Audit My SEO - Infographic SEO In 2022. Does It Still Work?

Infographic SEO In 2022. Does It Still Work? You must have created an infographic and waited for weeks for authority sites to link back to your content. Isn’t it? Every marketer goes through this. If you’re in this scenario, you can do two things. 


First, wait patiently for an influencer to discover your work and add a contextual link to your article. (Which may never happen)




Take the initiative and promote your infographic proactively and get the backlinks that your infographic deserves. 


The best way to promote an infographic is through influencer marketing and blogger outreach. If you use top-notch influencer marketing tools such as BuzzSumo and an outreach tool like Mailshake, you can contact tons of like-minded bloggers and convince them to include your infographic in their articles. Barring blogger outreach, the next best option to promote your infographic and fetch contextual backlinks would be to leverage infographic submission sites. 


We’ve listed down the names where you can promote your infographic. 


Aside from the short description and submission process, we’ve also mentioned the DA of the websites so that you can prioritize your efforts accordingly. 


So without wasting too much time, here are the top infographic submission sites that you can use to promote your infographic. Before moving ahead, let us understand the benefits of infographics in SEO. 


Audit My SEO - Infographic SEO In 2022. Does It Still Work?They are an evergreen content format:


In a world where relevance is king, infographics are an excellent format to share your content. They can be shared months after being created and still get seen as relevant as before, depending on the subject of the infographic. Marketers usually get significant results because they are so easily shareable and linkable.


Give it a unique twist:


To design an impactful infographic, it is vital to make it engaging and attractive by giving it a unique touch. A unique design will surely grab the attention of your targeted audiences easily. Using something unexpected in a regular chart bar or graph bar or excitingly presenting the information will surely entice the interest of your audiences.


Never overwhelm your audience with irrelevant information:


One thing to always remember: don’t overwhelm the viewer with too much information at once. Your viewer will lose interest. Extensive use of design or colors in the background may make your information hard to understand. The use of an infographic is to make data easier to understand. People want to look at easy, short, and crisp content to understand the information in today’s busy world.  


Keep your message bold and innovative:


It is crucial to keep your key message bold and creative. For example, you can use various images or shapes in place of some words or letters to highlight the meaning of your message in the most innovative way.


Keep your text minimal:


A web page full of words can take away the interest of your audiences. Hence, make sure to keep your infographic straightforward with minimal use of words. However, it is essential to provide data that captures your audiences’ attention and gives them some interesting information.


Don’t forget to add sharing buttons:


To get your message to reach a large number of audiences, it is essential to offer sharing buttons that allow people to share the information with their friends. Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and email contact list are some sources through which you can get your message delivered across the globe. Also, keep in mind that the buttons you provide are easy to use and not too complex.


Audit My SEO - Infographic SEO In 2022. Does It Still Work?They can boost your website’s traffic:


As infographics are 20 times more likely to be read than an article or blog post, they are designed to make site visitors stay longer and consume more of your content. The fact is that content marketing with visual elements generates over 94% of views, and infographics are worthwhile to your website’s traffic. Indeed, it has been seen that publishers who feature infographics increase traffic 12% faster than the others.


They can be tracked easily:


Well, you know the importance of keywords for your SEO, and we have written a lot on the topic. 


Because infographics are images, it can seem tricky to insert keywords, but you can simply use the HTML format of infographics to do so! You can also combine embed codes to track their performance.


Infographics are sharable and linkable:


Via infographics, online digital marketers can get many results. An infographic retains its relevancy and can be shared efficiently several months after its initial publishing on a particular site.


Audit My SEO - Infographic SEO In 2022. Does It Still Work?Effective marketing tool:


Infographics have become a vital digital marketing tool for online companies and digital marketers. Even Google Trends has registered a constantly increasing interest of online users in infographics as an essential piece of information.


The main reason behind the growing popularity of infographics is that people these days are more curious about the content with visual content than a plain piece of information. Thus, online business owners and digital marketers can use infographics as a helpful marketing tool for reaching out to a vast number of targeted audiences


Some image and infographic submission sites:


Domain Authority: 50


Audit My SEO - Infographic SEO In 2022. Does It Still Work? is one of the top resources for information visualization and innovative infographics. This site offers you the latest infographics on various topics, from sports to climate, travel to innovation, and different niches.


Based on the subject, the infographics get classified into different categories. The latest charts, graphs, or infographics get shown at the top of each class. Until now, they have published over 6000 infographics. They have gotten north of 300 submissions consistently.


How to Submit: Free submission is there, yet it can take many weeks to get your infographic published. You can go for an express service valued at $25/submission, where your infographic gets published in 1-3 days.


Cost: Free; $25 for express distribution


Infographics Archive


Domain Authority: 53


Infographics Archive was started by a gathering of designers, programmers, and enthusiasts who have a profound passion for infographics.


How to Submit: This site doesn’t offer free submission. Standard submission is valued at $20. Standard listing gets published within 5 business days. If you have a plan for social advancement or need to highlight your infographic on the landing page, then you need to pay extra.


Cost: $20 for standard submission


Cool Infographics


Domain Authority: 59


This site highlights some of the best examples of information visualizations and infographics found in magazines, newspapers, and the web. The site leverages over 7000 visitors each day and 30000 site visits each month.


How to Submit: You want to fill a contact structure with a connection to your infographic to submit an infographic to the site. You’ll get a mail if your infographic gets endorsed. Cool infographics attract a ton of requests daily, so ensure you are different from the others.


Cost: Free


Infographics Showcase


Domain Authority: 50


This site collects the best infographics on the web with intriguing visual depictions.


How to Submit: It no longer allows free submissions. The standard submission charge is $25, and you can expect your infographic to be live on the site within 7 business days.


Cost: $25


Infographic Bee


Domain Authority: 25


It is obsessed with finding the best and most invigorating infographics to share with its crowd.


How to Submit: You can submit your infographics for free. Yet, it takes several days to get it endorsed. You can pay $9.95 to get it surveyed quickly.


Cost: Free, $9.95 for express survey


Infographic Journal


Domain Authority: 54


It is a document where you can see the best infographics across the board place.


How to Submit: Infographic Journal offers you three options for submission – basic, express, and featured. Basic submission is free, and your infographic gets evaluated by one of the editors. Your infographic goes live in 2-3 weeks. Express submission costs $25, and your infographic gets submitted on the same day. Featured submission costs $75, wherein your infographic appears in the scrolling “Featured” section for 7 days on the site’s homepage.


Cost: Free, $25 for express submission, $75 for featured submission


Domain Authority: 80 connects designers, journalists, animators, and developers with clients.


It is the most famous infographic submission site. You can submit your infographic for free.


How to Submit: You want to make a record and submit your infographic.


Cost: Free


Infographic Reviews


Domain Authority: 23


At Infographics Reviews, you can submit infographics and get a survey. The infographics are evaluated on a scale of 0 to 5.


How to Submit: You’ll receive an email if your infographic gets endorsed.


Cost: Free


Submit Infographics


Audit My SEO - How To Optimize Outdated Blog Post In SEODomain Authority: 45


This is one of the longest-running infographic submission sites on the web. This site is a stage for designers and companies to show their works.


How to Submit: You can submit your infographic by filling up a structure. $15 is charged for standard submission, and your infographic gets published in a month. There are other evaluating options accessible if you desire to post it sooner.


Cost: $15 for customary submission




Domain Authority: 92


Designers across the world use Behance to showcase their work. You can share infographics at Behance and procure a top-notch backlink.


How to Submit: Create a record, then, at that point, click on ‘Add Work’ and lastly transfer your infographic.


Cost: Free

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