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A Guide To WooCommerce SEO In 2022. There is strong competition now in the online world, and among brands trying to get the attention of their target audience. If you want to increase the traffic of your WooCommerce Website, you will need to attract your target audience and promote your product & service.


In the online world, all you need to do to achieve proper sales is list your products for sale on your website and sit back to watch the magic happen. But, this is reality, and things are happening a bit differently here.


To enjoy desirable sales figures and improve the ranking of your website, take benefit of WooCommerce SEO. Search engine optimization ranks websites on Google’s Search Engine Result Page, and the higher the rank, the better the chance of people finding your products & service.


Before we start, let’s understand the basics.


What is WooCommerce?


Audit My SEO -WooCommerce SEOWooCommerce has powered the WordPress content management system (CMS) to reform your website into an eCommerce website.


It’s a popular open-source, customizable eCommerce platform.


As it is an open-source plugin, it enables users infinite customization options. 


Although setting up WooCommerce is pretty straightforward, you might need to have the technical knowledge to effectively take advantage of the many optimization techniques it offers.


Is WooCommerce SEO Friendly?


Audit My SEO -WooCommerce SEOThe answer is Yes!


WooCommerce really flourishes since it works on WordPress and its plugins. With these plugins, it is possible to expand search engine optimization and boost your sales.


When you know what WooCommerce is, you will know that there is a difference between being search engine optimization friendly and making a difference in ranking high on Google’s Search Engine Result Page (SERP) for the keywords or phrases you are targeting.


WordPress CMS is SEO friendly, and WooCommerce is installed on top of it. Therefore, without any difficulties, WooCommerce is well optimized and search engine friendly. However, before moving on WooCommerce, you have to optimize your website first.   


Here are some SEO benefits of the WooCommerce plugin are:


  • WooCommerce has its schema markup for product
  • Product contents, meta description optimization, URL
  • Review declaration, tags, categories, a brand name
  • Product image with “alt” tag
  • Shop structure
  • SEO friendly WooCommerce themes
  • Optimize breadcrumbs
  • Sitemap

How to SEO WooCommerce


There are many ways you can optimize WooCommerce for SEO, Such as,


Optimize Page Title


Let’s start with the basics, but an important topic- The page title.


Begin your optimization with the page title, as <title></title> the tag is the first factor the search engine crawlers read. Since the title tag is displayed on the search engine results page, you need to assure it’s SEO-friendly. But, what specifically is an SEO-friendly page title? The title should represent what you are selling – a product or service, while staying within the character limit – 60 characters.


Always Add Meta Description


To make the page title unique and SEO friendly, make sure to create a meta description.  You can edit the meta description using the Yoast SEO plugin.


The Search Engine will determine whether to show the meta description. At times, the search engine will easily pick text from the page. In any case, it’s important to have a unique meta description for all your products. 


Audit My SEO -WooCommerce SEOEnable Breadcrumbs


Breadcrumbs help in interlinking the pages on your website, enabling visitors to get a clear way to the page they are searching for.


WooCommerce has the breadcrumbs’ functionality allowed for all pages.


It helps your store’s visitors navigate easily to your product pages or view similar products.


Google’s crawlers mainly use them to understand how well your website is structured, the sitemap and it could affect where your site appears on the search engine results page. 

Stay away from Duplicate Content 


Duplicate and non-unique content is probably the most concerning issue in SEO advancement. You should give Google a proper motivating force to rank your page higher, and duplicate content simply doesn’t. 


Envision having something similar or comparable product content as Amazon or some other immense internet based store. The odds of your site ranking high on indexed lists is clearly exceptionally bleak. In the event that you have comparable products as large retailers, you can just persevere by having unique and significant content. 


How about we perceive how you can make your content unique in WooCommerce. There are essentially two spots to add your product description content – the long and short descriptions. It ought to be noticed that the short description is displayed toward the top, and Google considers any content demonstrated around the top to be necessary. Thus, to benefit as much as possible from this, you ought to consider: 


  • Keeping the description short, unique, and exactly unmistakable 
  • Counting name and fundamental insights concerning the product 
  • Counting keywords 
  • Adding a summary, if conceivable 

Audit My SEO -WooCommerce SEOPromote your WooCommerce store 


It is presently the time to promote your eCommerce store amazingly. You should deal with both the showcasing or SEO and the specialized piece of the store to finish the process. You need to focus on off-page improvement also. By off-page improvement, we mean: 


  • Brand promotion exercises 
  • Link building 
  • Social media Promotion 


You need to truly become a web sensation for individuals to discuss your brand or products. How might you circulate around the web if your content doesn’t reach and reverberate with your interest groups? Foster a blog that provides useful information to your users and rakes in traffic and deals, obviously. 

Keep up with Mobile-friendliness 


Being mobile-friendly is an essential prerequisite nowadays. The transition to mobile is almost finished, and you need to exploit the move. Google’s new instrument to test the mobile-friendliness of the website is very useful. 


You should initially see whether your WooCommerce is mobile-friendly and responsive by running Google’s test. In any case, don’t anticipate that Google should provide an exhaustive answer since it will offer you a somewhat dark or white response in particular – either your site is mobile-friendly, or it’s not. In case it is, keep up the astounding work. If not, we recommend you change the theme or upgrade the total look of the store. 


Use SEO Friendly Themes 


Why bother having a web-based eCommerce store that is enhanced for internet searcher crawlers yet not the genuine clients? Digital Pro is a brilliant, highly advanced, easy to understand theme. Ensure the theme is easy to understand yet focusing on diminishing the load time, utilizing high-quality pictures and product videos, making a traversable site structure, and delivering useful, high-quality content.



Audit My SEO -WooCommerce SEOWooCommerce is surely SEO friendly, however you ought to deal with creating novel content, structure your site, take part in on-page and off-page SEO exercises, and tidy up your whole site to move up the Google page rank stepping stool


Watchwords hold the way into your online achievement. Continuously be educated regarding high-ranking catchphrases in your specific domain. Attempt to comprehend the reason behind their prevalence and advance your content and your offerings. 


You have a store exclusively for your clients — with the goal that they can access your items. Thus, make your online store effectively accessible and fun to spend time in. Furthermore, take care of diminishing the site’s heap speed and making it mobile-friendly. 


At long last, optimizing your WooCommerce store for SEO is certifiably not a one-time movement — be busy each and every day. We comprehend that these are not the only techniques of SEO optimization, and that is the reason we recommend depending on the specialists in WooCommerce SEO to assist you with turning the Google page ranking dial in support of yourself. There are credible and experienced organizations that give SEO administrations in India, and with them, you can in all likelihood see a checked contrast in your Google standings. 


In any case, you should continue to zero in on your items — they get the money. You can build your store’s virtual footfalls only in the event that you center around giving your clients important items and gainful information.

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