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How To Pitch Potential Client For SEO Work. In today’s digitalized world, confirming a deal with an SEO client means carrying out a decent amount of research about their business and providing your SEO services to them.


You need to understand here that there are two kinds of salespeople in this world: Reactive and Proactive. Reactive Salespeople are those who wait for customers to reach out to them and respond to various customer enquiries and Proactive Salespersons are those who goes out and takes the initiative to gather fresh clients. In this blog, you would learn on how to sell your SEO services proactively. Let’s begin.


Example 1: Pitching Your SEO Services To A Fitness Studio (Incorrect Approach)


Audit my SEO - How To Pitch Potential Client For SEO Work - Working online with seoYou call up Mr. X and after a quick introduction, you dive into your sales pitch.


Salesperson: Hi X, I found your business through (name of the source), and I would like to discuss how our company’s SEO services can benefit your business. So, are you excited for further updates?  


Mr. X: No I don’t think we need any SEO services.


Salesperson: Oh but, you would have a 20 to 50 percent increase in traffic and leads with the SEO services. Are you interested to proceed further?


Mr. X: No, we are interested in that.


Salesperson: But what if we help you increase your Return On Investment?


And just keeps continuing in this way with no idealized strategy, unaware of where to go and what to do next.


There are 2 things required for a cold calling script. They are:


  • Doing your complete research about your client
  • A firm plan 

Now How To Work For ‘Yes’


Kids are really good at receiving the correct information. We all are familiar with the fact that every four to five years old kid’s most used word is “why,” right? They utter it thousand times a day. This is known as digging.


And that’s what you need to do—ask questions. You need to keep on asking questions till you lead the conversation in the direction to where you can smoothly introduce your SEO solutions.


Example 2: Pitching Your SEO Services To A Fitness Studio (The Appropriate Approach)


Audit my SEO - How To Pitch Potential Client For SEO Work - Working online with a seo agencyYou call up Mr. X and after a brief introduction, you can start the conversation in this manner:


Salesperson: Hello Mr. X, what is the greatest challenge that you are presently facing with your fitness studio, especially while managing, members, revenue, and marketing budget?


Mr. X: Well, members. It’s a great deal of understanding the ways for increasing the number of members.


Salesperson: Okay, so increasing the number of members for your business is the greatest challenge for you presently.


Mr. X: Yes.


So you might think if this is the time to pitch your solution? 


The answer is this is not the exact time. You need to keep the conversation continuing.


Audit my SEO - How To Pitch Potential Client For SEO Work - Working online with a laptopSalesperson: Okay, so Mr. X, how long have you been in the business and how many members do you have currently in your business? And, is there anyone apart from you who operates the business or is it just you?


This question is critical for understanding their growth rate and for finding out if they are the owner. 


Mr. X: Well, we have been in the business since 2015, have about 500 plus members and yes, I run the studio with one of my partners.


After getting this piece of information, you need to keep the conversation going.


Salesperson: Wow 500 plus members, that’s quite amazing. So how did you manage to get these members?


Audit my SEO - How To Pitch Potential Client For SEO Work - Working online with search console

Mr. X: By word of mouth.


Now after this reply comes the most important question.


Salesperson: Okay, which means you are really good at what you do. And increasing the number of members for your business is your biggest challenge. So, have you done anything for increasing the number of members


Now, in this context, you can expect two types of replies.


Mr. X: Yes, we are presently printing advertisements.


Audit my SEO - How your ideas would solve the problems - Working online with search consoleNow, at this point you can provide your SEO solution. But again, you need to be cautious instead of directly providing your SEO services, analyze them.


Salesperson: Okay Mr. X, so what if I told you that there is a much proper way to advertise the business that can create far better results for you than printing advertisements? Because what you are searching for is exactly what we provide. In fact, I would like to show you how we can help you with your problem. Would you be interested in hearing from us further?


Mr. X: Yes, that would be exciting.


Since you have got your client now, you need to proceed quickly for fixing up an in-person meeting or a Zoom call meeting with the client so that you can get them in front and increase your chances of making the deal. If you analyze carefully, you will find out that Zoom meetings helps in sharing your strategy, explaining it with clarity and responding honestly to the questions. Direct communication with the decision-makers helps in building up trust. And this is something significant because in the end, customers purchase from those people they trust.


Now you might think on How To Give The Desired SEO Sales Pitch Presentation?


Audit my SEO - How To Pitch Potential Client For SEO Work - Search Engine OptimizationFor this, you need to understand that in order to deliver the most desired SEO sales pitch presentation, all you need to do is to make sure that your SEO pitch focuses on the client’s problems rather than providing them with a packaged method. Let us understand this with the following points.


1. Analysis of the Customer Situation, Pitch Potential Client For SEO Work.


This analysis can be presented with the help of SWOT which stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. You would present everything working in their present plan, the problems with their present approach, areas where they have a firm grip which would help them to prosper and the areas where they need to give more time and effort. This would allow them to understand their problem.


Audit my SEO - How your ideas would solve the problems - Laptop

2. Implement A Solution.


Directly inform on how your ideas would solve the problems found in the situation analysis. You need to inform them that by the effective use of your tactics, they can improve their online exposure on various platforms by the use of search engines, local directories, social media, etc. And in doing so, just be cautious that the sales pitch is about giving the synopsis and not a declaration of details.


3. Avoid Being Too Technical, Pitch Potential Client For SEO Work.


Because it has been found that the more technical you become, the more likely your customers would get confused. And confused people don’t turn into customers. So while pitching to customers, you need to inform them on what they need to be aware of. 


Audit my SEO - Search Engine Optimization - Statistics

4. Keep Your Focus Constant.


Ensure that you are keeping track of the time and receiving your message quickly because people have a very short attention span


5. Call To Action, Pitch Potential Client For SEO Work.


This is the last tip for a winning sales pitch. You need to tell the buyers how eager you are to help them and on what to do next in order to get your offer.


So it’s time now to move forward and develop your required SEO sales pitch.

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