Audit My SEO - Is SEO Really Dead In 2022st

Is SEO Really Dead In 2022. Why SEO Isn’t Going To Fade Any Time Soon. Search engine optimization offers businesses the chance to appear in front of their ideal customers. Who doesn’t want that, right? But SEO provides more than that. These are the three main reasons why SEO is here to stay.


1. SEO Provides A High Return On Investment


Good SEO is Return on Investment-focused.


SEO offers one of the highest ROIs of any online marketing method available. And the results are long-lasting.


Think about it:


When someone searches in search engines like Google, they are actively looking for:


  • An answer to their question
  • A specific product or service


If your website ranks at the top of the search results, there are high chances to click on your site and buy from you.


Compare that to paid ads, where the traffic stops as soon as you stop paying. Search engine optimization is a compounding marketing strategy. When done well, you get more traction and better results over time.


This offers a much higher ROI for a more extended period.


2. SEO Is The Only Way To Get Targeted Traffic To Your site


Let’s face it!


Online business is getting competitive day by day. There is a lot of noise out there, and getting enough visibility online is getting tough. 


That’s where SEO arrives.


SEO puts your website in front of your targeting audience right when they are searching for your products or services. And it’s consistent.


You are visible on the search engine result pages 24 hours a day, seven days per week.


Your website appears whenever your target audience searches. This results in consistent, high-quality traffic, which boosts leads and sales.


3. SEO provides a competitive advantage


Audit My SEO - Is SEO Really Dead In 2022stSearch engine optimization provides a long-term competitive advantage that can’t easily be taken away. 


If your competitors spend more than you with paid ads, they will get all the visibility, and you miss out. That’s not happening with SEO.


Ranking on the first page of a search engine is hard. But once you’re there, it is equally challenging for your competitors to rank higher than you.


This means that you will continue to get:


  • Traffic
  • Sales


As a result of ranking.


More Focus Should Be On SEO Than Backlinks and Content


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.  If backlinks turn less important in the upcoming years, will there be any need for SEO? No, this is not the case. Read this guide for more information


It means you have to optimize your website differently to rank.


Steps like adding more content, new types of CTAs, and better metrics on your site are important. You need to check the bounce rate and optimize your website to find what Google wants to see. As long as there is a search engine, you have to optimize your website.


What Lies Ahead?


Audit My SEO - Is SEO Really Dead In 2022stSEO is evolving and becoming more and more difficult for sure. You can’t do keyword stuffing or blast your sites with millions of backlinks. These are the methods of the past. It doesn’t work anymore. So let’s get straight to the point. You need to stop obsessing over individual keyword rankings. The more you try to optimize your websites using individual key phrases, the more chances you have of facing Google penalties. So develop your skills, as the digital world is only going to grow. The reason behind this is that you might be over-optimizing your keywords and ending up doing keyword stuffing. Over-optimizing will lead to rank. 


No one is arguing the importance of traffic. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter from where you’re generating them- SEO, PPC, Facebook, or wherever else. Gaining more traffic should be your main goal in setting up a strategy. It is the traffic that ends up ensuring more orders, and more orders leads to conversion. Ranking doesn’t pay you more. 


Diversify Your Strategy


So check the list below and answer honestly whether you are attracting traffic from all these sources. Or are you trying to rank your site against those keywords in your rank tracker?


  1. Ranking your page not just in Google but Bing and Yahoo as well. 
  2. Put your images in Google Images to rank. It will drive you a lot of traffic and get you backlinks. Bloggers may use your photo and give you credit.
  3. Rank your videos on YouTube. Don’t just upload and embed it onto your website. Optimize the video properly and try to rank the video on Vimeo, YouTube, and Google search.  
  4. Use Hashtags on Social Media. 
  5. Retargeting on Facebook – set up a pixel to your website to retarget on Facebook. This helps massively. They are people on your site and are a red hot potential lead. 


Audit My SEO - Is SEO Really Dead In 2022stYou have to say your budget. If you don’t reveal your budget, that means you could stretch to using all the methods cited above. However, effective frequency certainly works. It is still evident from where people purchase. The brands may do the 3 prong assault in customary showcasing. This is where they accept until they have seen or found out about this deal multiple times, they won’t buy.


Consequently, the explanation they do on TV, radio, and boards is a combination. Why not adjust this on the web and attempt to ensure individuals see your image via web-based entertainment, web search, picture search, and places like this? It takes hard work and a ton of moving. However, this is the very thing that will develop your web-based realm.


But giving credit to the source for your images or embedding your videos, or linking to your amazing blog posts all offer diversity of IP in backlinks. This is the best way to get ranking. So start finding the various ways to get your traffic boner.


