Audit My SEO - How To Increase Your Site’s DA WIthin 6 Months Or Less

How To Increase Your Site’s DA Within 6 Months Or Less. How to increase Domain Authority? There are many factors that Google uses to define the search engine ranking for a site. Domain authority is the measure of your site’s reliability as a thought leader on the internet. A website with a higher domain authority gets a higher rank on search engine result pages and contains good quality content that engages readers. 


Domain authority is a metric developed by a Search Engine Optimization software company MOZ, The higher your website domain authority is, the more likely you are to earn a higher search engine ranking on the result page and receive more quality and better web traffic.


Domain authority is also a good way to calculate your SEO strategy as well as analyze your website to your competition’s websites.


Domain Authority(DA) vs Page Authority(PA)


Before we go dig deeper into how domain authority is factored in and how you can improve your website domain authority, it’s vital to differentiate it from Page Authority(PA).


Page Authority also developed my SEO company MOZ, and it measures how well a specific page will rank on the search engine result page.


How to Check Website Domain Authority? 


It takes time to improve the domain authority of a website. Companies that enhance domain authority constantly monitor website health and continuously produce quality with long content.


According to MOZ employs a logarithmic to calculate domain authority, meaning that it gets difficult to increase website DA as you keep growing your website. For instance, it is impartially easy to reach the number of 20 in comparison to improving your domain authority from 50 to 80.


Therefore, organizations use comprehensive marketing strategies that go on for years at a time. This involves Articles, e-book, guest posting, blogging, and other lead magnets that attract visitors to your site and engage them with your quality content.


But before creating any plan or strategy for improving your Domain authority for your website, it is important to know your current website status. There are various useful tools today to check your domain authority. 


Steps to Check Your Domain Authority:


Audit My SEO - How To Increase Your Site’s DA WIthin 6 Months Or LessHere is the best method to check and improve your website domain authority.


  1. Go to the Domain Analysis page on MOZ.
  2. Enter your site URL link in the search box that appears on the MOZ website.
  3. Click on the Analyze domain button and wait for the result.


The result will be a comprehensive report consisting of your website’s domain authority, its spam score, the number of ranking keywords for your site, and a list of top pages on this site.


How Does MOZ Calculate Domain Authority?


Domain Authority is measured on a scale of 1 to 100 score. 1 being the worst or very low score and 100 being the best and very high score as per an algorithm designed by MOZ. 


MOZ uses a machine-learning guide to predict the “best score” algorithm that is the most familiar to the various link ranking data across thousands of actual search engine results.


The process of measuring the domain authority is logarithmic and uses machine learning, our website’s score will waver. 


So how exactly does MOZ define your Domain Authority score?


It uses more than 40 different factors, but the below are the most important factor,


Steps On How To Increase Your Domain Authority


There is no shortcut to increasing your website DA. To improve a website’s domain authority, we need a comprehensive SEO strategy that combines all the features of worldwide distribution, long and quality content, attracting referrals links, and a lot of patience. If your domain authority is in between 10-15, it will be easier to scale up domain authority up to 30 to 40. Nevertheless, once your domain authority reaches 40, every incremental score will be more complex than the previous ones. 


There are various ways to improve your site Domain Authority. Let’s discuss the different ways you can improve the DA of websites.


Audit My SEO - How To Increase Your Site’s DA WIthin 6 Months Or LessPick A Good Domain Name


Domain Name is the identity of your website, pick a domain name that is related to your website. It is the address where you host your website or online store and it is important to have an easy-to-remember address to your online store, it is also vital to have an easy-to-type address for your site. While choosing a domain name avoid using special characters such as &^%$#@&*


On-Site SEO Optimization


Search Engine Optimization matters both search engine ranking and domain authority, make sure that your website optimizes all on-page elements such as title tags, meta title, Image alt tag, and unique content. 


Audit My SEO - How To Increase Your Site’s DA WIthin 6 Months Or LessOn-site SEO is the practice of combining targeted keywords on different places on your site. These keywords are then crawled by google, yahoo!, and Bing search engines.


