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How Much Does SEO Auditing Cost In 2022? What is SEO auditing? SEO Auditing should be the standard procedure for your website. With the help of an SEO auditing report, you will find website issues and suggestions to resolve those issues. Additionally, you might find many problems, like your site is unable to be indexed appropriately, crawled content quality issues, broken links, etc.


SEO auditing aims to find what issues prevent your site from ranking on search engines.


Those issues might be.


  • On-page SEO Issues
  • Technical SEO Issues
  • Competitive Marketplace Insights
  • User Experience Issues
  • Technical SEO Issues
  • Potential Off-Site Problems
  • Content Gaps 


Generally, people think SEO Audit and SEO Analysis use these terms interchangeably, but there is a difference! 


SEO Analysis– It shows the current state of a website’s search ranking, keyword ranking, web structure, online ads, etc., and provides suggestions for improvement. 


SEO Audit– SEO Audit gives you an actionable plan that helps to:


  • Compare yourself to competitors.
  • Identify what changes are required.
  • Reveal your website’s weaknesses and suggests fixing them.
  • Present a summary of the SEO efficiency of your website.
  • Set some expectations.

What is the Importance of SEO Auditing?


Audit My seo - How Much Does SEO Audit Cost - ipadNow, you read about what SEO auditing is. The question that comes to mind is why SEO auditing is vital for a website.


Let’s discuss it together.


An SEO audit inspects your website and shows issues of your website from some perspectives, such as:


Technical SEO –  Technical SEO audit allows us to find your website’s health from a technical point of view. This part of the audit includes an evaluation of:



On-Page SEO – On-page audits include the noticeable elements on your site, such as content, URL, meta title, and imagery.


Off-Page SEO – This part of the audit allows us to evaluate how off-page activities can improve, such as backlinks.

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What are the Benefits of an SEO Audit?


Here are some benefits of doing a regular SEO Audit for the website:

  • Create a better user experience
  •  Improved website performance
  • Increased Website User Satisfaction
  • Content optimization
  • High traffic on the website
  • See what your competitors are doing SEO-wise


What are the Best SEO Auditing Tools?


SEO auditing tools help you understand what issues need to work on a website. There are some famous tools available such as:


Audit My seo - How Much Does SEO Audit Cost - semrushSEMrush-


SEMrush is the best tool for SEO professionals and online marketers. Moreover, it has over 50 products, tools, and online visibility management. SEMrush has tools for search, content, marketing research, and social media. 


Furthermore, this platform provides powerful SEO features for online marketing professionals. Key features are keyword research, backlink research, advertising research, and analytics reports.


Additionally, benefits of using SEMrush include:


  • Improved Content Marketing
  • Integrated Social Media Marketing with SEO
  • Enhanced PLA Performance
  • Vast Keyword Database


Audit My seo - How Much Does SEO Audit Cost - ahrefsAhrefs- 


Ahrefs is one of the best tools in the SEO world.


Specifically, the tool offers the user the world’s most extensive index of live backlinks. 


Moreover, Ahrefs helps businesses of all sizes create backlinks, website auditing, keyword research, etc.


Also, Ahrefs features include:


  • Site Audit
  • Content Explore
  • Keywords Explorer
  • Domain Comparison
  • SEO Toolbar


Audit My seo - How Much Does SEO Audit Cost - spyfuSpyFU-


SpyFU is an all-in-one SEO suite/tool.


Specifically, it is a cloud-hosted system focused on Search engine optimization and marketing. 


Likewise, many features are available on SpyFu Domain Searches, Keyword Searches, Organic Keywords, Export Advanced Contact Info, and Backlinks Exports, among others.


How Much Does a Site Audit Cost?



It will cost you between $300 to $20,000, depending on the size of your website. Furthermore, it also depends on what problems it is causing you and (as a couple of our clients have shared) the issues troubling you.


Additionally, if you are not having trouble with your website, you will get a nominal expense on your SEO audit (which is now and then free) if you hire an organization for your SEO.


In particular, the technical audit contains: stacking speed trial of your website, internet searcher ordering and visibility check, page/content bloat check, codebase, and UX/UI check for better client experience, redirection and movement check, worker examination, and blunder check, and so on. Alongside these checks and tests, a friendly SEO individual will give you different approaches to tackle every one of these problems.


Pricing Breakdown


$300: Intended for a small website (near 100 pages). These are, for the most part, static websites.


$500: For websites with 100 pages and some minor issues. 


$700-$1000: For websites with 100 pages and some severe issues like deindexing, hacking, and so on, even though I am fully utilizing hacking, pricing might change depending on the skill required.


$1000–$1500: For medium size websites refreshed at a decent stretch. 


$1500-$3000: For the medium size websites referenced above experiencing some genuine difficulty and issues, refreshing or traffic misfortune after a google algorithm update. 


$3000–5000: Large websites having significant traffic, refreshed regularly; however, not getting anyplace because of some issues or reasons other than every one of the endeavors. Conditionally, audits are beneficial to understand the center of the problem and deal with it.


Likewise, we have worked with many clients who have been in business for the last four or five years. Somehow, they began getting traffic on their website, so they never centered around the technical part of SEO. Also, After the audit and enhancement of the technical details of the website, their traffic multiplied in three to five months.


$5000-$10,000: Large sites, gatherings, eCommerce sites, and networks that are taken care of with content on numerous occasions in a day, having traffic and fulfilling every one of the conditions referenced in the last point. Furthermore, they could be hacked or punished, yet they need not get penalized in the future because of Google’s constant calculation updates.


Typically, a decent specialized review is supposed to be substantial for one year, not to get punished, yet we have never seen any site getting a severe penalty for the next three+years. Notably, I am saying a painful punishment because your page might be dragged from the first position to the fifth position because of an algorithm update. Subsequently, traffic might decrease by 20% (this happened with one of our customers). However, that does not mean you get punished.


Likewise, it is only that the new algorithm is positioning a page on various boundaries. Subsequently, your page is outdated, and you need to update your page according to the new limit. 


$10,000+: All kinds of malicious works, all blackhats, all hacking, and wash-offs from the search on huge sites fall under this classification. 


How Long Does an SEO Audit Take?


Audit My seo - How Much Does SEO Audit Cost - contact us As recently referenced, an SEO audit can take somewhere in the range of two to six weeks. Meanwhile, an SEO expert is breaking down and uncovering SEO opportunities on your website. Nonetheless, bi-weekly or weekly registrations keep you and your team on top of it regarding the advancement.


In some random website audits, there are a few low-hanging opportunities found. At the point when these kinds of bits of knowledge get uncovered, our team will pass them along immediately. Moreover, it gives a chance to recuperate visibility while the rest of the audit gets done.


Following the complete audit, your team will be welcome to a show in which your SEO expert will talk through the findings and recommendations. Also, our SEO team will walk you and your team through the guide to fruition, so you realize what is in store and when. Furthermore, you will get an exhaustive examination of your site’s health.


Conclusion, How Much Does SEO Audit Cost: SEO Audit Costs are Contingent


The cost of SEO auditing will depend on several factors and on which company or agency you opt-in. However, if you hire a highly experienced agency, the cost of SEO auditing will be higher. 


Furthermore, if you want free SEO auditing, you can contact us right now, and we will offer you free SEO auditing services.

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