Audit My SEO - How To Optimize The Speed Of Your Website In 2022

How To Optimize The Speed Of Your Website In 2022. Page speed appears to be a crucial factor when it comes to the overall user experience of a site. The faster the site loading speed, the better the impression on the visitor. This is why a search engine like Google uses page speed as an important factor for ranking.


Page speed optimization is an important part of the on-page SEO strategy.


If you want to improve your WordPress or coding website, you are at the right article. There are several ways you can develop your website speed. Let’s start.


What is website speed?


Website speed is how fast your site responds when someone clicks on its URL. As per a search engine Google standard, website speed is a vital metric for quick access to the information, product & service by the users.


How to check your website’s speed?


You can check website speed by using various free online tools such as Google Pagespeed Insights, Test my Site by Think with Google, GTMetrix, WebPageTest, etc. Let’s see each tool in detail.


Google Pagespeed Insights(PSI)


Audit My SEO - How To Optimize The Speed Of Your Website In 2022Google Pagespeed Insights(PSI) is a free tool provided by Google, that analyzes the performance of your website on desktop and mobile devices. PSI provides specifications on how one can increase page load time. It also gives you actionable tips on how to improve your webpage speed. 


PSI provides-


  • A performance score defined by Google Lighthouse. Your website goal is to reach a score between 90-100, this is what Google considers a good site performance score. If your website score is 49 or below, you must take immediate action for improvement.  
  • Your web page’s data is based on a simulated load of a page with a set of requirements. If available, Pagespeed Insight reports Speed Index, Time to Interact, the largest Content, Total Blocking Time, First Content, and Cumulative Layout Shift. 

Test My Site: Think with Google


If you are searching for a tool specially designed to test mobile site speed, testing my site is the best option.


It has the choice to download the report to perform a detailed analysis. It is the most authentic tool to optimize a webpage’s speed and perform analysis. Simply enter the website URL in the search box, and press enter, your site performance report will be created in seconds.


GT Metrix


GT Metrix is one of the most secure tools to test and improve a site’s load time. It provides a comprehensive analysis of all the factors affecting its load time.


For example, You can see how your website loads on different devices, set up alerts, and get notifications when your website is not performing well, track your store performance, and more.


To test your website load speed with GTmetrix, add your website’s URL in the “Enter URL to Analyze” search bar> Click “Test your site.”


WebPage Test


It provides you a deep analysis of your website and how you can improve its performance. It carries suggestions on how to work on a network level, acknowledging user network capacity, locality as well as connectivity. 


Webpage Test also allows you to choose the location of the server from where you require testing your site’s performance. 


How to improve a website’s loading speed?


Now that we have embraced different tools to measure website speed, let us look at the most useful techniques on how to optimize it.


Optimize images


Photos and images play a vital role in improving and reducing your website speed, which is why you must make sure to upload an optimized image to your website. 


Compressing or optimizing an image usually means reducing its size without harming the quality.


It isn’t an easy task, but it’s possible with proper tools. In this case, using tools like photoshop or other tools may be time-consuming.


Audit My SEO - How To Optimize The Speed Of Your Website In 2022

Use CDN 


Content Delivery Network is an appropriate arrangement of network servers where different duplicates of the sites are put away at different geological locations. CDN conveys content solicitations to the clients from their closest server area; subsequently, server load time is decreased significantly. 


Remove unused CSS 


CSS is utilized to improve your site. As per, 35% of the CSS carried out on the site is unused. Recognizing unused CSS documents and getting ridf of them would be an incredible choice to improve site speed. This apparatus can be utilized to discover unused CSS documents and pack them. 


Minify JS and CSS documents 


JavaScript is an intelligent component for planning a site. The more the quantity of JavaScript documents, the higher is the number of HTTPS solicitations to the server. Minifying JS and CSS documents decrease clear spaces, manages undesirable remarks. It additionally helps in shortening the function name and classes. Utilizing minification techniques helps in lessening code byte size, and subsequently, less information should be downloaded, which thus reduces site load time. 


Use Prefetching techniques 


As the name recommends, in this strategy, assets are preloaded or delivered before client interest; subsequently, time to load the assets is saved. 


For example, At the point when a client clicks on a link and visits the site, some content and links are as of now preloaded. 


DNS – Prefetching 


In this method, the space name is settled ahead of time before the client plays out any action. For instance, spaces like Google examination, Google text styles, Google Maps, CDN, LinkedIn, Facebook, and so forth can be prefetched. 


Link Prefetching 


This method is utilized on a site where the client venture is steady. For, e.g., in an online business site, clients explore from the item page to the shopping basket page. 

Conclusion, How To Optimize The Speed Of Your Website In 2022 


Site speed improvement is an extremely challenging task. Accomplishing the ideal site speed is each business’ longing. As indicated by Google, a client expects that the page should load within 3 seconds.


To accomplish the assumption, we as SEO experts should ensure that an intensive examination is performed to recognize key action focuses; in any case, chances are there that we may lose natural traffic and revenue. 


Techniques mentioned in this article on the best way to improve site speed will assist you with accomplishing the wanted page speed, yet we really want to think about the turnaround time needed for the site designer to execute the proposals.

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