Audit My SEO - How To Grow Website Traffic

How To Grow Website Traffic In 2022. Many online businesses are focusing all their efforts on getting higher conversion rates. 


Don’t get me wrong. That’s highly crucial for the success of your business. For the most part, conversions eventually translate to dollars. They motivate sales and contribute to your bottom line. But before people can convert for sales, they need to find your website first on search engines like Google.  Growing a website takes effort and time. It takes consistent sharing of quality content for months and months on end. Usually, it takes almost two years to get giant. 


This means that your website’s growth is slow and steady, just as the traffic coming to your site is slow and steady. While that strategy will work, it’s always good to get massive traffic every once in a while. Would you like to find out how to do that?


11 Top Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website


Search engine optimization is the practice of optimizing a site for search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and others. This article includes a combination of on-page, off-page, and indirect SEO.


Audit My SEO - How To Grow Website Traffic1. Take advantage of your email list


There are so many fresh content marketing strategies available today, and it can be tempting for brands to do without the traditional methods. 


But EM(Email Marketing) needs to be part of your advertising foundation. Over time, email marketing has resisted the test of time.


It’s still one of the profile marketing strategies to grow website traffic. Email is generally cheap, giving a high ROI per dollar spent.


EM is also highly versatile. There are lots of other ways for businesses to leverage their email subscribers.


Also, the email marketing tool makes it easy for you to analyze and track the efficiency of your email campaigns.


2. Increase your social media presence


In this day and age, your brand can’t afford to neglect social media.


Across the world, social media use has been growing at a rapid rate for the past years or so. 


Having a Facebook profile or company page isn’t enough anymore. You need to make sure your company’s presence on other social media platforms, such as 


  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Snapchat
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • TikTok
  • Reddit


Do more than just make a profile. Post content daily to connect with your audience.


Give your best to get more followers. Create posts that encourage engagement. Reply straight to your followers to entice communication.


3. Advertise


Paid search, social media advertising, and Google ads are excellent ways to attract visitors, build your brand, and get your site in front of people.


Adjust your paid strategies to fit your objectives – do you want more website traffic, or are you looking to increase conversions rates? 


Each Paid channel has its own pros and cons, so think carefully about your goals before reaching for your credit card.


 4. Mix It Up


There is no shortcut to content marketing success, despite what some would have you think. For this reason, the length and structure of your content make it as appealing as possible to different types of readers.


Audit My SEO - How To Grow Website Traffic5. Write Compelling Headlines


Headlines are one of the most critical parts of your content. Even the most comprehensive article will go unread without a compelling headline. 


Master the art of compelling writing.


For instance, the writers at Upworthy and BuzzFeed often write more than twenty different headlines before finally deciding on the one that will bring the most traffic, so think carefully about your headline. 


6. Pay Attention to On-Page SEO


Think search engine optimization is dead? Think again. Optimizing your website content for search engines is still a valuable and beneficial practice. 


Are you creating internal links to new content? Are you writing image alt text? What about meta title and description? Are you adding keywords in title tags? Optimizing for on-page SEO doesn’t have to take too much time, and it could help increase your organic traffic.


Audit My SEO - How To Grow Website Traffic7. Target Long-Tail Keywords



Short-tail keywords might be searched more frequently, but ranking for them is a pretty serious challenge. 


However, targeting long-tail keywords makes it possible for you to rank your website higher with users submitting queries appropriate to your products or services.



8. Start Guest Blogging


If you can take advantage of the opportunity to be a guest blogger on an appropriate website, it’s well worth it. Whether it’s an industry website, a community-related page, or something equivalent, emerging as a guest blogger can generate traffic and help boost your brand authority.


9. Invite Others to Guest Blog on Your Website


Guest blogging is a two-way road.


In addition to publishing content to other blogs, invite people in your niche to blog on your website.


They are likely to exchange and link to their guest post, which could bring new users to your website.


And make sure that you only publish high-quality, original content without spammy links.


10. Go After Referral Traffic


Rather than trying to convince other sites to link back to you (a tiresome and time-consuming process), make content that begs to be connected to.


11. Advertising with Google Maps


Google Ads also permits you to set your advertising choices to display your web page explicitly for Google Maps search results, targeting local users.


6 Simple SEO Tools for blogging and attracting more traffic


Audit My SEO - How To Grow Website TrafficNowadays, content creators are worried about the competition. They are looking for some SEO tools which will give them an edge over their competitors.  


