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How to Increase Your Website’s Organic Search Traffic Quick and Fast In 2021 Do you want to increase your website search traffic in 2021? If the answer is yes, then you have come to the right place. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through 10 easy steps that´ll help you increase your website´s search traffic quickly. 


You already know that website traffic is the internet´s currency. The more traffic your website has, the more you´ll profit from it. By using these strategies, we´ve personally scaled the website’s organic traffic from 0-1500+ organic visitors in just 6 months. 


Cool, right?


So, if you want to take your website’s search traffic to a whole new level then keep reading this post.


What is website organic search traffic?


Website organic search traffic refers to the traffic you get directly from Google without paying a dime on Google ads.


This kind of traffic is the result of Google’s search engine optimization practice. 


When you make a Google search, you’ll come across two kinds of results.


First, paid results, and second, organic results which appear below paid rankings. When people click on organic results and land on your site such traffic is called organic search traffic.


Why is website organic search traffic important?


It´s clear organic search traffic is indeed the best source of traffic and I’ll tell you why. But before that: BrightEdge did a study and found that organic search traffic accounts were the highest source of traffic for a 53%. Doubling from other traffic sources like social media and paid ads. So, what makes organic search traffic the most important one?


Here are the main reasons to watch out for:


  • Free of charge.


The very first reason why organic traffic is important is that it gives traffic cost free. You don’t need to invest in getting organic traffic on your site, if you don’t outsource your SEO activities. 


Once you optimize your website the right way, no one can stop you from getting organic traffic.


Organic traffic also leads to better conversion, sales, and lead generation.


Our website is getting 1500+ organic visits every month which is a good conversion for me.


  • Long term.


Organic traffic helps you in the long run. Once you get your content ranked on Google, no one can outrank it until and unless by doing good SEO. Google knows the fact that you worked hard on ranking your content. And it will consider this and give you long-term rankings for sure. 


On the other hand, when you invest on Google ads, you are assured of appearing on top of Google. As long as you have a good budget. Once your budget is gone, you’ll see yourself dropping rankings as well as traffic.


  • Increases trust.


Another reason why organic traffic is important is because it helps you improve your site´s credibility, authenticity, and reliability.


When you optimize your content for search engines, your website is more likely to be on the result page´s top.


Most of the people trust the results that appear on top of Google.


So, chances are that you’ll gain people´s trust when they land on your site by clicking on your web page.


  • Automatic Traffic.


This is where the real importance of organic traffic comes into play. 


Image this. You ran an ad campaign 6 months ago and got tons of conversion via it. Would you still be getting the same result today without paying a penny to Google?


That is next to impossible, right?


On the other hand, if you rank content on the organic listings 6 months ago. Chances are that your content might still rank high on Google.


10 proven ways to increase the website organic search traffic in 2021?


You might have understood what organic traffic is and why it´s most important for you now. So, let dive deep into it and explore 10 proven ways to increase your website’s organic search traffic in 2021.


  • Target more long-tail keywords


There is no secret formula for increasing a website’s organic search traffic. But you can simply make this happen by targeting the long-tail keywords, especially if your site is new. 


Long-tail keywords are the low-hanging fruits that most webmasters and SEO experts ignore and regret later. These are the keywords that contain 4-5 words or even more.


So, if you want to increase your website search traffic, you need to find long-tail keywords and target them. Here are some examples:


  1. How to download YouTube video on a laptop
  2. How to download YouTube video on mobile
  3. How to download YouTube video on gallery
  4. How to download YouTube video on windows
  5. How to download YouTube videos on android.


As you can see from the examples above, these are keywords with more than 4 words in them. Such keywords have a decent amount of search traffic and are easy to rank as compared to short-tail keywords.


Apart from this, long-tail keywords are also highly converting in nature. 


Here are some tips regarding long-tail keywords.


  • Always find 4-5 long-tail keywords for your content. This will help you in getting 70% of the organic search traffic.
  • Use tools like long-tail pro, Ahrefs, Semrush, or ubersuggest for finding long-tail keywords. You can also use Google’s auto-suggestor, it works like a charm.
  • Make sure you target only those long-tail keywords that have decent search volume and are less competitive.


  • Create long content


The next thing in 10 proven ways to increase the organic traffic of your site is creating long-form content. Backlinko, a top-rated SEO blog analyzed 912 million blog posts and found that:


  • Long-form content gets 72% more backlinks compared to short content. 
  • Long content also outranks short content when it comes to social sharing.
  • The average length of content ranking on top of Google is 2000 words.


These facts show us that long-form content rocks. So, if you want to increase your organic search traffic or rank higher on Google, start creating longer content.


