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How to Rank in People Also Ask Boxes In 2022. The world of Search Engine Result Pages has also changed rapidly over the years. It has been more confusing than ever with elements like Features Snippets, People Also Ask, top stories, and more that have found a place on the search engine result page.  


People Also Ask Boxes have been becoming more widespread over the past years and its features are an interesting addition to the Search engine result page(SERP). So much so that it has attracted the attention of SEO professionals and other digital marketers.


While we have no control over the Google SERP Features, we can certainly use these elements to increase search visibility, traffic, and reach.


What is the ‘People Also Ask’ box?


People Also Ask box is the Google search engine result page(SERP) feature that answers a question associated to the search query.


In 2015, the ‘People Also Ask’ box was added by Google on the search engine result page. It’s a search tool that displays a collection of questions related to the original query. 


A PAA box, typically shows 4 sets of questions (Sometimes 3). Once you click on any question, it will drop the short answer with a clickable link to the webpage providing the detailed answer.


Each time you click on a question from the listing, new related questions will be added. Mostly PPA Box appears in 2 positions for the query.


Like featured snippets, PAA shows different formats of an answer to a related question. List, Paragraphs, tables seem to be the most common, but sometimes videos also show up.   


Audit My SEO - Rank in People

4 things to know about ‘People Also Ask’ boxes


Before we discuss how you should pursue PAA ranking, let’s cover a few important things to keep in mind.


Can you take advantage of People Also Ask Boxes to Improve Ranking?  


Although the People Also Ask concept was introduced way back in 2015, there’s rarely much information as to what People Also Ask has got to do with influencing people’s interaction with the Google search results page. Normally, less than 4% of people interact with the People Also Ask box, while this number heads to about 13.6% for certain queries. However, most PPA boxes have a maximum of 4 listings, the competition for real estate is very high on the search engine result page.


Where does the PAA Box appear in SERP? 


A People Also Ask box, in most cases, it’s right after the first organic result – over 60% of the time even though it’s a usual blue link or featured snippets. Over 75% of PPA’s appear within the first 3 results. However, the position of the PPA isn’t fixed, it can show up anywhere on the search engine result page. Sometimes it will show up after the first result of a search query, and sometimes it will be at the end of the first page of the search engine.


Audit My SEO - Rank in PeopleWays to rank in the PAA box?


There are multiple ways you can leverage PaaS by fusing them consistently into your SEO system.


With time and effort, you can transform your website into a sound wellspring of data on different topics identified with your industry and on explicit keywords. With the PAAs possessing a superb spot on the Google SERP land, you get an opportunity to show up on the first page of the page results.


In case you’re attempting to carry your website to the PAA box, these key tips will help you turn those associations into genuine clicks. 


  • Find good questions, Rank in People


Tracking down every one of the top keywords identified with a particular topic is almost unimaginable, and optimizing disputes is too. So, to accomplish this, you need to first discover pages with high-positioning keywords. We can discover famous questions identified with high-volume keywords. 


  • Audit My SEO - Rank in PeopleOptimize content, Rank in People


Since you have discovered well-known questions for designated keywords, you should begin optimizing your page content. Start by taking a gander at your webpage, check whether the response to the inquiry is accessible on your page. Add the solution – use recordings and images – to your webpage. In the event that your page doesn’t have the appropriate responses, you clearly won’t get an opportunity to show up on the PAA section. 


Quality and pertinence matter a great deal regarding positioning in PAAs. You should zero in on making organized substance with construction markup to have a superior shot at being picked for an answer included in the pieces or PAA.


  • Check rankings for the PAA box, Rank in People


You also have to check whether you’re eligible to show up in the PAA box. We have seen that Google populates the PAA box with a portion of the highest-level websites that show up on the SERP. 


In case you were searching for a ‘distinction between a flat and a loft,’ the PAA will have replies from sources that show up on the best ten outcomes for the question. Along these lines, on the off chance that you don’t rank high for the inquiry, the odds are your web page won’t show up on the PAA list is also high. That’s why you should to optimize your content for an alternate question. 


  • Audit My SEO - Rank in PeopleUnderstand query and intent, Rank in People


PAA is an intriguing feature on the Google results page. When you click on a question, more related questions will appear at once.


The more questions you click on, the more questions that box will give. Notwithstanding, the questions could stray or take you on an alternate digression from the underlying inquiry you searched for. How does Google do this? It appears as though Google relies vigorously on semantics to expect the client’s next questions and brings addresses that satisfy their necessities. It bodes well on the off chance that you center around the plan of the question and not exclusively on the keywords.


  • Use out PAA listings, Rank in People


Make sure that you make the most out of PAA listings. They work like


charm and will help you in increasing your keyword research process. You can take valuable insights from the PAA listings and jot that information and keywords into your content. This helps you better optimize your content PPA listings.


  • Audit My SEO - Rank in PeopleCreate FAQs, Rank in People


If you are looking for a quick way to increase your rankings on PAA listings, take advantage of the FAQs section.


It will surely help you in showing your content in the PAA box or FAQs section below your web page. If you are using WordPress, then use the Yoast SEO plugin.


If you are running a custom-made site, then use rich code snippets.


FAQs will also increase your CTRs and organic traffic on the site.




You can’t upgrade your content and make a proficient SEO system without having a simple strategy for removing PAA questions. 


Devices, such as Screaming Frog, help you with scratching the PAA postings dependent on designated keywords.


They will furnish you with the PAA questions and the URL for the related page for the designated keywords.

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