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How To Mix Customer Journey And SEO Together. Think about the last time you made an online purchase. Was it a pair of sports shoes? A plane ticket? An espresso machine?


Now, think regarding where in your buying method the company you purchased from made themselves digitally present. If you bought a pair of red shoes, possibly you found them by searching “best sports red shoes” or “sale on running shoes”. If a search engine like Google was the first place you visit and want to find a product and service you liked, then you’re a very specific buyer in today’s internet-driven world. 


The consumer journey has inevitably changed because of search engines and digital marketing. Buyers touch base with search engines at multiple points on their way down your sales funnel. This makes search engine optimization crucial to make your brand more visual, so you can be found where customers are searching for the products or services you offer.


If your SEO strategy doesn’t integrate with your customer journey strategy, your future customers won’t be able to find you, but SEO methods are usually keyword-focused and do not concentrate on the buyer. This is a mistake.


In this article, we look at how best you can integrate your SEO and customer journey strategies more effectively.


What is the Customer Journey?


Audit My SEO - Mix CustomerThe customer journey is the totality of experiences prospects go through as they strive for a product or service. It’s every exchange a future customer has with your brand, regardless of whether they become a customer or not.


Digital geography has made the customer journey nonlinear and complex. It typically has the following steps:


Awareness –> Consideration –> Conversion –> Post-conversion


At the awareness level, you introduce your product or brand to someone seeking a solution for their needs. Buyers then move to consideration or research, where they read reviews and consult with family members or friends and also check out competitors. Then comes conversion, In this stage, they trust you enough to make a purchase. The post-conversion stage is dependent on your CSM(customer service management).


The whole Customer journey has multiple points of exchange where you can deliver the details prospective customers need. What’s crucial is how you exercise your influence to push the prospect from one level to another.


Comprehending the customer journey can help you design effective marketing campaigns. When you know the path your customers take, you can comprehend their motivations, predict their needs and help them accomplish their goals.


How Does SEO Integrate with Customer Journey Strategy?


Web indexes are the primary spot your target buyers will go when they have a need. In an overview, 48% of in excess of 14,000 online customers said they start their buy journey on web crawlers.


Web crawlers assist customers with finding you, however tragically, they assist them with finding your competitors too. The person who dominates the competition in the hunt rankings will be the one with the better SEO technique.


Solid SEO can be your most remarkable asset, turning intrigued prospects into paying customers. The right technique will be planned while keeping the street the customer takes to push that pined for “purchase” button in mind. Your SEO should help the possibility as they drop down the deals channel, from the first revelation to post-buy.


Imagine you’re a business correspondence systems provider, and your most famous products are VoIP (voice over internet convention) and a multi-line telephone framework for an independent company. Your target customers are organizations with call focuses.


Audit My SEO - Mix CustomerYou need to decisively devise your keyword methodology and make backlinks to your content. With an effective SEO setup, you can likewise target prospects who are further down the marketing pipe.


With the correspondence systems provider example, you could make recordings or infographics that provide customers with more information about your product and how it will settle their problems. You want to coordinate SEO keywords with customer intent.


Your SEO-driven landing page ought to have keywords connected with VoIP for call focuses.


The content should let them know your business incentive and how VoIP could be down-changing for them.


Web crawlers have gotten more astute and need to address individuals’ inquiries with excellent content. Gone are the times of keyword stuffing and backlink strategies. Web crawlers are machines to respond to questions and they give a need to sites that have pertinent outcomes for client inquiries.


The following points in your customer journey could involve an online hunt. There could be more, yet these are the most widely recognized touchpoints:


  • Product research
  • Contender examination
  • Price checking
  • Delivery options
  • Customer service


We should talk about in detail how you can incorporate SEO into each of the four stages of the customer journey:




At the awareness stage, you’re marketing your image. As a component of your SaaS marketing plan (assuming we stay with the business correspondence systems provider example above), SEO can hugely affect prospective customers.


Prospects could have heard of you from a friend or social media. You ought to likewise attempt to show up in the list items when they Google VoIP or multi-line telephone systems.


Repurpose your content according to your keyword research so you show up at the highest point of targeted indexed lists. Get your site improved for web search tools and know what your prospects are searching for through effective keyword (and long-tail keyword) research. Be steady with your SEO endeavors to extend and further develop search rankings.




Audit My SEO - Mix CustomerAt this stage, customers are searching for explicit ways of fixing problems. Here your FAQs page is a significant tool. Your content necessities to respond to questions your customers could need to assemble trust.


Alongside a FAQs page, you can incorporate other persuasive content in the form of blogs and articles showing how your product is superior to competitors. This should be important for your more extensive SEO procedure.


For a possibility that is further down the channel and comparing your offerings with those of a contender, utilize applicable keywords that impartially explain why you’re better.


It’s shrewd to exploit the SEO on advanced platforms like indexes or listing destinations. On the off chance that your customers leave reviews on Google My Business and Yelp, these will rank profoundly in indexed lists and give prospects the social proof they need to trust you.


Google reviews sway SEO rankings and massively affect converting possible customers. You can push the possibility toward conversion by using recordings for tributes, contextual investigations, and product demos, and furthermore by ensuring your site’s UI and UX assist the customer with navigating it.


Online business personalization can likewise help your SEO methodology, ensuring you convey a customized insight and draw in customers by showing content in view of past activities, browsing conduct, buy history, and segment.




Your prospects have perceived their problem and presently they need assistance fixing it. They’re on the brink of making a choice, and you want to lead them to it.


Now, you need to get look through explicit to buy intent. For example, demonstrating your product is deliverable to a certain area or your service is accessible in a specific city. Keyword look-through connected with the price – for example “least price [insert your product/service]” are additionally normal and ought to be important for your content system if material to your product/service.


Providing the right content at the right time on your site pages can assist with educating the customer and affect buying choices. Utilize recordings and infographics to add the customer instruction cycle and sustain your leads to buy.




Your customer has made a buy, and presently you want to guarantee you retain their custom. Your content necessities to continue offering worth and assist them with getting the most out of your products and services as they search for follow-up help.


Your existing customers could look for you over and over, so have content for returning customers that is applicable to this phase. SEO can assist with keeping your customers steadfast in the long haul.


You want to demand reviews that will loop back and reinforce your SEO during the consideration phase. These are likewise significant for development and customer service.


Continuously answer reviews, particularly regrettable ones. Tributes on your social media and audit sites are one more form of content that can drive traffic.


How Do You Know Your Customer Journey SEO Strategy is working?


Audit My SEO - Mix CustomerSEO is an integral piece of any computerized marketing system, and there are numerous ways of monitoring the performance of your SEO tests. Mapping the customer journey and developing content and keywords around it will bring consistent outcomes for your business. You ought to screen and track your performance using the logical tools provided via web search tools.


The customer journey system assumes a big part in understanding your target market. Mapping this provides an image of how individuals are searching at each stage. This assists you with creating content that is targeted to the individual requirements of the customer depending on where they are in their journey. Such customized, targeted content can assist you with ranking all the more exceptionally on web index results pages.


Your whole group should be engaged and focused on creating solid SEO all through the customer journey. This won’t just assist your site with ranking better yet permit you to create content that resolves the inquiries and pain points of your crowd at various, meaningful touchpoints all through your deals pipe.


Looking for some counsel on how to further develop your SEO procedure? Then, at that point, reach out! Our Digital Strategies Group specialists will be eager to assist!


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