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PDF SEO and Its Best Practices: How To Rank PDFs On Google. PDF or Portable Document Format are very valuable when the files are to be shared or printed without change. This highly consistent and compatible file format allows users to easily access files across any device and with a standard visual appeal.


In 2001, Google started to index the PDF format. This is more useful for sharing documents like reports, survey results, studies, manuals, and tutorials. On the Google search result page, PDF links appear with a PDF tag. 


Audit My SEO - PDF SEO

PDF files do lack certain optimization essentials, which are available on standard web pages. As a result, Google does index the PDFs, but they don’t really influence the ranking of these pages. This is because of the lack of fundamental SEO assets in PDF files. For this reason, one needs to work hard to understand how to optimize PDFs documents. Optimizing PDF Documents is different, while the fundamentals of SEO remain the same. 


The best PDF SEO Practices 


When you upload a PDF Document file on your website, you may be expecting to reach a lot of people. For this, your PDF must be easily detectable on search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing. There’s no better to achieve this than by optimizing them. 


How Can I Optimize a PDF?


You can optimize your PDF in different ways, such as,


  • Create great content 
  • Pick an SEO-friendly filename 
  • Provide an optimized title and meta description 
  • Heading tags 
  • Optimize PDF images
  • Internal links

Create great content


Providing high-quality content in your PDF is the easiest and most powerful way to add value. The more value you provide, the higher your PDF will rank on a Search engine’s result page. Search Engines like Google are biased towards good content quality, irrespective of the page format. Therefore, PDFs with excellent content on white papers, technical documents, etc. Have greater chance of ranking.


Audit My SEO - PDF SEOPick an SEO-friendly filename


Your file name is as Vital as your URL. For this reason, it must be keyword-rich and search-friendly.


Choosing keywords for the filename is a vital step to help PDF Content Compete with established web pages.


Keep your file name range between 50-60 characters, and your URL and PDF title should match. Avoid the use of hashtags, punctuation, and only use lower sentence cases.


Provide an optimized title and meta description


Treat your PDF file like your website page, which means using a prime keyword phrase. If you wish to include the website or brand name, then put it at the end of the title tag. Assure proper grammar and content categorization practice. Avoid plagiarism and make sure to use unique title tags.


For the meta description, you should use approximately 170 characters or 1-3 sentences. A sentence should start with action words like browse, compare, discover, etc.   


Audit My SEO - PDF SEOHeading tags


PDFs have detailed information on them. However, you need to segment the information with proper heading and subheads. Make sure to use the H1 tag for a unique heading and restrict the length to 100 characters. Always begin the headline with primary keywords.


Optimize PDF images


Images are important for creating PDF files. Attractive and unique Images keep website traffic engaging. Make use of vector-based images because they’re smaller and of excellent quality. You can also resize into smaller dimensions if they don’t have the proper ones. Always use the vector file format so they appear in high resolution on any device.


Add Internal links


Links are needed to make a smooth and direct change to different documents or website pages. They help user make an action and also access content. 


You need to guarantee that your PDF has links to other content. If your PDF doesn’t have links, you can use connected URLs instead of interface keywords. This will help the user access the alluded site later on. Inside and outer links in PDF likewise influence their web index rankings. 


Audit My SEO - PDF SEOCompress PDFs


Thinking about the inescapable use of mobiles, PDF documents also need to fit in well with this palm-size gadget. To guarantee an optimized PDF document, left-adjust the content for simple vertical looking over. Additionally, compress the images as much as you can without compromising their quality. 


The best way to make a PDF smaller is by using a PDF optimizer. These easy to use tools allow you to lower the size of the PDF by eliminating images, objects, and so on. Basically select the file to compress, start, and wait to get the compressed form. 


Add PDFs to your site


Making the PDF a fundamental piece of the website is a way of advancing the PDF. Coordinating PDFs implies connecting them from inside the website. These links pass the connection position to PDF documents, in this way making them important for SERPs. 


Audit My SEO - PDF SEOOptimize it for mobile


Thinking about the plethora of web content optimized for cell phones, it would be a mistake to not do the same for your PDF. In fact, your SERp ranking may be affected by it. To make your PDF dynamic, you need to: 


  • Left adjust the text 
  • Use slug pointers and striking text 
  • Use clear yet low-size images. 
  • Have headings and subheads related to the content 
  • Use fresh passages

Verify your PDFs


In this case, you should check every PDF on your website to make sure its all yours. On the other hand, you can also take this chance to put a watermark to prove this. After all, there are thousands of PDF files on the web. Make sure none of them have plagiarased content. For this, you can use sanctioned tags to forestall copy blunders. 


A standard tag is a scrap from HTML code to characterize the critical form of the appropriated content. Google doesn’t incline toward copy content since it makes it hard for the internet searcher to recognize pages that should be recorded and positioned. 


Things to use in PDFs


Audit My SEO - Rank in PeopleOffline content


If you want your content to be accessible without the need of an internet connection, you can use PDFs. This way, if a user wants to take a look at it, they can do so no matter what. Such documents on any device without having the option to transform them. Such documents are additionally good for printing. 




PDF, which was once the property of Adobe, is today viewed as the most ideal Ebook design. The texts in PDF are not re-flowable. This implies that irrespective of the device or screen size, the PDF record Ebook won’t change as a result of its decent format 




White papers are viewed as significant resources of computerized advertising. Web crawler visitors are prepared to trade their contact subtleties for the writing accessible in white papers. Therefore, this makes it easier for brands to make their supporter information base. 


Be that as it may, there emerges an issue with PDF design white papers when it comes to little screens, similar to mobiles. On mobiles, users need to zoom pan around, which isn’t the best. 


Thus, with the expanded impact of versatility as a standard device for web access and the development of different other dynamic arrangements for white papers, the PDF organization may before long see the dull stage.


Audit My SEO - PDF SEOConclusion, PDF SEO: 


The connection between PDFs and SEO has been featured previously.


Google creeps different reports each day, including PDF ones as well.


Consequently, to rank on the main page of the web crawler and produce a lot of traffic, people need to improve their PDF files.


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