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How To Use Google Trends To Improve Your SEO Game In 2022. Maybe you used Google Trends before and You might have basic knowledge about how it works. What you could be skipping, nevertheless, is some important actionable tips on how to actually utilize it to your website’s benefit. That’s why we are here to help you! In this article, you will read about How to use Google Trends to Improve your Search Engine Optimization.


Google Trends help you in many ways- Help you find a niche, you can do Keywords research, Also see what’s trending in your country, compare topics, learn about your audience, and get various new content ideas.


The website is totally free, so if you are just starting out, it’s something you should look into. 


Let’s dive in!


How To Use Google Trends To Improve Your SEO Game In 2022


We are breaking this article into sections based on your requirement. It might be easier for reading and understanding. At each point, we will show “how to use google trends effectively to achieve a particular goal”


Let’s see what can Google Trends do for you:


  1. Monitor search trends
  2. Find new keywords
  3. Research your niche
  4. See the latest popular searches
  5. Compare keywords
  6. Optimize for video and eCommerce
  7. Target local audiences
  8. Analyze competitors
  9. Plan your yearly calendar

Monitor search trends


Through Monitor search trends you will be aware of the popularity of a topic at a given time. You can plan your content based on the period or event that tends to notice a higher search result rate in the search engines.


To start keywords research, go to Google Trends and In the search box, search about your niche.  


For example, if you want to sell shoes, give it a search in Google Trends and check the chart. You will see that this term has good searches during summer, with a peak in March. You will also detect that it fails in popularity between October and December.


Audit My SEO -Google TrendsFind new keywords


The best way to get a content idea for your upcoming blog post is to start your search with seed keywords, select the country, time range, and scroll down to find out the last two blocks.


In the right column, you will find the “Related queries” block, you will get a recommendation that is connected to your seed term.


The Second block is “Related Topics”. You can use this block for better ideas or inspiration. 


Research your niche


Before choosing a niche for your site, make sure it is something that still gets value to your website. Trends come and go, so you want to understand for sure if it’s worth investing in an idea. 


In Google Trends, explore the niche you would like to embark on your website. Change the stats date in “Interest over time”. This way, you can have a summary of how it has grown or regressed over a long time.


For instance, if you search on Google Trends for current topics like “blogging” or “vlogging,” you will notice an overwhelming growth in the charts over the past few years. If you are searching for a “finance,” Topic you will see that this topic has been of interest all the time, without any special changes or spikes.


Audit My SEO -Google TrendsSee the most recent popular searches


In the event that you’re into composing time-delicate content, Google Trends ought to be your closest companion. How to utilize Google Trends to get the rundown of the most recent popular searches? Simply enter Google Trends, select the location or country whose trends you need to check (upper right corner), and look down.


Here, you will see the as of late trending searches and the yearly top searches in that country. Remember that these right now trending keywords are brief and they probably won’t be as popular one week from now or month.


In the event that you compose news or short articles to get a lift in rush hour gridlock, this feature in Google Trends is your go-to asset. Be that as it may, assuming you intend to compose content for individuals to return to later, you ought not to depend on the most recent trending searches. Watchword research on longer time edges will be considerably more significant for evergreen, long-structure content.


 Compare keywords


Use Google Trends’ correlation choice to see which relative keywords have the most searches and how they change over the long run.


For instance, there are terms that get a huge spike in popularity for a brief timeframe and afterward drop to not very many searches each month. Then again, there are terms that never hit spikes however remain consistent during a significant stretch of time.


Assuming that you need long-haul content, you would need to utilize the consistent inquiry term since it will be as yet pertinent for a specialty before very long.


This feature is cool since it’s more straightforward to notice the distinctions and observe the most powerful catchphrase when you have all the details introduced in a similar diagram.


Further, develop SEO for video and eCommerce


Assuming your business depends on video advertising or eCommerce (or both), Google Trends is a decent asset to understand how trends fluctuate.


At the point when you look for a term, change the channel from “Web Search” to “YouTube Search” or “Google Shopping.” The results you will get will just incorporate one of these two stages and not the overall Google internet searcher.


They are exceptionally useful in light of the fact that you can see what products or businesses are popular for eCommerce shops. Additionally, you can observe points that can make for fruitful videos based on what individuals search on YouTube.


For instance, assuming you look for “how to cook,” you will see that it has more week-by-week searches on YouTube than it has in Google search. Along these lines, to make content about this point, you should consider resorting to videos.


This is a cool feature on the grounds that, while afew keywords turn out extraordinary for blog articles, they probably won’t be so popular in a video organization, as well as the other way around. It assists you with adjusting your content based on the theme and channel.


Target local audiences


One more cool thing about Google Trends is the way that you can utilize it to learn about your audience. At the point when you look for a question, you will see the regions and urban areas where your content or products are the most popular.


You can utilize this data to advance your site for local SEO and target these particular regions through paid publicizing or custom content. You can customize your content showcasing to arrive at a greater amount of these targeted areas and increment change rates.


Audit My SEO -Google TrendsAnalyze your competitors


Sometimes individuals look for a particular brand they trust when they search for a product. The equivalent occurs assuming that they partake in a particular blogger’s content or vlogger’s videos.


Through Google Trends, you can see in “Related queries” in the event that any brands truly do appear in individuals’ searches.


Assuming I look for “coffee,” I get “Starbucks” as one of the top queries that are related to it. At the point when you see brands in the recommended queries, you get an allude to who your opposition is and can concentrate on their showcasing strategy.


You can likewise utilize the correlation feature in Google Trends and keep an eye on the number of searches your competitors have – either versus yourself or versus one another. These details will assist you with breaking down your market and spot the areas where you can further develop your branding strategy.


You can even compose content to compare your products with those of your opposition and present the advantages of your products to the clients.


Plan your yearly calendar


Assuming your specialty includes expounding on hotly debated issues that go back and forth for brief timeframes, appropriate editorial planning is the thing that you need. With this sort of point, it’s ideal to find amazing luck so your content, sales, or seasonal offers are live with perfect timing for the peak.


By learning how to utilize Google Trends, you will actually want to look into keywords and subjects ahead of time, check their peak searches throughout the long term, and timetable your content based on ends from that.


Audit My SEO -Google TrendsConclusion:


Google trends can surely take your SEO to the next level, provided that you use it wisely.


With this guide of ours, you can surely leverage Google Trends, a 360-degree SEO and digital marketing tool, and scale your SEO campaigns to the next level. 


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