What is a Traffic Boner?


A traffic boner is a slang that marketers use when there is a sudden rise in traffic to your websites. The term traffic comes from the number of visitors coming to your website. The word boner stands for a sudden rise. So when you inspect your Google Analytics to check traffic levels and you witness a rise in traffic and growth, then the phenomenon is known as a Traffic Boner.


White Hat SEO Vs Black Hat SEO


White hat SEO is the future of online marketing. But you need to know how to adapt black hat or gray hat SEO into the mix. In 2022, can black hat techniques play a part in developing an online strategy? The short answer is yes. If used in the correct way. So let’s discuss how to use black hat techniques for your brand without facing any trouble from Google. We recommend following the below points:


  1. Use social bots that are automatic – If you have a following on your social media then you can easily do this with tools that follow and unfollow accounts that fall under your niche.
  2. In order to be social, buy cheap links – to do reputation management you have to rank all your social media profiles. These are high domain authority. So they can easily take a good link to improve their rankings for focus keywords and brand names.
  3. Solidify your links – Google has the patent to go two links deep only. So, you need to build the link build a bit more loosely to the links that link to yours.
  4. Use tools to outreach – There are multiple black hat SEO tools to scrape emails and sending emails automatically to reporters. Sponsored articles can ask for mentions on the topic. However, you should verify the metrics and negotiate for the best rates.


There are other tools like Follow Liker that build followers, likes, and shares on social media. You should leverage any traffic there is in niche relevant Facebook groups, QUORA questions, Tumblr feeds, answer sites, and subreddits. 


Audit My SEO - Is SEO Really Dead In 2022stThis will help future-proof your technique with driving traffic, which is what your ultimate objective should be. Quit zeroing in on SEO and consider the master plan for why you are doing this. Organizations pay for this to produce more deals and they need more deals by driving them more traffic. The more places you can get your clients’ image, the more possibilities are for drawing in rush hour gridlock and backlinks. So don’t quit calling your business an SEO Agency. Begin calling yourself:


  • Visibility Optimization
  • Traffic Source Optimization
  • Lead Generation Specialists
  • Growth Hacking Guru
  • Online Growth Networker
  • Or even #TrafficBoner Specialist


These are a higher priority than having a bias in positioning 10 keywords and stressing when the center calculation refreshes. We are assuming that you don’t joke around about building your business. So we propose you play the game. There is effectively sufficient work for all of us to benefit and I would very much want to be a cheerful tycoon with heaps of mates around me doing marvelous in business rather than a forlorn extremely rich person who works the entire hours god sends, doesn’t network or help other people.


Popular SEO Strategies That Are Dead Today


Here is a list of popular methods that no longer work in SEO today.


If you search for SEO strategies on the internet, you will find many fake gurus promoting these exact methods. 


1. Building A High Quantity Of Backlinks


Linking building is one of the vital parts of the SEO strategy. It’s far from dead. 


But building tons of low-quality backlinks is dead.


Here’s what I mean:


Google has been after sites that create low-quality backlinks to manipulate their algorithm for ages. They have done several updates to counteract this in the past.


In August 2021, Google launched a new link spam update. This update was a new approach for catching dodgy links built by low-quality link-building services.


You are at risk if you’re still building lots of low-quality backlinks to improve search rankings. The link spam update means Google actively tracks down websites that use this process. 


Does that mean link building is dead?


Not at all. Link building is still one of the best SEO techniques you can use to improve your search results dramatically.


2. Over Optimisation For Focus Keywords


Keywords research and optimizing your content for your target keywords are vital parts of SEO strategy.


I mean you can’t create an SEO campaign without keywords, right?


But gone are the days when you can compel your target keywords into your content as much as possible and watch your rankings rise. This notorious black hat technique will land you in hot water.


Over-optimization of a single keyword means keyword stuffing. It is a huge deal to Google.


And Google’s algorithm is very good at finding when people are knowingly stuffing their content full of keywords.


3. Creating A Lot Of Low-Value Content


Google loves unique and quality content that serves its users in the best way possible. If you create low-value content, don’t expect it to rank. 


Audit My SEO - Is SEO Really Dead In 2022stLow-value content is:


  • Keywords stuffing
  • Thin
  • Offers little value
  • Spammy & full of affiliate links
  • Doesn’t include images or videos


Years ago, you could employ many writers for $5 per article and just pump out tons of low-value content.


This technique is used to get you a lot of user visibility and organic traffic. But now, there is a lot of content online.


That means Google has lots of information to offer. What they are looking for is quality content that will help their users.

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