If you are wondering how to create long-form content, here we got some tips for you.


  1. Make sure to do proper research on the topic for which you want to create content. Your research should be in-depth. Backed by stats, facts, and amazing insights. 
  2. Don´t create long content just for the sake of increasing your word count. Make it in-depth and make it look natural and optimized for better readability.
  3. Make sure to use heading tags wisely so that you can use your primary and secondary keywords.


  • Perform regular site audits


I´m 100% sure that SEO site auditing is not on your top to-do list. Most SEO experts and webmasters feel that SEO site auditing is a too lengthy process. But this is not the case. You can also do standing in less than one hour as well.


First, let´s clear out what SEO site auditing is and why it is important?


A website auditing means to diagnose the overall health of your website. And improving its performance so your site can rank better on Google and get more organic traffic.


Site auditing is key because it´ll boost your site´s organic traffic and eventually give your more leads, conversions, and money.


Here are the most crucial points that you need to focus on while auditing your site:


  1. Always make sure that you solve all the errors on your site. Errors are highly toxic and can de-rank your website’s ranking.
  2. Check if your content is having issues like duplicate titles, headings, missing alt tags, content gaps, and so on. Fix any such mistakes if you find some.
  3. Make sure that your site is getting crawled and indexed by Google.
  4. Check your website speed using Gtmtrix and Google’s page speed insights.
  5. Have a close look at your website’s backlink profile. Remove all the toxic links from your site.


  • Build backlinks


The next in this list is to build backlinks. According to research done by Saparkto, link-building is the number one factor for getting your content ranked on Google.


The more high-quality links pointed to your site, the better will be your search engine rankings.  When you get better rankings on search engines, you’ll also get more organic traffic.


But when it comes to link-building, most webmasters, bloggers, and SEO experts struggle with it. And I agree with the fact that building high-quality backlinks is hard. But one can easily scale their link building efforts by following some techniques like:


  1. Guest posting on a high DA PA site.
  2. Article submission.
  3. Doing a blogger outreach program. 
  4. Link exchange with high authority websites.
  5. Creating social profiles and so on.


My personal favorite is article submission and guest posting as it gives the most amazing results. 


  • Write keyword-rich content


Keyword-rich content can also be called SEO-optimized content.


Audit My SEO -Featured SnippetsThe first step in creating SEO-optimized content is to analyze who your target audience is. And of course, find what kind of keywords or information they are looking for. This can be done by looking for keywords or topics that your ideal users browse on Google. Then, you need to start creating content for the keywords that you have found.


But, just using keywords throughout your content is not enough. You need to place them properly throughout your content for better ranking and organic traffic. 


Down below are spots where you can place your keywords:


  1. URLs.
  2. Titles and meta descriptions.
  3. Headline tags.
  4. Image alt tags.
  5. FAQ sections.
  6. Content of your site.


  • Raise your site´s speed


Audit My SEO -Featured SnippetsThe next secret tip to increase your organic search traffic, as well as ranking, is by improving your site speed. Without a good site speed, your content won’t rank on Google. And if it won’t rank, your website will have any organic traffic.


Apart from organic traffic, your sales and conversion will also go down, especially if you are into the e-commerce business. Recently, Amazon did a study and found that a one-second delay in website speed would cost the e-commerce giant $1.6 billion in sales.


So, if you don’t want to drop your conversion, then focus on your site speed.


Even Google has made it official that website speed is now a ranking single for mobile searches.


  • Enforce HTTPS


If your website is not safe, then Google will place a small penalty on your site. So, make sure that you have enforced the SSL certificate on your site. Because website security is also one of the ranking factors for Google.


  • Don´t forget about your readers


Writing content for the users as well as search engines is extremely important. Writing for the users will give you conversions, sales, social shares, and engagement. And writing for search engines will help you in increasing your rankings and search traffic.


You already might know which keywords to target, so create content for users first, then optimize it for the search engines. This will give you the maximum results.


We won’t recommend you to stuff keywords. Focus on including your keywords naturally throughout the content. If you have created a 2000 worlds blog post, then include your primary keywords 10 times and 15-20 LSI keywords.


Once you have created your content, start creating backlinks. This way you can increase the organic search traffic of your website in the most effective way. 




Increasing website search traffic is not an easy task at all. But if you follow this guide from top to bottom, then you can see the magic happening in 6 months. Just follow all the tips and tricks mentioned on this and take your website’s organic reach to the next level. 


Still, if you are struggling with increasing the organic traffic of your website, reach out to us, and we´ll gladly help you out. 

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