Audit My SEO - Keyword Research For WordPress [Actionable Tips]

Keyword Research For WordPress [Actionable Tips] Succeeding online world is not easy. But it’s very easier if your website ranks on the first page of a search engine like Google, Right? But To achieve that, you need to optimize your website. For that, You have to conduct keyword research for the WordPress website and It is one of the excellent ways as you can enhance your web content and get rank higher on the search engine result page.


Performing keywords research helps you find new content ideas that will help you create highly engaging content and also grow website traffic. It will also help you with understanding your audience and understanding the psychology behind people’s actions. 


In this post, we will show you how to rank higher on Google results pages by doing keyword research perfectly.


What is keyword research and Why You Need it?


Keywords are the words or phrases that people use when they search for something on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Therefore, keyword research is comprehending what those phrases are so that you can optimize your WordPress website for them. 


This technique is used by content creators and Search Engine Optimization experts. It helps you to discover words and phrases users search into a search engine to find content, product, and services.


You can then add those words and phrases to your website to improve your search traffic.


Many novices think that they have a precise picture of what their audience is searching for. Nevertheless, you don’t need to make any guesses when there are various powerful tools available in the online market, that can assist you to make data-driven judgments.


Correctly using keyword research as a part of your content process can help you accomplish the following:



Let’s take a glance at how to correctly do keyword research for your WordPress blog and grow your search traffic.


Long story short, keyword research is a process for WordPress helps you get ranked on a search engine, therefore exist online. As compensation, you get to understand your users better by learning theirs have in mind. Also, by noticing and observing what people search for, you can comprehend their requirements better and then modify your services based on that.


How to perform keyword research for WordPress


Creating a list of previously ranking keywords:


It is important to have a list of keywords our site ranks for. According to Google, our site is relevant for these search inquiries. Thus, it is now ranking for something very similar. The following are the instructions and tools that we use to create this list:


Search Console


In the event that you have arranged the search console for your site, go to the performance report accessible there. Use search type as web and select the greatest period or date term.


Audit My SEO - Keyword Research For WordPress [Actionable Tips]Use keyword research tools


To use the HTML technique to observe YouTube channel keywords relevant to your brand, you can likewise use free Google Chrome augmentations or keyword research tools to get an inside and out and speedy outcome. For example, rather than finding keywords manually, you can add free expansions like TubeBuddy, Tags for YouTube, or whatever other free instrument that will show every one of the tags connected to the video.


 By demonstrating your video tags around the generally well known tags, you can essentially stroll close by your competitors. Nonetheless, free keyword augmentations don’t give you careful subtleties on the search volume, the quantity of snaps, the position (ranking) of a specific keyword, competitor score, and the nations/areas using that keyword. To hit a bullseye, you may need to use paid keyword research tools that give you an itemized investigation of a keyword’s performance throughout a particular term of time.


 Upgrade Google video result keyword


Audit My SEO - Keyword Research For WordPress [Actionable Tips]To build your reach on two search motor stages simultaneously resembles walking away with that sweepstakes two times.


You can get your YouTube video to rank higher on both YouTube and Google via carrying out a straightforward Google search of a particular keyword relevant to your brand.


Assuming you see a video result included in the search results, you will know without a doubt that the keyword you need to use can gain traffic and rank higher on two stages at the same time.


These keywords are called video result keywords and are restricted to explicit words or expressions, which you can only find through a manual Google Search.


 YouTube ads


On the off chance that you have the monetary assets, you can use YouTube ads to advance your video content and reach out to people for a bigger scope. As ads fall into the paid category of showcasing, as a general rule, they ensure a decent viewership/reach. There are various sorts of YouTube ads in view of the length of the advertisement and the user’s freedom to skip or not skip the promotion. These include:


  • TrueView ads
  • Unskippable ads
  • Supported card ads
  • Bumper in-stream ads
  • Show ads
  • Overlay ads


Notwithstanding, before you select the kind of promotion, you ought to have a thought of the keywords you need to use. By using well known keywords, the possibilities of your promotion reaching more people increment.




Keyword research is the scarce difference between people observing you and you pursuing them.


It is a fundamental and ceaseless process expected to intensify your brand’s reach.


Besides, it is dynamic as YouTube algorithms and patterns continue to change with the times. In any case, it is the only expense productive method for promoting your reach and increment your revenue.

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