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How to do SEO Auditing With SEMrush in 2022 and Beyond. What is SEMrush? SEMrush specializes in online visibility management tools. Its company mission is to make online marketing tools comfortable to use. The platform provides powerful SEO features for online marketing professionals through an easy-to-use interface. Key features include:


  • Analytics Reports
  • Advertising Research
  • Keyword Research
  • Backlinks Research
  • Market Explorer
  • Traffic Analytics

SEMrush Pricing Plans


Audit My SEO - SEMrush - Important dataIf you want to rank on search engines in your niche and find out what your competitors are up to, you have to be willing to invest a decent amount of money in good, reliable SEO tools. 


There are no other ways to do it.


SEMrush offers three monthly pricing plans:


  • Pro- $119.95/mo (Ideal for marketing newbies and small in-house teams.)
  • Guru- $22.95/mo (Ideal for Small business owners and marketing consultants.)
  • Business- $449.95/mo (Ideal for large agencies and marketing teams in big organizations)


If you are running more than two sites, I highly recommend signing up for the SEMrush pro plan. If you handle agencies and deal with many clients, then the SEMrush Guru plan might be perfect.


Top SEMrush Features 


SEMrush is a completed marketing toolkit for SEO professionals. Its key features are:


1. Analyze Your Website-


Audit My SEO - SEMrush - Important dataSEMrush helps you gather all the crucial details about your website.


Before starting any competitive analysis, ways crucial to see how your website performs.


Here are the three most important ways to analyze your website:


  • Organic Search Positions
  • Top Organic Keywords
  • A Total Number of Backlinks


Furthermore, its domain overview report will give you a basic view of how your website and Your competitor’s websites perform.


How can you search domain overview? Type your domain name in the search bar in SEMrush, select Domain Overview from the dropdown menu, and then click on the “search” button.


After hitting the “Search” button, you will get an overview report of your website. In that report, you will find a source of your website traffic (organic search or paid search), backlinks, organic keywords, yielded keywords, etc.


Identifying Your Organic Competitors-


Identifying your organic competitors is not a solution. The aim is to understand what your competitors are doing and how to do better than them.


To find your organic competitors, You  have to follow these simple steps:


First- Enter your domain name in the SEMrush search bar. 

Second- Click “Organic Research” from the dropdown menu.

Third- Hit the “Search” button.

In that organic research report, visit the “Competitors” tab.


Keyword Research-


SEMrush allows you to conduct keyword research, helping you to build SEO and PPC campaigns. It offers an over 20 billion keywords database on the market. 


There are three primary keyword research tools in SEMrush, each with its use.


  • Keywords Overview – Keywords overview discovers the organic and advertising value of keywords. Besides, you will get your targeting keywords’ search volume, keywords difficulty, CPC, and other vital keywords metrics.
  • Keywords Magic Tool – Keywords Magic Tool generates many unique keyword ideas based on seed keywords.
  • Topic Research Tool – Topic Research Tool generates a long list of new topics for your next article or blog post.


To start the keyword research process in SEMrush, write your seed keywords in the search bar.


Complete Site Auditing


Audit My SEO - SEMrush - Important dataThe webpage audit functionality in SEMrush helps you to do a diagnostic check of your site to recognize and fix the most alarming on-page SEO and specialized SEO issues with your website. 


To conduct a site audit via SEMrush, click “Add New Project,” enter the details, and select “Arrangement Site Audit.” Select the number of pages you would like the SEMrush bot to crawl, skirt any remaining steps for the present, and snap on “Start Site Audit.”


Starting the site audit might require a couple of moments, contingent upon the number of pages you select.


Once the audit is complete, Semrush will show a report with your site’s general SEO health rate and feature errors and alerts that might harm your SEO.


On-Page SEO Checker


On-Page SEO Checker is a profoundly misjudged SEMrush device that pinpoints your site’s specific shortcomings and gives you actionable recommendations.


With On-Page SEO Checker, you can immediately verify whether your content follows all the on-page and off-page SEO components, similar to your content’s significance and quality, backlinks’ reliability and title, URLs, credibility, etc.


To get to the apparatus, explore: 


SEO > On-Page and Tech SEO > On-Page SEO Checker 


Select any of your dynamic activities on this page and configure your space. Add the pages and catchphrases you prefer to improve, and hit “Gather Ideas.”


Every page is analyzed, and you will receive recommendations on the best way to streamline them. If you want suggestions on your site’s client experience signals, connect your Google account with SEMrush. Google will allow Semrush to investigate your Google Analytics information and give you a complete image of your site’s UX to assist you with discovering any loopholes that you need to fix to develop your hunt perception further. 


PPC Checking


Audit My SEO - SEMrush - Important dataI would not do SEMrush justice if I did not mention its excellent PPC instruments.


Monitoring your rivals’ PPC ads is fundamental to staying ahead of your competition.


With SEMrush, you can keep a tab on the watchwords your rivals’ are focusing on, their rankings in SERPs, and even have a sneak look at their advertisement copies.


This way, you can clean your PPC promotion copies and advance your landing pages for maximum effect.


Ease of Use


Audit My SEO - SEMrush - MEN WORKINGSEMrush is not challenging to use with a perfect UI. However, getting used to the interface might take some effort, particularly in case you are relocating from instruments like MOZ or SpyFu. Besides, it has many features that may be somewhat overpowering now and again.


There is no reason to stress, as SEMrush has a wealth of assets you can delve into to get a bit-by-bit manual for mastering the instrument.


You can tune into their webinars (both past and forthcoming) to keep yourself refreshed with every one of the new features and functionalities. 


Audit My SEO - SEMrush - Important dataCustomer Support, SEMrush


Customer support can represent the deciding moment in an organization’s reputation. Moreover, it is one of the main factors associated with an organization’s success. 


Customer support is particularly evident on administrative accounts, for example, where there are bound to be questions and queries from an exceptionally dynamic SEO community. 


SEMrush offers help mainly through its thorough knowledge base and email. They additionally coordinate webinars consistently where they divulge new features and give some actionable tips to work on your SEO and PPC.


Audit My SEO - SEMrushConclusion: SEMrush is Powerful


SEMrush is undoubtedly one of the best SEO tools in the market. From on-page auditing to technical SEO, this tool has your back regarding any SEO-related task.


That is the reason why it’s being used by millions of bloggers out there in the market.


We hope this blog has provided you with everything you need to know about SEO audits. Furthermore, if you want to learn more about SEO audits and how to do them with SEMrush, consider following our newsletter for more updated information.

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