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How To Create The Ultimate SEO Reports For Your Clients. If we talk about SEO, you must understand that effective SEO takes a good amount of time, proper dedication, and much patience. So, while sharing results with your clients, you need reports that are brief, quick to present, and easy to understand. To keep track of your SEO performance, you need to have all the tools for developing reports that are in sync with the demands and expectations. 


Now let us understand what an SEO Report is.


SEO report presents your website’s SEO achievements along with the failures. It usually includes information about:


  • organic keywords quantity along with the dynamics
  • website traffic
  • visibility
  • quantity of the backlinks


SEO reports help in educating your clients and helping you develop a relationship with the client. Now the question arises of why you should produce regular SEO Reports.


Search engine results keep modifying regularly, and the changes depend on many factors. That is why it is necessary to keep an eye on your SEO. As an SEO specialist, you should provide SEO reports for clients regularly, at least once a week.


Audit My SEO - How To Create Ultimate SEO Reports ClientsSEO reporting aims to present the value of what you are doing and why you are doing it. It acts as a communication channel between you and the stakeholder or the client. Your SEO reporting should be the tool you use to build trust, be transparent and present value. SEO Reporting presents the value of prior efforts; points out the areas of improvement and also areas that require attention. Also, there are various tools for sharing your SEO Reports. Among them, Serpstat is the tool through which you can easily share your SEO Reports. Serpstat Reports are utilized for:-


  • Analyzing the amount of work on a fresh project and the development of a basic action plan. 
  • Accumulating project information to provide reports to the clients.
  • Luring fresh customers.
  • Carrying site audit to find and fix the technical problems of our client’s websites 
  • Keeping a check on the backlinks to understand their quality and control the growth dynamics of the link mass.


Now a quality SEO tool is vital for any digital agency. In addition, useful SEO reports will allow you to see the results of experiments and help carry out a successful SEO campaign. A perfect report should consist of –


Simple Design and Customization


A precise layout, along with clarity, is a must when reporting. The design ensures that the key information stands out immediately to your clients and managers to ensure your decisions are effectively delivered to them. 


Keeping a watch, developing and sharing your reports easily is vital when choosing an SEO reporting system that is suitable for you. Serpstat’s user interface is very easy to understand. Graphs and infographics are used so variations can be shown and transformed into information, allowing easy tracking and analysis, thus saving time and effort.


You must include comparative data along with descriptive information. 


Audit My SEO - How To Create Ultimate SEO Reports ClientsScheduling


Scheduling is an important function of an SEO tool. Sending your reports manually helps you to analyze and comment on your report, which means you are in control of the time when the report hits a receiver’s inbox.


Serpstat helps you to schedule your reports as you like: daily, weekly, monthly, manually, etc.




Professional SEO platforms provide a variety of report formats. Technical reports are required for SEOs to analyze data internally.


Serpstat justifies users’ acts by sending their reports to anyone they choose. There is no limit to the number of recipients who can receive your report. So, you can export information in any format you desire: It might be in CSV, XLS, XLSX, Google Docs, PDF, or TXT.


How To Use Serpstat For Creating Reports and Managing Your Clients’ Projects?


Following are some of the ways to create reports and manage your Client’s Projects:-


Audit My SEO - How To Create Ultimate SEO Reports ClientsKeyword Analysis & Organic Keyword Visibility


Keyword Analysis is essential for proper search engine optimization. Suppose you optimize the pages of your site with appropriate keywords. In that case, it will help you achieve high rankings in search engines, get high-quality traffic and convert those traffic into loyal customers. Now for finding keywords, several Serpstat reports are used. First, go to Keyword Research → SEO Research → Keyword Selection. Then, apply for filters if you need them. Next, find keywords that are semantically connected to our keywords. Related Keywords report is the perfect tool. Now Go to Keyword Research → SEO Research → Related Keywords.


Search Suggestions report helps find a list of search suggestions related to the researched query. These well-known search queries pop under the search bar as you start typing the query. Go to Keyword Research, then click on SEO Research and then Search Suggestions. You can view a list of all interrogative search suggestions containing the query by clicking the Only Questions button. Serpstat aids in arranging the search questions depending on the wording.


Site Audit


Algorithms keep changing regularly, so you need to conduct site audits to ensure that a website is optimized to keep up with the search engine demands. Reporting tool highlights problems and recommendations to SEOs for improving site ranking, including meta tags, headings, content and redirects. To view the site’s technical problems, you need to click on any of the indicators in the summary report. Serpstat provides recommendations on how to fix various problems.


Rank Tracker


Rank Tracker Tool helps search for significant keywords, analyse competitors and track search engine rankings for the clients.


Analyzing site positions is vital for tracking the effectiveness of a promotion. You can upload keywords, divide them into groups by topics and keep track of your site’s positions and competitors’ positions. After Serpstat keeps a track of the domain positions, you would receive several reports: In the Keywords report, you would see basic information about the project’s positions for the keywords added to the project. The report would present the highest domain position in the SERP. In the Competitors section, you will find a report with a graph of the dynamics of modifications in your positions compared to the top 100 competitors. For adding competitors to the report, tick the check box next to the corresponding competitor.


URLs report helps in determining if the tracked or the expected URL matches the one that is, in fact, ranked in the SERP. 


Reporting On Link-Development 


Links positively affect the position of a site in SERP. Serpstat is used for controlling the number and quality of our backlinks. A vital step for examining links and anchor lists of top competitors, analyzing the quality of the backlinks and controlling the link mass’s growth dynamics.


Serpstat helps in analyzing backlinks for link development. Type your domain and check out for these parameters:


  • Back Link Quality. Through this, you can understand if your site’s link profile is filled with suspicious sites and spam anchors or not.
  • Sites That Are Regarded As Malicious. Malicious sites are those that are blocked from viewing by Google Chrome. A warning would appear if the content that you are trying to view is deceptive.


Therefore, get up and prepare your stunning SEO Reports, creating a great impression on your clients.

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