Here is a checklist of on-page SEO exercises:


  • Keyword Density: Keyword density needs to be between 0.5% to 1.5%
  • Heading Tags: Use heading tags wherever needed to let search engine crawlers know the breakup of your web pages.
  • Target Keywords: It is very important to choose proper targeting keywords. The right keywords with low competitions rate are easier to rank. And the wrong keyword will be wasting your time as well as effort.
  • Permalink structure: Permalinks structure should be short and sweet. Keep it to the point and avoid using prepositions, articles, etc.
  • Meta Description: Ensure that in the meta description add a focused keyword. 
  • Keyword Rich Titles: Assure that all your H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, and H6 tags include the keywords you require to target in those segments.

Keywords targeting


Of course, when it comes to increasing your site’s DA or domain authority, keywords targeting will help you a lot. In fact, this is the most basic factor that you should consider while creating content. By targeting the right keywords you will not only increase the ranking of your content but also the overall website traffic.


In our opinion, you should be targeting long-tail keywords as they are easy to rank and has a decent amount of traffic. Such type of keywords also has good conversion rate that will help you in increasing your sales, revenue and overall domain authority of the website.


You use keyword research tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush or Google keyword planner to help you with keywords research. 


Guest posting


Today, most SEO experts, bloggers or webmasters feel that guest posting is dead. If you think so, then you are totally wrong. Guest posting still works like a charm, provided that you leverage it wisely. By contributing your content to some high authority websites you can skyrocket the domain authority of your site in no time. 


While doing guest posting, make sure that you submit your content only to the relevant sites and get a do-follow link in return. You can also try submitting a guest post on our website and we might offer you good reach and links. 


Before submitting a guest post on any site, make sure that you go through the guidelines well. Don’t send content out from the blue. Do a bit of research and then hit the send button. 


Use some keywords modifiers while submitting the guest post.


Evergreen content


Audit My SEO - How To Increase Your Site’s DA WIthin 6 Months Or LessHands down, evergreen content works like a charm. Google brings tons of updates every year and each of the updates is directly or indirectly related to creating the best content on the web. If you could create such content, then it would be good. 


In case, you don’t know what is evergreen content then let us explain you a bit. Evergreen content is a type of content that stays relevant over a period of time or years. 


A great example of evergreen content is MOZ’s guide on SEO is still ranking on top of Google from more than 100 keywords. And the good part is that it has held its ranking for more than years. Also, it has attracted tons of links to it. 




Whether you agree with us or not, we have personally experienced this. Your blog posting or content scheduling frequently has a direct impact on the domain authority of your site.  Blog posting frequency will not only help in increasing the DA but also the overall website traffic, lead, links and so much more. 


Suppose, you are posting 2 blog posts a week then make sure that you keep on publishing 2 blog posts for lifelong. 


Long post creation


Let us give a 1 magic traffic that will surely shoot up your DA within a few days.


Yes, you heard it right, within a few days you can increase the DA by following this technique. Long-form content works like charm and some research has proven this fact. 


For example, long-form content will help you in getting maximum social shares, links, likes, the website traffic and so much more.


When Google comes to know that you are creating long-form on regular basis then it will surely reward your site by improving the ranking. And when your rankings improve your website’s DA will increase automatically. 


Incorporation of video content


Yes, video content is booming like hell. Today, most of the people are consuming video content more than a blog posts and textual content. So, by incorporating the video content on your site or blog content, you can strategically shoot up your website’s DA. 


However, don’t include a long video as your site might get slow and website size may increase. This might affect your rankings as Google doesn’t prefer the ranking slow website on top of the search engine result page.


So, make sure that you upload a relevant video that is small in length and adds value to the post. 


Audit My SEO - Inbound LinksFocus on technical SEO


Most webmasters don’t focus on technical SEO and they register later. We would suggest you not ignore technical SEO as it has a 20% impact on increasing the DA of your site. If the overall health of your site is up to the mark then no one can stop you from increasing the DA. 


So, make sure that you focus on technical SEO and do regular SEO audits of your site. In fact, every month you should conduct a technical SEO audit. Use tools like Google Search Console, SEMrush or Ahrefs for technical SEO auditing




Domain authority is surely is an important marketing metric because it can have direct as well as indirect impacts on your SEO strategy that propels your company forward. Just make sure that domain authority can somewhat give you success, it doesn’t guarantee it. 


Because of this, increasing your site’s domain authority should not be the only.


To increase the authority for your website, you just need to follow the surefire tips we talk about in this article. When you do, your DA will rise, and your content will start getting good rankings on the SERP.


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