaS company different from SEO for so many other types of companies? In the below article, you will find all the question-answer. 


When it comes to growing your SaaS industry, adding SEO to the mix may be the most vital thing you need to think about. While you can always deploy PPC ads to accomplish good results, SEO brings you a golden chance to achieve long-term results at much lower costs.


Considering that nearly 93% of all website traffic comes from search engines, it can be said that a large number of your future customers are using one of them to find resolutions to their problems.


But, the question is which search engine optimization techniques you should follow to set your SaaS business apart from its competitors? To help you out, we have developed this SaaS SEO checklist that includes the most practical, actionable techniques to take your SaaS business to the next level using SEO.


SaaS SEO Basics


Setting up GSC (Google Search Console)


If you don’t have any idea about how your website is performing in Google searches, it’s almost impossible to create the right SaaS SEO strategy.


And that’s where GSC comes into play.


GSC is a free web service provided by Google that helps you measure your website’s traffic, monitor keyword performance, and troubleshoot issues.


Setting up Google Analytics(GA)


GA is another free analytics tool offered by Google that lets you monitor the sources of your website users and analyze their interaction with your site. Based on the data provided by GA, you can assess the efficacy of your marketing actions and optimize your website’s key performance to get the most out of them.


Audit My SEO - SEOSetting Up SEO-Friendly Architecture


Website architecture is how your site’s pages are organized and linked together.


If your web pages take many clicks from the homepage or aren’t correctly linked, it will be tough for Google crawlers to find and index them, and the end result will most likely be poor rankings in the search engine result pages.  


You can avoid this problem by ensuring that all pages are within three clicks from the home page.


Removing Duplicate Content


If you have got multiple similar pages, it can complicate Googlebot and damage their rankings. Ideally, you should avoid having equal sections of content throughout the website. Nevertheless, if you must employ them for other purposes, use a canonical tag that describes the master version and pages similar to it. 


Submitting a Sitemap


The main purpose of doing this is to help search engine crawlers understand and find the web pages they should crawl and index.


If you are using Rank Math or Yoast SEO plugin, you can get a sitemap readily available and live, and you just need to submit it within Google Search Console.


Or else, you can use XML Sitemaps Generator to develop one.


Creating a Robots.txt File


The objective of the robots.txt file guides crawlers on how they need to crawl your website. You can use it to tell search engines crawler which web pages need to crawl and which ones they shouldn’t. If you have a WordPress website, you can update the robots.txt file using Rank Math or Yoast SEO. On the other hand, you need to create it manually within your


Audit My SEO - SEOSaaS Keyword Research


Keyword research is a base part of content marketing for any business in any industry.


Discovering the right keywords is what makes the foundation of SaaS SEO. In terms of SaaS SEO, you need to target two types of keywords: informational keywords(used by searchers to get information) and transactional keywords(used by consumers or customers to buy a service). 


Here are efficient methods to generate these keywords. 


Keyword Research Using Google Keyword Planner


Google Keyword Planner is a free tool offered by the Google search engine to help you identify relevant keywords and valuable data about them, including competitions and monthly search volume. In the first step, you need to think hard or brainstorm some keywords relevant to your service and type them in the Keyword Planner. The tool shows you a list of related keywords.


Audit My SEO - SEOKeyword Research Using Ubersuggest


Once you have got a clear idea about what types of keywords to target for your SaaS business, it’s time to specify more specific keyword ideas. 


Ubersuggest shows you many long-tail versions of “SaaS” and their monthly search volume, CPC, PPC difficulty, and SEO competition. 


One excellent feature that helps Ubersuggest stand out from other keyword research tools is its capacity to generate different keyword ideas based on prepositions, questions, and comparisons.


Creating a Keyword Sheet


Now that you have many relevant keywords using the above methods, you should create a keyword research sheet that you’ll be utilizing for all your other keyword-based optimizations. Here are the things you should add to the keyword sheet.


