Audit My SEO - How to Do Wix Website SEO In 2022

How to Do Wix Website SEO In 2022. You must have heard about Wix if you’ve ever made a website, or if you are in search of a suitable website builder. 


It’s popular for its easy-to-use interface. It is also suitable for beginners. It has got good reviews for its flexibility, professionally designed templates, and support. 


However, the limitations of Wix SEO often draw criticism, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to enhance your site’s SEO. You just have to apply a few best practices.


This piece talks about the ten best SEO practices that can improve your Wix website rankings.


Here are the 10 Best Practices for Wix SEO


You must have done your research and found that Wix’s SEO gets a bad rep. However, that is not the case anymore. 


Wix has been successfully working to improve SEO. It also offers advice to website owners who prefer to work on the aspect of website promotion. 


1. Use Wix SEO Wiz


If you want to optimize your site, use the Wix SEO Wiz. It’s absolutely free and gives you permission to optimize your content. It has a step-by-step plan that talks about areas of improvement and also provides advice for enhancing SEO.


Additionally, it provides you:


  • Tutorials that are easy-to-follow
  • Tracking capabilities
  • Access to innumerable SEO articles


Go to “Marketing & SEO” to find Wix SEO Wiz and then visit “Get Found on Google” from your site’s dashboard.


2. Use Long-tail Keywords


You might know all about keywords and keyword research, but you shouldn’t overlook long-tail keywords.


Long-tail keywords are known as the more specific keywords partnered with low search volume that use longer phrases. For instance, “running shoe” is a head or short-tail keyword, while “best running shoes for narrow feet” is known as a long-tail keyword.


There are plenty of free tools available to find your long-tail keywords for your Wix SEO strategy that include Google’s Autocomplete, Ubersuggest, and


3. It should be Mobile-Friendly


A mobile-friendly (responsive) website can be accessed from any device, and this makes any website hassle-free to use irrespective of how a visitor is accessing a page. 


Responsiveness is essential as Google considers mobile-friendliness as a ranking feature, and because of the Smartphone revolution, more and more people are using mobile devices.


You can make your website responsive by:


  • Making a layout that works well for any size of screen and orientation
  • Applying responsive design techniques where it is possible
  • Optimizing the images for smaller screens by using tools such as Photoshop or Photopea
  • Creating content that acknowledges the constraints of smaller screens like text length, photos, and videos


Wix also provides you with the knowledge of how to make your website more responsive. 


4. Boost Your Local SEO


Local SEO is a part of online marketing that allows you to rank high in search engine results against keywords relevant to a physical location.


For instance, if you use local SEO for small businesses and physical storefronts like restaurants or beauty salons, then it would be beneficial.


Local SEO is divided into two categories: off-site and on-site.


On-site local SEO involves optimizing your website and the online part of your business to rank for local searches. 


Off-site local SEO involves building backlinks and getting reviews and mentions in blogs and directories that fall into the category of the industry that you belong to. 


The best part is that it’s not rocket science to enhance your site’s local SEO.Use geographic keywords in the title of your page and the content to improve your site’s ranking. You should mention the names of the cities, states, counties, and zip codes on your page all the time. This will help Google to find you.


Adding a map on the web page with pins on it is another way of improving your site’s ranking. This will help viewers to check locations more easily using Google Maps or an embedded map present on the web page.


5. Create a Sitemap


Sitemaps are essential for any website as they allow the user to understand what to expect when they visit. It also gives the webmaster a path to check how the visitors are interacting with their site.


In addition to it, a sitemap offers navigation for visitors. This is important considering how many visitors may visit your site every day.


Sitemaps are an integral part because of two reasons:


  1. Sitemaps allow you to visit your website’s structure at a glance.
  2. Sitemaps offer help to search engines to index your site more efficiently.


Also, it is a sitemap that helps you to understand where your visitors are going on your site, which gives you the idea of how to optimize content for them more effectively. Further, you have the option to identify any broken links that might be preventing your website visitors from finding what they require.


You shouldn’t worry about getting your Wix site map call for by Google.


After connecting your Wix account to Google, the account gets submitted to the search engine. Wix also provides a tutorial on how to do this manually.


6. Use Wix SEO Tools


The basic thing about Wix SEO is that it is more than just following a plan. It gives you plenty of other tools to better your rankings, which include: 


  • Analytics, which ensures you’re on the right path
  • A blog with high-quality content and look-wise professional, and also gains organic traffic. 
  • A rock-solid infrastructure to help organic search
  • Customizations of meta tags, slugs, and structured data

7. Make an Account On Google Search Console and Analytics


Audit My SEO - How to Do Wix Website SEO In 2022Google Search Console is a free-to-use service providing insights about the performance of your website in Google search results.


Google Search Console allows you to monitor a wide range of things. They are:


  • Which keywords that users are using to discover your site
  • What loopholes or concerns Google has detected
  • The number of times people have clicked on the links present on your website that take you to pages on other sites
  • Providing ideas and insights about how users behave with your content
  • Sharing data about where people are coming from and going to when they check your website


Follow the below steps to add your site to Google’s Search console:


  • Go to the Search Console and log in.
  • Select “Add a new property.”
  • Open the drop-down list.
  • Select your desired property.
  • Verify your website.

8. Optimize Your WIX SEO Across The Site


Look beyond keywords if you want to further optimize your Wix site. 


You have the options to work on many other areas that include:


  • Managing the navigation menu
  • Using SEO-friendly URLs
  • Optimization of content by selecting relevant topics that will encourage readers to read
  • Optimization of design by ensuring that it is consistent with your product


Furthermore, you have the option to optimize your website images in order to make them load faster. Finally, you can use a text editor to get simple HTML code and few undesired tags.


9. Regular Posting of Content For WIX SEO


Audit My SEO - How to Do Wix Website SEO In 2022In order to generate traffic, you should post quality content on your blog.


You can use the blogs to build backlinks which will also enable you to rank higher in the search engines.


However, regular posting of quality content on your blog isn’t just about generating traffic or backlinks. It helps you to build your search results for readers who discover your website via Google Search.


Creating a content calendar is important, as it will help you streamline production and keep content fresh and relevant.


10. Add Links


Audit My SEO - How to Do Wix Website SEO In 2022Google gives importance to both internal and external links as they provide context and meaning. Hence, it is important to improve the quality of search results for the users who get to know about your site through a Google Search.


Internal links are those links that pinpoint to pages on the same website. External links are those links that pinpoint to different websites, and they’re also important like internal links.  


Lastly, you have the option to add a line of code within the webpage’s HTML tag, which lies at the top of the web page code. It helps them to have an internal link that comes directly from their home page.


On the other hand, external links are a great way to add value to your site.


You have got various sources to get external links, such as:


  • Guest blogging
  • Content syndication
  • Networking events
  • Press releases
  • Email outreach program for influencers within your industry



Wix is a complete website builder and hosting service.


It’s a user-friendly and convenient platform that will help you to build and host your website easily.


Wix also offers SEO guidelines to ensure your website ranks well on search engines. 

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