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Improve WordPress Website SEO In 2022. Do you want to increase your WordPress performance? struggling with slow-loading site speed can be frustrating for both you and your website user. It also beds for your search engine optimization and it can hurt your conversion rate, effects on ranking, and ultimately, your revenue. Yeah, it’s that critical.


Without proper search engine optimization, your site will get slower over time. Regardless, it does not have to be this way. You can actively improve the speed and performance of your WordPress website to make fast as possible.


Thankfully, we can fix it!


In this article, we will share the most useful WordPress optimization method to boost your WordPress performance and speed up your site.


What Slows Down Your WordPress Website?


Improve WordPress Website SEOYour website speed test report will likely have multiple suggestions for improvement. However, most of the suggestion is technical jargon which is hard to understand for beginners.


Finding out what slows down your site is the key to enhancing performance and making a smarter long-term decision. 


The main causes for a slow down WordPress website are:


  • Web Hosting– If your web hosting server is not correctly configured it can harm your site speed.


  • WordPress Configuration– Because of overload your server and your website are not serving cached pages, thus causing your website to be crash or slow entirely.


  • Page Size- Images aren’t optimized for the web, thus causing web low speed.


  • Bad Plugins– If you are installing poorly coded plugins, then it can extremely slow down your site. 


  • External scripts– External Scripts such as font loaders, ads, etc can also have an enormous effect on your website performance


How to improve WordPress Website SEO In 2022


Now that we have discussed why site loading speed is bad, let’s look at solutions. The solutions for improving your WordPress site performance.


Slow Hosting


If your using slow hosting is usually one of the biggest problems with WordPress performance. It is very tough to increase WordPress website speed with poor hosting. 


Your WordPress web hosting server plays a key role in the website’s performance. Good hosting providers like Bluehost or Siteground take the additional steps to optimize your website for performance.


You’re not using page caching


Improve WordPress Website SEOPage caching is one of the most essential factors for WordPress performance. It speeds up load times and decreases server processing by keeping the completed HTML of your web page in the cache and then providing it to visitors when required.


  • Your images are too big, Improve WordPress Website SEO.


By and large, images contain around 50% of the record size of a site page. So assuming you can track down ways of accelerating your site’s images, that can have a big effect with regards to WordPress performance.


There are two sections to picture advancement on WordPress:


Resizing – resize the elements of images in view of how you will utilize them.


Compression – pack images to additionally diminish the record size without evolving aspects.


To deal with the two sections on autopilot, and furthermore improve your images in alternate ways, you can utilize the free Optimole module.


  • Your visitors are too a long way from your host’s datacenter


Assuming your site targets visitors in various geographic areas, your WordPress performance may fluctuate between those areas (on the grounds that actual distance actually influences load times since we haven’t sorted out some way to beat the speed of light – yet!). It very well may be quick in areas that are near your hosting datacenter and slower for areas that are far away.


To fix that, you can utilize a content delivery organization (CDN), which stores your site’s static content on an organization of servers from one side of the planet to the other so visitors can download content from the server that’s closest to them.

  • You’re utilizing an old rendition of PHP


WordPress is written in PHP, so your hosting needs to introduce PHP to run your WordPress site.


Notwithstanding, there are various forms of PHP, and the more current variants of PHP are significantly more performance-enhanced than more seasoned adaptations.


You can change your PHP rendition through your hosting dashboard – inquire as to whether you can’t track down the setting. On the off chance that your host doesn’t uphold PHP 7.3+, you should change to another host.


  • Your WordPress theme is bloated, Improve WordPress Website SEO.


As your site’s establishment, your theme assumes a significant part in WordPress performance.


Assuming your theme is too bloated, your site will load slower than it needs to.


Fortunately, you can observe fast loading WordPress themes that actually take into consideration lots of customization.


Our Neve theme is a great option that works for essentially any sort of site and you can likewise check out our full assortment of the ten quickest WordPress themes in view of genuine test data.


Worked for WordPress performance: Neve on work area and versatile


  • You’re utilizing unoptimized plugins, Improve WordPress Website SEO.


There’s a typical WordPress legend that “utilizing more plugins” will dial back your site. This isn’t accurate.


Nonetheless, utilizing “slow-loading” plugins will totally dial back your site:


You could utilize 50 upgraded plugins and have a quick site.


You could utilize one awful module and tank your site’s load times.


A few decent general guidelines for plugins are to:


  • You load every one of your images/media immediately


Your site doesn’t have to load its images as a whole and media documents right to offer a decent client experience.


All things being equal, it just requirements to load the content that is noticeable to a client on the underlying page load. Assuming there’s a picture, video, or iframe that’s further down the page, you can postpone loading that content until a client starts scrolling down.


  • You’re not utilizing program caching, Improve WordPress Website SEO.


Program caching is one more kind of caching that assists with WordPress performance. With this strategy, you can store specific records on visitors’ neighbourhood PCs so visitors don’t have to re-download them for each site hit.


For instance, your site’s logo doesn’t change, so it doesn’t appear to be legit to have visitors download it again and again. Program caching allows you to keep away from that.




WordPress performance is significant for everything from client experience to SEO and change rate advancement.


By fixing every one of the normal issues that we’ve itemized above, you should see a sensational improvement in your site’s page load times. Go utilize one of these WordPress speed test tools and perceive how things have changed!

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