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Learn How Broken Link Building Can Enhance Your SEO In 2022. What is Broken Link building? Broken link building is also called dead link building. It is a practice of building backlinks for a website by replacing links to 404 pages with a functional link to a targeting website.


Broken link building is a process that involves analyzing and finding different resources in your web domain that no longer live or are exist. After discovering these inactive resources, a parallel version of them is recreated, and webmasters who connected to the previous resources are reached out to, so they can be requested to replace the found broken links with the new resource you have made.


Broken links building takes an effective strategy to be successful, You need to break down your strategy into three steps:


  1. Discovering broken links from appropriate web pages
  2. Creating content that is worth linking to
  3. Performing outreach to influence a website owner to replace the dead link on their web page with yours


It seems simple, but the toughest part of the method is usually discovering opportunities at scale. There are various methods that you can speed up and optimize the task of discovering possibilities, and we can walk you through the steps to correctly develop a broken link-building strategy.


Why Broken Link Building Works?


Audit My SEO - Broken LinkThe reason is quite straightforward and connects to the positive human affliction. With broken link building, you scan the script of asking something out of someone during the outreach procedure without having made a trust with them first. With the broken link building outreach method, you suggest help to businesses first by finding out the broken links on their websites. After suggesting this help to businesses for free, you build a level of belief, which these businesses can award in the form of giving your website one or multiple backlinks.


However, this strategy can also help you in creating valuable relationships with high-authority businesses on your website, which can verify quite beneficial for your business in the long run.


Why Broken Link Building be a Part of Your Link-Building Strategy?


One thing you need to know is that broken link building should not be the only link-building strategy that you use. It should be a strategy that includes part of your wider strategy and regularly analyzing the possibilities that leveraging them can help you to achieve a real competitive benefit. 

Here are a few more explanations why broken link building can play a crucial role in your strategy:

  • Improves your website’s visibility and obtains organic traffic
  • Inheriting competitors’ links and achieving a competitive advantage in Search Engine Optimization
  • Building DA(domain authority) and becoming more prominent for search engine algorithms

How to Discover and Fix Broken Links on Your Site?


While it is excellent to discover broken links on other sites to potentially get your website backlinked, it is also useful to regularly check your site for them. Here is how you can discover broken links and fix them:


Using Tools for Finding Broken Links


There are various tools you can utilize to find broken links on your site. One of the most useful tools that you can use for free is GA(Google Analytics).


The first step is to log in to your GA account and visit the Behaviour Tab. Then select the “All Pages” button under “Site Content”. Once there, set an evaluation period based on how usually you are checking for broken links. Scanning for broken links once a month is the most useful way to go.


After this, you will notice multiple items under the viewing options. Then select the “Page Title” option. Now, you can create a filter on the Page Title option and choose the advanced feature, where you can put in “404 Page” to search the broken links on your site after clicking “Apply”. Download the list of all the broken links discovered, and fix the links by either substituting them or setting up redirects to take users to the intended page

Create Reports to Track Changes


After recognizing the broken links, make a report in your Excel sheet that makes tracking the link redirect procedure effortless. If you use Google Analytics, the tool lets you directly export the information as a report in the form of a Spreadsheet or CSV. This report includes details on unique broken links, page views, and much more.


Forming this information can help you in tracking all the modifications you make on your site and assure a seamless link-building technique. Furthermore, these reports can also emphasize any differences in your link-building method that you can detour in future content publishing.


Audit My SEO - Broken LinkRedirect Broken Links in Your CMS (Content Management System)


Now that you have determined which broken links you require to fix and redirect in the first three steps, it is time for the last step.


Redirecting broken links in the content management system you are using will finish the process of discovering and setting the broken links on your site.




Benefits of Broken Link Building 


  • Audit My SEO - Broken LinkBroken link building in search engine optimization has a powerful effect on sites in the eyes of search engines. Not only does it support you in obtaining quick wins in securing beneficial backlinks, but also in improving your visibility for search engine algorithms. Since you have a relevant piece of content being linked on appropriate websites, it increases the site’s SEO authority in your niche and makes it rank higher on Search engine result pages.
  • Broken link building is a checked and proven process of getting a high ranking of your competitors on SERPs. Assuring backlinks on high DA websites against competing websites that still sport broken links allows you in getting ahead beginning against the competitors. In addition, webmasters can be incentivized with high-quality content to exchange the broken links out with yours, which assists you to achieve more relevance in search engines’ eyes.
  • Broken link-building techniques also allow you to tap into a whole new user for your website. Since you are discovering broken links, you examine various new websites along with various topics and keywords that you may not even have found yet. This enables your website to expand its wings and also find websites that can have your ideal users waiting to be reached out to. Broken link-building techniques bring in many new changes and increase your associations with highly appropriate businesses in your niche.


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