Audit My SEO - How To Get The Best Freelance SEO Work In 2022

How To Get The Best Freelance SEO Work In 2022. With the increasing popularity of digital marketing, the digital nomad lifestyle is also gaining lots of popularity these days. Now for many, there arises a question: how to get freelance SEO projects for the year 2022?  


In addition, by optimizing your online presence and using SEO job portals, you can find fresh SEO customers by sitting at your home or office.


Through the following guide, you can understand various ways of receiving SEO projects, 

1. Adding Your Portfolio on Freelance Websites


(i). The basic step to getting a new Client for SEO is to make a profile on sites like,,, etc.


(ii). These sites are helpful for starting new businesses and for the people who scan for new SEO freelancing projects. All you need to do is make a convincing profile that includes your skills and start bidding for SEO projects available on those freelance sites. You need to have a lot of patience because if you do not receive your desired project even after bidding for 25 projects, don’t get stressed. Without receiving positive feedback on freelance portals, it is very tough to receive SEO projects online. After you receive some projects and deliver them timely, the problem you face in getting fresh projects will disappear subsequently. 


Receiving big projects is not a matter of joining any freelance working platform. You will need to do a lot of hard work, find out a platform that is best suited for you, set up an alluring portfolio of your past work, and try to attempt those tests that feature your abilities. Below is the list of sites that you can approach to get some SEO projects online.




  1. Well known for receiving SEO freelance jobs. Without much stress, browse for domestic freelance SEO jobs in your location. 
  2. Known to be the best freelance site for providing work globally for digital marketing and creative professionals.
  3. Provides great opportunities for freelancers to work remotely or on-site. Helpful for finding contract-to-hire jobs.
  4. Helps you to find free online courses that offer training in practical skills for improving your skills. 

e. You only need to search with keywords and a location, or you may either browse all the latest freelance SEO jobs in your desired location.

The Creative Group


  1. Helps in finding freelance SEO projects. Apart from these, you can also get freelance jobs in marketing, art, copywriting, graphic design, and photography.
  2. Helps find some best freelance jobs here that are full-time or on a contract basis.

Audit My SEO - How To Get The Best Freelance SEO Work In 202299designs


  1. If you are a Digital Marketer who is an expert in designing, then this platform is for you.
  2. It is a well-suited place for freelance designers that gives you a chance to compete in design contests and receive feedback for improving your skills.
  3. Clients love choosing their desired ones which makes it an appropriate place for capable designers and SEOers to illustrate their abilities



  1. With loads of project categories, Project4hire allows you to trace out freelance jobs that are in sync with your abilities without looking over a large number of job posts
  2. Highly useful for advertisers, coders, designers, consultants, and more

Simply Hired


  1. Simply Hired platform is appropriate for everybody starting from sales representatives to designers, developers, and marketers
  2. Here, you get the facility to find work in over 24 countries and in 12 diversified languages. Simply Hired provides a blog where they offer hiring tips along with a company directory and location-based search.


Audit My SEO - How To Get The Best Freelance SEO Work In 2022LinkedIn Profinder


  1. LinkedIn is known to be one of the most renowned resources for all types of freelance jobs and other business requirements.
  2. With Profinder, LinkedIn has taken the initiative to enter the freelance world
  3. Profinder helps freelance professionals find their next job in the blink of an eye. 

2. Use Google AdWords/PPC


  1. Using Google AdWords/PPC is one of the recommended approaches to getting SEO projects online 
  2. Google AdWords is the appropriate way to provide your products and related services online for fresh advertisers
  3. Return On Investment on the SEO projects received through Google AdWords is well known, and every top advertiser nowadays rely on Google AdWords for finding out fresh customers and projects on the web

Audit My SEO - How To Get The Best Freelance SEO Work In 20223. Develop your online presence with the help of Search Engines


  1. Before providing SEO services to your customers, you need to make your site have a good rank on SERPs
  2. And for this reason, optimizing your site is necessary because that would create a positive impact on your customers
  3. If, for some reason, your site is not on top of search engine results, then you cannot assure others to buy your services to optimize their site ranking
  4. It is mandatory for SEO users to optimize their own site in a legitimate process that would allow you to hire some of the best SEO freelancing projects. For this reason, you need to optimize your site according to keywords that include “SEO Services in USA,” “SEO Services in New York”, etc.
  5. Experts suggest using long-tail keywords instead of short-tail keywords because long-tail keywords have lesser competition
  6. Creating backlinks along with forum Postings and participation in diversified SEO forums that include Digital point and Site point will help you in improving your online presence
  7. Using indigenous Classifieds like Craigslist, OLX, and Back page would be helpful 
  8. Content marketing using blogging, articles, press release, Video, Slides, and Images, would help you to have a decent online presence
  9. Writing SEO-related posts and performing SMO (Social Media Optimization) on diversified social channels such as Facebook, Quora, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and so on are the components of the self-optimization that aid in getting the most appropriate SEO projects

4. Sending Emails for SEO jobs available on the Job Portals


  1. Freelance SEO projects can be found on Job Portals such as, and
  2. After you analyze appropriate SEO jobs for yourself, you can send Emails with an introductory letter in the desired format
  3. You can elaborate on your current customers and your profile in your email. It is mandatory to keep a personalized message which is easy to follow. Following a conversational tone as per a client’s thought process would allow you to convince the job providers.
  4. You can create your list of clients by using Aweber, Google RSS Feed or you can find details from different sites, directories, classifieds, etc
  5. Using LinkedIn, News-Letter Sign Ups and calling indigenous firms, then cold calling or making personal visits are some other ways to receive freelance SEO projects


Now from the above, maybe you have got an idea that it is not easy to grab SEO projects on a flow. One needs to do a lot of hard work. Only then can they get their desired projects. Following these tips would help you to find your desired SEO projects. But again, you need to understand also that for the successful completion of projects, a freelancer SEO specialist should remain alert to the best SEO project management software. 


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