Audit My SEO - How To Write A Content That Ranks On Google

How To Write A Content That Ranks On Google. We all know that the only way to get traffic to a website is to write unique and quality content. If your blog’s not doing well on search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing, you are not going to get a good amount of traffic to your website. 


For that, you need to optimize your SEO content, which leads to increased traffic on your website.


Eventually, the best content builds a people’s trust easily. That trust surely leads to more social shares, more backlinks, and more conversion.


Why should entrepreneurs learn content writing?


Good Content writing work as a salesperson of your company and It is your best employee. Content writing helps you to build solidify the character and reliability of the brand, it gives value to a new customer, it brings a new audience who looking for new information on the Internet.


Business with a good content marketing strategy leads to successful online marketing efforts. 


Best writing tips that help to rank on Google


Always begins with keyword Research


Audit My SEO - How To Write A Content That Ranks On GoogleKeywords research is the method of finding keywords that will attract users and search engines(Google, Yahoo!, and Bing). It helps companies and businesses find search queries, phrases, and terms that their target consumer base associates most to. Proper keywords research increases website traffic and also improves ranks on search engine result pages.


Keywords research is a constant practice that companies and brands must choose if they want to help their online business take off and reach more clients. For this, they need to predict the words mostly searched by their targeting audience on search engines or the search box of a web browser. So there are plenty of keywords research tools available in the online world such tools as,


  • Google keywords planner
  • Soolve
  • Google Trends
  • Answer the Public
  • Ahrefs Keyword Explorer

Keyword stuffing is never okay


Audit My SEO - How To Write A Content That Ranks On GoogleKeywords help you to make valuable, readable, and search-friendly content. Keywords stuffing is when a brand tries to manipulate its positions in the search by combining relevant keywords. 


Types of keyword stuffing include:


  • Unnecessarily repeating words or phrases
  • Adding words that are not relevant to your context
  • Including blocks of the same keyword
  • Using keywords that are not appropriate to the topic of the page


Search engines like Google are clever these days. You don’t have to work on keywords that are grammatically wrong just because searchers use them. 


Powerful calls to action


Before beginning to write content you should ask yourself “What do you want readers to do with your content? If your answer is Just read it, I think you should think again.


Before starting writing a blog post, you should keep in mind your end goal through this blog post. You need to know what your call to action will be and also make it compelling enough that readers can’t help but click. That’s how you can align your content marketing goals.   


Mostly use a call to action in the content.


  • Download resources
  • subscribe to newsletter
  • get a demo
  • share content on social media
  • Make a purchase.

Avoid using Technical Language or jargon


Audit My SEO - How To Write A Content That Ranks On GoogleEvery reader is not from a technical background, As a content writer, you need to avoid using too many technical words or jargon. To make the content simple, you must assure to write simple words that can be easy to understand. Writing too much technical language can show to be a barrier in achieving this, and so is using industrial jargon.  


Always hyperlink to your sources, Ranks On Google


When you recommended another website’s content, make sure you link back to that website. It’s a good Online protocol, and you’d want the same accommodation. Always mention your references, even if you’re worried it will send your website traffic to another website and you can also choose the open hyperlink in another window option. Besides that citations creations also help you get backlinks.


Check for Search Intent


Users who search certain terms can be defined a search intent. You must analyze the search intent of the users to decide whether your content has the potential to become evergreen or not. 


If it is unsure what the search intent for a topic is, or if it is something that can develop over time, chances are the topic will not be evergreen.


For this, you can use tools like Google keyword planner to review the ranking history of the targeted keywords. 


Don’t Write for Broad Topics, Ranks On Google


If you prefer a broad topic, it will possibly be very long and have too much information added to it. This will enhance the chances of the readers losing interest.


Alternatively, try to be more precise while picking a topic to assure that the user gets the most out of reading it. For example, a simple and specific topic like “A beginner’s guide to Instagram Advertising” will have a bigger potential to become evergreen content than a broad topic like “All types of Advertising”.


