Audit My SEO - Questions to Ask

Questions to Ask an SEO Agency Before Hiring. How to evaluate SEO agencies? Choosing an SEO agency/company is a little bit complicated because you don’t know the important things you need to ask.


Well, you don’t need to worry about it! In this blog, we will cover how to evaluate a good SEO agency. First, you need to figure out what goal or outcomes you want to achieve with SEO.


Audit My SEO -What Is SEO [Learn A-Z About SEO In 2022]For this, you need to sit down with your team members, CEO, executive team, board members and discuss with them what goals they’re trying to achieve with SEO. 


Following are the things you can do to evaluate your goals


Brainstorm and Ask Questions




Your business goals and outwork decide what SEO strategies you’ll use.


Now you have a list of goals or desired outcomes you want through SEO for your website. The next step is to assemble a list of a minimum of four to five or more agencies and talk with them. This way, you can figure out the quality of their services.


What should I know before using SEO?


Audit My SEO - Questions to AskBefore hiring an SEO agency, you must have basic knowledge about search engine optimization.


How do I hire an SEO agency?


Before you start the journey of hiring an SEO agency, you must have basic knowledge of them and prepare some questions to ask each agency. This way, you’ll be able to compare each one. 


You can begin by asking standard questions like 


  • What SEO process do you follow?


If the SEO agency explains their whole process within one minute or less, and it makes sense to you, that’s a good sign. If they go overboard with their explanation and don’t make any sense, run. Try looking for a  better option.


  • What kind of SEO activity will you do on my website?


Make sure the agency gives you in-detail information about technical issues, improving on-site page and off-site page, content creation strategy, optimizing existing content and acquiring backlinks.


  • How will you do off-page SEO?


Getting backlinks from another similar site is vital for your website, and it takes a lot of hard work to obtain quality backlinks. 


Buying a backlink is part of a black hat SEO technique. It will violate google’s webmaster guidelines. 


So, if you’re talking with an SEO agency, and they don’t reveal their backlink sources, don’t work with them. Your SEO agency must tell you all the links they got for you and where they came from.


What Is Your SEO Process? 


Audit My SEO - Questions to Ask

With a data-driven technique with target-based delivery, we try to provide top-notch SEO services to increase our clients’ revenue naturally. This fresh approach has helped us offer exceptional types of assistance to high-profile brands including companies from a range of industry sectors like finance, tech, retail, fashion, insurance, hospitality, and a lot more. 


With unparalleled ability in driving e-commerce, local, and enterprise SEO services, and other advanced marketing services, we have the best SEO services globally. Our fresh approach allowed us to establish ourselves as a distinguished SEO organization in a short amount of time.


Our mastery over Growth Hacking can be seen from the awards and recognition we have won as a very young organization. 


Thanks to winning SEO strategies, coupled with our team’s innovative attitude, we became the best SEO organization in the world. We are backed by a growth curve that sets us apart from some other SEO Consultants in the market. Besides, we have surpassed the conventional methods of SEO servicing and introduced new flair to the universe of SEO and digital marketing.


Questions to ask Enterprise SEO Agencies 


Audit My SEO - Questions to AskWhat Kind of Work Will You Do on My Site?


Making value for customers is our sole target, and all our work revolves around it. No matter what we’re really going after, we devise innovative approaches to meet the mission and objectives, following the best SEO techniques and strategies. 


We have taken care of the online marketing of many businesses, empowering them to take their sales and revenue to the next level. Meanwhile, we don’t specialize in any industry; we specialize in what we do —  Ranking websites on top of Google. 


The agency utilizes white hat SEO techniques, which result in oriented SEO methods to convey rankings that last. While clearing algorithm changes are getting rid of many businesses, our ethical and safe practices guard you against every single update.


If you want this kind of amazing work, contact us right now. 


Can I See the kind of SEO Reports You Give to Clients?


The nature of SEO reporting is critical. After all, it’s the main way clients get a grasp on how well their SEO efforts are paying off. In light of this, an all-around planned SEO report is careful, straightforward, and perhaps above all, clear enough for the customer to understand and take action.


Key components of our SEO reporting include the following: 


  • On-page and off-page analysis
  • Website speed
  • DA PA of your site
  • Link profile
  • Content quality
  • Title and meta tags
  • URL
  • Duplicate content
  • Content issues
  • Technical glitches and a lot more


So, if you’re interested in getting a detailed SEO report, ¿contact us right now and take your SEO to a whole new level.


Questions to ask SEO Agency


How Do You Acquire Backlinks? 


Audit My SEO - Questions to AskIn Search engine optimization, link building is a vital piece of your SEO campaigns. Link building is the most common way of elevating your site content to get backlinks from high-quality domains. These links help your visitors or online clients navigate your website’s pages to satisfy their data needs. 


Building links is among the most important SEO strategies, other than local SEO and technical SEO, to increase your positioning on Google and get more referral traffic. 


We follow a legitimate link-building strategy, focused on creating white hat link-building efforts customized to your particular industry requirements. Apart from doing custom link-building tactics, we also make an inside SEO link-building wireframe to boost your site’s backlink system.


If you want to scale your link-building efforts and improve the rankings of your site, contact us right now. We’ll offer you the best and 100% ROI-driven SEO link-building services. 


Do You Guarantee Results? 


We offer the best suitable and budget-friendly SEO monthly plans and services perfect for your budget. Furthermore, we promise, that we will make your budget work for you. On the other hand, we also offer a mix-up of every SEO methodology adapted to your designated industry and keywords, which empowers your website to generate income.  


Prior to beginning any new venture, first, we understand the website’s needs and play out a total website check. After this,  we offer our clients some suggestions for the tasks and errors that need to improve. 


These recommendations include optimization of websites for their On-Page SEO-related issues, content-related issues, and issues related to website planning and creation. 


We don’t promise to get the best rankings on the Search Engines Result Page for your website quickly. After all, we understand that ethical SEO work and following the rules and guidelines of Search Engines can take around 3 – 4 months to show its results.


What Kind of Reporting Do You Provide?


Audit My SEO - How to perform an SEO AuditWhile our competitors use unethical SEO reporting, we keep up with full transparency. This way, you can see first-hand information on how our SEO endeavors are expanding your online income. 


Our SEO top to bottom reporting includes each and every insight about the client’s website, such as:


  1. Google Analytics reports with a full outline of your website’s SEO performance
  2. Consistently updated keywords rankings
  3. A month-to-month breakdown of the SEO tasks we’ve performed
  4. A month-to-month summary looking into the SEO upgrades and procedures.




Audit My SEO - Questions to AskEvidently, SEO isn’t easy. It’s multipronged, continually evolving, and complex. As  SEO becomes more vital for a business’ growth and success, the need for people with proven, up-to-the-minute expertise becomes more and more of a necessity.


Eventually, as you begin your search for the best SEO company, go in with your eyes open, keeping in mind your specific needs.


Once you know that the company is compatible with your business and has the track record and customer satisfaction you’re looking for, only then can you consider hiring them.



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