But we need to understand what an SEO Tool is. SEO tools are that software that allows you to check the search engine optimization process. These tools accumulate information from your website and provide you with insights to improve it. When the SEO tools are used appropriately, higher rank in Yahoo, Google , Bing and other search engines are normally seen. Usually, a blogger requires an SEO tool for:


  •  Proper keyword research
  •  Content creation
  •  Interlinking along with the backlinking
  •  Site audits
  •  An appropriate tool that performs keyword tracking 


In addition to this, using SEO tools for promoting web pages proves to be more effective in the long run. With the help of SEO tools, you can understand your competitor’s SEO strategy, finish site audits, access keyword planner features, track and report SEO progress and use those backlink features.  


Now the most important thing a content creator can do for the blog is to change the wording so that it can incorporate what users are interested in reading and finding those online. But the matter of fact is that, so many internet users have alluring content they share on a regular basis, some of which are very much similar to the content that you share. Then, how do you keep up with them and bring traffic to your blog?


The advantage of SEO is that it has tools that narrow down to the specifics of your requirements, satisfying both your requirements and those of the users.


Again, the question comes up. How many words should a content creator use on a post? Do they need to use pictures in their posts? How to trace the appropriate keywords to use? These questions distract the content developers every now and then. They want to present to the world their capabilities but it would be a waste of time if the world you are targeting cannot trace your page. Optimizing your blogs has become a significant aspect now, so the search engines recommend your blog as an answer to the queries that users are very much concerned about.


Following is a list of the 6 SEO tools required in order to create more traffic to your blog:




The most astonishing thing that might happen to you as a content developer is to be accused of copying people’s content presenting it as if it is your own content. It is valuable for audiences when your content is authentic.


But sometimes content can be too similar so one can easily cite plagiarism for their work. For this reason, the Copyscape SEO tool examines content for you pointing out any duplicate work, leaving you at a much more appropriate place for making decisions.


This tool also allows you to safeguard your authenticated content from duplication without your consent. Personally, we would recommend online spell check tools which will allow you to improve your writing skill.

Keyword explorer


While creating content for your blog, it is important that you understand the requirements of your audience because you exist to provide them with solutions to their problems.


Having a good understanding of the keyword preferences they use is significant in drawing them to your blog is the way to go and this is the exact tool you require.


The keyword explorer analyses for you the topmost keywords as it cautions you on the standard of the words you opt for, putting in mind the location and manner of your audience. In order to understand this concept better, you need to learn more about which phrases your competitors are using that provide them with the traffic they have and make decent choices on your words too.


Audit My SEO - StartedPageSpeed insights


Convenience to the readers is the topmost priority for any blogger with an aim to reach a larger audience. As you check to provide value to your readers by increasing the readability of your content, understand the significance of this tool.


The PageSpeed insight tool keeps a track of how much time your pages or links to articles take to load, which informs you on how better to adjust it. The quicker your pages load, the easier it becomes for the people to read your content and then browse through your site for more which in an automated manner increases your page traffic.


Backlinks and link analysis


Wouldn’t it be really interesting to know how and where your readers hail from? Also, isn’t it more exciting when different sites link to your site?


Well, this SEO tool allows you to examine all the backlinks to your site, by crawling the search engines to keep a track of the links. It allows you to receive a deep insight into the most effective links. Many free, as well as paid links checkers, can be found online.


Audit My SEO - NegativeSERP rank checker


A decent way to remain ahead in the game and become an expert in the process is to remain cautious of how well your page is fairing in search engines when compared with others.


Normally, the SERP rank checker examines the top searched pages on search engines, not only to provide you with an idea of what people are looking for but also to help you with the performance of your pages and your site’s URL.




If you are complaining about why your competition is continuously out-ranking, then this could be an often-overlooked problem like anchor text.  After the Google update, anchor text has become a hot topic but it is also often overlooked.  The most suitable anchor text and the perfect mixture of anchor text allow you to beat out the competition.


Linkio provides you with the appropriate percentage and anchor text to use when you are performing a backlink campaign in such a way that you will beat your competitors in a very easier manner.




Is anxiousness, severe competition killing you? Before you take a step to set off and go physically knocking on people’s doors, there is a decent way to satisfy your curiosity.


The SimlarWeb SEO tool is one that provides you with the opportunity to compare the traffic between two sites, which is a unique tool for competitor research.


So much thought is given to creating quality value for customers and technology is the sole provider for all the content developers. The above tools are what your blog requires in order to become the top-visited site. A huge audience is waiting to find you. Go. Get them!


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