Audit My SEO - How to do an SEO Audit with Ahref

How to do an SEO Audit with Ahref. What is Ahrefs? Ahrefs is the tool that provides users with the world’s most extensive index of live backlinks. The device is straightforward to use for all sizes of businesses and individuals. It has a reliable and solid backlink checker tool that provides detailed backlink profiles for any website or URL.


Ahrefs backlink application gives users a prominent image of any URL or website background. It lets users see how strong backlinks are, what websites link to a particular URL, their anchors, etc.

Who is the Demographic for Ahrefs? 


Ahrefs is for SEO professionals & agencies, and website owners of small to large sites. Although its origin is a backlinks index, today, it covers all SEO essential functionalities such as site crawl, rank tracking, backlinks, Keyword Explorer, Batch Analysis, Domain Comparison, SEO Toolbar, Link Intersect, and content analysis.

Ahrefs’ Features


Audit My SEO - How to do an SEO Audit with AhrefAhrefs is the best backlink checker platform in the industry. With the Ahrefs site explorer, you can check any page or site for comprehensive backlink analysis and estimate the number of keywords, the website ranking on search engines, traffic generation, and traffic value.


The Site Audit tool is the process of improving traffic through search engines. It will crawl your site and provide a health score for it. It lists and suggests where you can improve your technical SEO and other issues. 


With the Rank Tracker, You can monitor your website performance for particular keywords in search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. It also helps you discover new keywords or expand your existing range. Additionally, you can use keywords explorer for new keyword ideas and suggestions.




Audit My SEO - How to do an SEO Audit with AhrefThe Ahrefs dashboard shows the most vital metrics of your website in the form of a graphical overview.


Furthermore, the dashboard provides:


  • Health Score
  • Domain Rating
  • Referral to Domains & Backlinks
  • Organic Traffic & Keywords


You can also track an unlimited number of verified projects. 

Site Explorer, Ahref 


With the help of Site Explorer, you can view and analyze how your competitors perform in organic and paid searches and learn what strategy they use.


Ahrefs is the combination of three tools in one interface:


  • Organic Traffic Research– You can find what keywords your competitors are ranking.
  • Backlink Checker– Here, you will get to know which websites link to your competitors’ sites.
  • Paid Traffic Research– You can learn whether your competitors are doing paid search advertising. 

Keywords Explorer


Audit My SEO - How to do an SEO Audit with AhrefAhrefs keywords tool will help you discover thousands of keywords ideas and analyze their ranking difficulty and traffic potential. 


You will get a thousand keyword ideas with accurate search volume numbers. Enter more than 10000 keywords in one go, and you will find the search volume for them. 


Once you enter these keywords, Ahrefs’ Keywords tool will take the ten most popular keywords and generate 1000 related keywords ideas in six different ways:


  • Phrase Match- Phrase match contains your targeting keywords.
  • Search Volume- The volume of searches in the market.
  • Having the Same Terms- Ideas that contain your targeting keywords.
  • Newly Discovered- Search queries that got added to Ahrefs database.
  • Questions- Phrased as a question.
  • CPC- Pay by an advertiser to appear for the keywords via paid search

Site Auditing, Ahref


Ahrefs website audit is not hard to use.


You can easily use the site crawler quickly and weekly. Say yes, and Ahrefs will start creeping your site. It will outline a Health Score, a status of the creep attributes, and a breakdown of errors, warnings, and notes.


The instrument does not resolve the more philosophical question of whether a missing depiction meta tag should be viewed as an error when search engines rarely use them. However, it works hard when creeping a site and rendering insights on what it found clearly, allowing the itemized data you need to resolve the particular issues.

Rank Tracking


With the Rank Tracker, you set keywords and nations you need to look at rankings.


Ahrefs shows you all the keywords you currently rank for, just as ideas for associated keywords.


The watchword remittance is very sensible, even in the Lite plan. 


The Rank Tracker gives itemized data to every watchword you went into the tracking arrangement and summarizes the data for all your projects using the following metrics: 

Audit My SEO - How to do an SEO Audit with AhrefContent Checking, Ahref


The Ahrefs Content Explorer allows you to search for influential pages and creators.


Its beginning stage is a search engine inquiry, and it brings about clusters by gathering pages and ranking creators who have distributed these pages.


A switch recognizes broken links, and page interface builders might discover backlink openings.



Ease of Use


Ahrefs is a dream to use. Activities are prompt and straightforward. There is an explanation of how to use each feature on the screen as it shows up and suggestions for further development. At the point when research is in progress, the interface will refresh.


Pricing Plans, Ahref


Ahrefs price plans are divided into three categories for different business needs and wants. An entry-level Lite plan at $99/month allows you to screen SEO for up to 5 sites, turn upward, and research more. The Standard plan at $179/month doubles the number of sites and multiples different stipends, making it a solid match for an independent SEO chipping away at other commitments.


The Advanced plan at $399/month allows three clients and is reasonable for a little agency. The Agency plan gives five seats and liberal remittances for all tool features. 


Support: How Can We Help You?


You will discover help on each page, with periodic popups welcoming you to investigate a topic or view a tutorial. The tutorials are on-topic and fascinating, welcoming you to examine portions of the tool you might not have yet discovered. The FAQ is organized around what individuals are looking for and offers precise, point-by-point responses.


The only time when Ahrefs support seems restricted is the point at which you have a query you did not discover an answer to, to acknowledge there is no alternative to get individualized assistance through form submission. When we clicked on Contact Us, they did not respond, leaving us with no immediate assistance choices.


Going to online media, we arrived at Ahrefs through Twitter and got what resembled a mechanized reaction. Repeating a particular inquiry, we broke through to what resembled a human response to our investigation. 


Ahrefs is giving its best shot to streamline the client experience. They trust this will dispose of clients making support questions, so they do not provide as much customized support.


Audit My SEO - How to do an SEO Audit with AhrefConclusion:Ahrefs is Useful


Of course, Ahrefs is one of the most advanced SEO tools in the market. We have personally been using it for over a year, and we are satisfied with the quality of the results it has been giving us.


Ahrefs is an ideal tool for bloggers, SEO geeks, web admins, agencies, and companies looking forward to skyrocketing their websites on the organic search rankings of Google and other search engines


We hope this blog has provided you with everything you need to know about SEO audits. Furthermore, if you want to learn more about SEO audits and how to do them with Ahrefs, consider following our newsletter for more updated information.


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