  • Your target keywords.
  • Individual monthly search volume.
  • Segmentation of the keywords based on priorities. 
  • The position of each keyword. 
  • Inter-related pieces of content are being created using the keywords.
  • CPC of each keywords

Content Check List For Saas SEO


Pick a topic and research well


The process begins with a provocation to the plan.


You should take time to find topics that you will write about. Google news, social platforms, and different forum will help you to do that.


You should pick a topic that your audiences are looking for. After selecting a topic, you should dig deeper and research well.


Find relevant keywords


SEO content writing revolves around the selection of keywords and usage. After choosing a topic, you should use keyword analysis tools to find the relevant keywords that are in trends and also have a good search volume.


After doing that, create a list and use your keywords while writing the content.


Audit My SEO - CareerWrite comprehensive content


After doing the research and keyword analysis, you should kick start your writing process.


You have to keep in mind that you should solve audiences’ problems through your writing or the questions they have in their mind.


Give them a proper guide that seems effective to them.


You can also create an outline that will help them which is according to the trends and demands.


Keep it simple and friendly


An optimized SEO content not only has keywords – but should add quality to someone’s life. So you should make content that is simple and friendly with the topic.


Don’t try to cover everything in one post. You should cover the related aspects as an overview and frame a detailed description following your keywords. It helps the readers to remain engaged.


Follow the Google E.A.T principle


 SEO trends keep evolving and it is a complex thing to keep track of every factor.


But one thing that can help you to stay on the board is the Google E.A.T. principle, particularly for the people who create content.


EAT stands for ‘expertise, authority, & trustworthiness’. It is the Google concept that defines what makes good content.


This principle will acts as a guide to create SEO content that will add quality to your audience’s life.


Make it unique


People ignore the originality in their content. If your content isn’t unique then all your SEO efforts and time go to the trash. Remember, only plagiarism can ruin your content. So always check plagiarism on the plagiarism checker tool. Plagiarism-free content keeps your success track secured.


Proofread properly


The final step is proofreading.


Once you have completed the process of writing, check it for grammatical errors and plagiarism.


You can reread the entire content or can use a grammar checker.


If you find plagiarism in your content, you can use sentence rephraser to make your sentence unique. Use online tools to make your content flawless.


Perks of creating SEO-friendly content 


After knowing the basics of SEO-friendly content, it is important to learn what perks you can have from it. SEO is not about learning how to use keywords in the content. It goes beyond that.


Google’s goal is to satisfy online readers by showing them relevant and quality information. So your content should sound interesting to the audience. And also Google should think that your website is the best fit.


Every business owner understands the significance of having a robust online presence. However, many businesses think that having a pleasing website in place is enough.


They also need to have good content as per SEO requirements. Once you know how to create SEO-friendly content, you will have the following benefits:


Audit My SEO - CareerDrive more leads and traffic


If you wish to run your website, you will need to understand the basics of SEO-optimized content. SEO helps to drive more traffic to a website.


It is probably achieved by using the keywords on the content of the website.


These keywords act as a bridge to connect your website with the readers. But before doing that you should know how search engines work. You might require learning a little bit about it before you can start working on your objectives.


Effective means of promotion


When you launch a brand, you need to place a website. It can function as a compelling means to promote your offerings to audiences across the globe. After doing it, you have to keep up with the evolving trend of SEO. The more you advertise your business to the e-world; you are more likely to thrive.


Audit My SEO - CareerGet noticed around the globe


To get noticed by people all across the globe, you have to optimize it for search engine ranking.


To accomplish it, you should put the effort into making content in which you can utilize SEO ingredients.


There are many businesses online that are moving on the same track and attaining their dreams.


However, you can also become one of them if you take precise steps and be mindful.


Increase in sales


SEO optimize content helps you to boost your sales smoothly.


Owning a website isn’t enough to grow an e-business. You’ll be amazed how good SEO practices can help your business.


Apart from improving your visibility in the online world, you will also get a boost in sales. The best thing about obtaining the perks of SEO is that the procedure is effortless. All you need to do is to learn how to create SEO-optimized content.


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