Audit My SEO - How To Write A Content That Ranks On GoogleAlways Know and Understand the Audience You Address 


Each blogger needs to understand his target audience. The audience you’re writing for ought to be explicitly characterized and understood. By knowing what your customers think and do, by understanding their biggest issues and challenges, and by studying their longings and dreams, you can really at that time bring significance into their lives. 


Your content is intended to be useful. Therefore, you need to know your audience all around before attempting to distribute anything online! 


Be Relevant, Concise, and Easily Digestible, Ranks On Google 


For content to be highly efficient, it should be relevant, brief, and easy to digest. Any writer needs to understand the art of transforming complicated concepts, details, and information into straightforward words and sentences, such that anybody could understand. 


Besides, every time you’re writing a post, you want to consider whether it’s relevant to your target persona (create one if you haven’t yet). Don’t write pointless words except if you want to exhaust your readers and witness a high ricochet rate! 


Have a Clear Objective 


Audit My SEO - How To Write A Content That Ranks On GoogleEffective content can just be called effective once it conveys certain benefits. Your business and site’s objectives might be varied. Through astonishing content, you can: 



Contingent upon what you want to achieve, you should plan and write your content so that it will naturally lead the user toward your ideal destination. Never foster content without knowing its primary objective. 


Create and Perfect Your Unique Voice, Ranks On Google 


Each writer has a unique voice. When you become accustomed to the grammar and spelling issues and with the way you organize your sentences, you can finally start chipping away at your writer’s voice. At the point when we start writing, we always tend to duplicate other individuals. Furthermore, it’s good since it assists us with writing correctly. 


However, correct content is simple enough to attract momentous results. You’ll need more than that, and something you can initially focus on is your writer’s voice. This voice of yours will constantly be optimized throughout your writing journey, so don’t worry, as long as you stay consistent, you’ll characterize it better and better. 


Audit My SEO - SEO Content Writing TipsCraft Great Headlines 


Your headlines are just about as important as your content. Without the initial impact of an elegantly composed feature, your blog entries will seldom benefit from a lot of traffic. To further develop your marketing efforts CTRs and furthermore to decrease your marketing costs, you should focus on your titles. 


Think of it this way: in a sea of information, you really want to stand out and the best way to do that is with your feature. In case you see 10 white cows and one green cow on a field, you’ll likely note that green cow. It will end up being your fundamental focus of attention for some time. Making your titles interesting and informative is a fast way to get noticed and stand out.


Draw in with your Readers, Ranks On Google 


At the point when you write something, try not to be exhausting. As you read through this article, you can most likely notice that I’m talking directly to you, utilizing a lot of you, your, etc. Besides, I’m likewise interrupting my sentences occasionally. I’m underlining the important words at whatever point I want to underscore something or to capture your attention. 


The justification for this is basic: the more I draw in the more you’ll stay with me. To draw in with your readers means to address them like in the event that you were talking to a companion. Make it a conversation, not a report! 


Adjust Your Contents Message to Your Marketing and Sales Message 


Your content ought to have a similar message as your marketing and sales material. This concept is in a cozy relationship with your branding. Essentially, assuming you want to be a blog that is tough with its customers, you should be tough throughout the entirety of your content. Then again, assuming you have a blog that addresses individuals with clinical issues, for instance, your message must be milder and smoother. 


You don’t want individuals who visit your website in light of the fact that they’ve tapped on a relevant advertisement to be stunned by the contrasts between your promotion and your actual content.


Conclusion, Ranks On Google:


Creating SEO-friendly content is surely not an easy task, it definitely requires a lot of blood sweat, and tears to create content that ranks.


However, with this guide, you can sure craft content for your site that not only ranks on Google but also brings a lot of leads, traffic, and conversion to your site.


In case, you are still struggling to create such content, you can reach out to us via email and we will be ready to assist you on the same. 

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