Audit My SEO - Is A Career In SEO Worth The Time And Effort

Is A Career In SEO Worth The Time And Effort. Now since the awareness of SEO has definitely increased and many businesses have started focusing on search engine performance, well, you need to understand whether it is really worth your time and money. Let us have a detailed analysis of it.


When we need to know about a particular thing, what do we do? We usually Google it. Search engines have become a part and parcel of our daily lives. Whenever we feel doubt about anything, we head on to the search engine. 


But What is SEO?


While we search for something on search engines, it runs through billions of online content and evaluates tons of factors to give the most desired answer for us to get the information we are seeking. Finding out and organizing all the available content on the internet is known as Crawling and Indexing. And systematizing the above according to the best matches of the searched query known as Ranking.


We all know that SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization; it is about gaining knowledge on; 


  • What people are searching online 
  • How many people are searching the same stuff
  • Questions they normally ask
  • The words they use to understand something
  • Answers they seek 
  • The type of content people seek


Knowing the questions people are asking is a convenient opportunity to give them the answers. It helps you connect to those searching for the solutions, products, or services you provide, giving you the medium so that you can reach out to them. Also, it aids in increasing website traffic, providing exposure to your brand through organic search results.


SEO allows you to know about your specified audience and deliver so that it gets recognized by search engine crawlers for a better ranking on search engines.  


A well-structured SEO Certification Program or SEO Training Program can provide you with all the required details you need to be aware of. There is an ample number of SEO programs available online, even though not every one of them provides SEO certification. One can be self-educated on SEO, there are millions of videos, tutorials, and blog posts available. 


How does a Search engine carry out its work?


You need to understand that a search engine has three primary functions. Those include:


Audit My SEO - Is A Career In SEO Worth The Time And Effort1. Crawling 


Crawling is a process in which search engines deliver their artificial intelligence/robots, also known as crawlers and spiders, to look on the internet for the latest content they find. Content can be in any format; it might be an image, webpage, video, PDF, social media page, etc. By going through this path of links, the crawler finds new content, and huge databases of URLs get discovered. 


2. Indexing


Search engines process systematizes and stores all the details and content that is found out through the crawling processes. When the website page is in the index, it would be presented as a result of the required query. It is a directory of all the content they have found during crawling and is presented in a well-organized format to show results for searchers.


There is a certainty that you can block search engine crawlers from accessing any part or all of your website, you also can command search engines to leave out their storage of specific pages in their index. This can be done with a motive or unintentionally if you want that your website content is to be found by crawlers and make sure that your content is reachable for them. 


Audit My SEO - Is A Career In SEO Worth The Time And Effort3. Ranking


When somebody carries out a search, search engines look over their index for the most significant content and then systematize it to provide the most appropriate solution so that the searcher’s query gets answered. The results displayed in order by most significant to least important is known as ranking on search engines. The higher the website rank, the more significant is the content of the site.


A process or formula by which stored data is regained and ordered according to importance is algorithms. These algorithms transcend from time to time to improve the quality of search results.


Search Engine Guidelines


Search engines desire businesses to achieve appropriate results as well. There are many search engines that include Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. But 90 percent of the users prefer using Google for approximately 5.4 billion searches every day, which makes it well known.. 


Search engine Google points out to the Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide as the initial guide for everyone because it is regarded to be a great aid in achieving your goals.  


Though the webmaster guidelines might be different for different search engines, the focus remains the same, that is, they do not try to deceive search engines and follow search engine guidelines to meet user motives. 


White Hat SEO versus Black Hat SEO


Audit My SEO - Is A Career In SEO Worth The Time And EffortWhite hat SEO helps to focus on techniques and strategies that are set as per the rules of search engine firms. Where the end-user is much more treasured.


 Black hat SEO refers to practicing techniques and strategies that attempt to deceive search engines and figure out ways that operate but do not lay in sync with the search engine guidelines. Even though it may operate, however, it puts the website at huge risk of being penalized. Previously there have been cases where penalizing websites have bankrupted their businesses. That is also another reason to be cautious and have some basic idea about SEO and the SEO professional you are recruiting.


Whether you need to recruit an expert or not depends on your willingness to learn, the characteristics} and complexity of your website. You do not need to possess SEO Certification in order to carry out some initial SEO yourself for your website. 


 An SEO expert, whether holding SEO certification or not, it is their duty to instigate clients away from adopting well-known -actics that would lead them to be apt in which their business would get stuck and sinks without a footprint. 


 You need to always remember that clients are recruiting a consultant’s expertise because they don’t share the same skills that you do. This makes a client not able to request the appropriate offer, and selling them whatever they urge is usually not in the client’s desired interest. 


If you desire to get the help of an expert, then there are innumerable firms available to provide SEO services. But, it is of much more importance to opt for a good firm or consultant. This will, in turn, save you time and money. Choosing an inappropriate team would cause more harm to your website than good.  Either way, it is essential to know the basics of SEO, because if you are a SEO specialist or hire some SEO specialist and if they apply the techniques wrongly, then it can create a whole mess for the Company.


From the above discussion, I hope it is by now clear to you whether making a career in SEO is worth the time and effort.


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