Audit My SEO - 4 Reasons Behind Sudden Drop in Website Traffic

4 Reasons Behind Sudden Drop in Website Traffic. When you come to know that your website traffic is down, this means that your bottom line is suffering. Company leaders are asking you this one simple question which is why is my website traffic going down?


This blog reveals the major causes of a website traffic drop along with the solutions for each problem. Keep reading to find out why your website traffic is going down.


1. A new algorithm update has been launched


We have seen that for many firms, an algorithm update is the most usual culprit for lower website traffic.


The dilemma 


Search engines like Google and Bing aren’t reclining around. They are always looking for various ways in order to enhance their search experience because a better search experience means happier users and content users leading to increased loyalty and market share.


That’s why it’s mandatory for search engines to update their algorithms regularly because this will transform your website’s ranking in search results. It may either improve your ranking or decrease it, which creates an impact on your site traffic.


The problem can be fixed 


While the firm cannot do anything about search engines, you can create your online strategy to tally for these updates. A cross-channel marketing tactic allows your business to earn website traffic from innumerable sources.


We can understand this with the help of a few instances:


Email, Social Media, Paid ads


Now if your website traffic drops because of an algorithm update, then it’s worth investigating the update because this detail could help your team inspect your site and make the required fixes so that you could improve your ranking.


2. Your website is HTTP, not HTTPS


Audit My SEO - 4 Reasons Behind Sudden Drop in Website Traffic

An unsafe website can also likely cause a potential (and permanent) drop in site traffic.


The dilemma 


Online security is mandatory, and this is the reason why most websites use Secure HyperText Transfer Protocol also known as HTTPS. HTTPS, in comparison to HyperText Transfer Protocol, encodes and transfers user information, such as credit card details in a safer manner. 


The full-page notification prevents a user from arriving on your site and asks them to go “Back to Safety.” In this case, when a user decides to visit your website, their browser would show that your site is unsafe.


This is the reason that a website that uses HTTP, instead of HTTPS, receives not only less website traffic but also fewer sales. If a user realizes that your site is unsafe, then they won’t feel secure enough to carry out an online purchase.


The solution


So with the help of a developer, you can get https for your website with the following steps:


  • Get a dedicated IP address for your site, unless you have one already
  • Buy SSL certificate also known as Secure Sockets Layer Certificate 
  • Then try to activate your SSL certificate with your web host
  • And finally, install the SSL certificate on your domain


The installation and activation of your SSL certificate might take a few days.


3. Your keyword technique might be outdated


Audit My SEO - 4 Reasons Behind Sudden Drop in Website TrafficAn outdated keyword technique might lead to a slow and consistent traffic decrease.


The dilemma 


  • Companies that are used to this gradual decrease in website traffic need to analyze their keyword strategy. Even if you don’t possess a keyword strategy for SEO, it’s important to reexamine your content. This is because people and their search procedures keep on changing.
  • Google Trends, known to be a free tool, presents how to search and even shopping habits transform. Before the iPhone was launched and the eventual takeover of the smartphone, people used to search for a cell phone. But with the changing times, now, users search for smartphones.
  • If your firm doesn’t adapt itself to these changing needs, then you are on the verge of losing your website traffic.
  • And your site content won’t seem beneficial or helpful to search engines or the users, which would cause lower rankings in search results.

The solution


  • It takes time and resources to update your keyword strategy. This may be applicable for a small website also, so your team needs to give the required time for optimizing and revising the content. You can create your website traffic back up with the following steps:
  • Auditing your keyword strategy by searching for outdated or generic keywords
  • Researching alternative keywords with a greater search volume and overall value
  • Revising your content so that you can include these alternative keywords


In most cases, your firm will find out new content topics in your keyword research.


  • This is a big asset for your business because it develops your content marketing plan and SEO strategy. In addition to this, fresh content helps your company rank in valuable search results and creates the requisite traffic.

4. Your website’s design cannot ignore the SEO


  • A site design that doesn’t take into consideration the SEO can create horrible damage to your website traffic.

Audit My SEO - 4 Reasons Behind Sudden Drop in Website TrafficThe problem


  • Redesigning your website is a great decision, especially when you possess an outdated site. A refreshed website looks trendy and professional. In addition to this, it also provides a contended user experience, 
  • The problem is that many firms forget about SEO while designing their site.
  • This is made by web designing companies. While they develop luring and beneficial websites, they do not understand the relationship between web design and SEO, and how a redesigned website can tank traffic.
  • And there are some ways a website redesign can create a barrier for your SEO and traffic. Those include:
  • Replacing the page content, which includes title tags and meta descriptions
  • Developing brand-new pages for existing pages without setting up a 301 redirect
  • Transforming the site structure without updating the sitemap
  • In comparison, a site design helps in preventing your website from ever achieving its destined levels of traffic. This is because, without SEO, your site will struggle to appear in the search results that are related to your industry, products or services.
  • Since your website’s design creates an impact on your complete site, it is important that you fix this problem quickly.

The solution


Firms can approach a traffic drop following a site redesigning through some of the following ways, which include:


  • Restoring your previous site with backups
  • Optimizing your fresh content and website
  • Updating your sitemap
  • Setting up 301 redirects. 
  • Depending on your redesigning, your fix might take a significant amount of time. For instance, if your firm requires restarting your SEO strategy, then it would take time to rank in search results and earn the kind of traffic that your website had previously. When compared, creating 301 redirects requires less effort, though your traffic levels will probably take a few weeks or months to recover.
  • While you may not need to set up redirects, you will have to create optimized content for your website and audience.


So from the above blog, I think now you have understood what causes website traffic to go down.

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