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A Guide to Social Book Marketing in SEO for 2022. What is Social Bookmarking? Social Book Marketing is an off-page SEO technique. One that has been practiced since the early days of search engine optimization to get backlinks for other websites. Above all, it involves the submission of the webpage links to other link-sharing websites like Tumblr, Reddit, Plurk, Peartree,, and many more.


How Social Bookmarking Websites Work


Social bookmarking websites work in different ways. The website can consider any of the several strategies underneath the social bookmarking websites to increase traffic. Such as off-page SEO techniques like saving pages offline and so on. There are only a few ways in which bookmarking sites work:


  • Curating Content Sites can make complicated dashboards or sections with different resources clubbed together. This allows these bookmarking sites to save and develop the resources they need for a more comprehensive Site audience.
  • Organizing and Saving Content The main goal of a social bookmarking site is to deliver timely access to content or resources to the audience. So, social bookmarking websites are very good at arranging their content so that users can easily find it.
  • Tagging Content Many social bookmarking sites also make different tags and labels to deliver their user’s timely access to the resources.


You need to check the effectiveness of the Social Bookmarking activity


There are many things a search engine optimization agency tries to optimize. From On-Page search engine optimization to Technical parameters. While also building backlinks for the web page using different Off-Page search engine optimization Techniques. So, we determined to run an experiment to check the significance of this activity


Details of the Social Bookmarking Experiment


  • Time of the activity – 2 months
  • Test URLs – 5
  • The keywords number related to these URLs – 16
  • The number of links created: 50 Links in one week (10 for separately URLs). By the end of Two months, we had created 400 links.
  • Link Submission website: Bookmarking websites with DA>50 
  • Domain – Finance


KPIs for this experiment


The key KPIs that we determined to follow for this case study are as below:


  1. PA (Page Authority) of these pages.
  2. Ranking of the 16 associated keywords. 


10 Most Popular Social Bookmarking Websites




Let’s begin with one of the largest social media websites in the world: Twitter.


It´s an awesome bookmarking tool, as everything you post is automatically saved in your account. Twitter is perfect for this, and you can make things happen in a couple of ways.


You can begin by simply posting links, content, and images with your Twitter account. Also, you could save your tweets and look them up later when you need that info.


Social Book MarketingPinterest


Pinterest is the greatest example of how social bookmarking approaches can be carried out effectively.


Not only does this site offer users the option to manage their content on elaborate boards. But it also compares them with other Pinterest users, comparable resources.


For instance, over half their users use the Site to compare their shopping lists on the website before buying them.


So that they can find the most convenient or affordable options!


Social Book MarketingMix


This website is an open, free website, where users can helpfully save content for later.


When joining, the website asks users which areas they’re interested in, like travel, beauty care products, style, food, mainstream society.


Then, at that point, the site proposes prescribed sources to check or follow.


In addition, it´s also an extraordinary website to engage with your associates. For sharing different snippets of data while getting more proposals for similar kinds of content!




Pocket is a social bookmarking website that takes the interaction up a notch.


On this website, not exclusively would you be able to save content from any asset on the internet.


You can use tools too, to explain, feature, and add notes to any or everything you’re browsing.


You can likewise share this substance, alongside your edits, with your partners and co-workers.




Slack is a multi-purpose website that comes stacked with a lot of benefits. It can be used as a correspondence channel with your teammates, to investigate various websites to catch new bits of content, to share and bookmark content independently or with your teammates. All of it through a channel you create.


Social Book MarketingReddit


Regularly alluded to as the “first page of the Internet”, Reddit is one of the most worshipped social bookmarking websites.


It´s a platform where anybody can post images, videos, links to content, and significantly more.


Engage with a community of users who can upvote or downvote entries.


This helps users to bookmark the substance they like, and what they should revisit later.




This social bookmarking website is like Reddit. Slashdot was planned fundamentally as a social news website.


It highlights reports and snippets from all industries, with a nitty-gritty substance that can be shared by the users.


Users can engage with these posts, save them in their cloud, or even download them at times.




Folkd is a social community website, that fills the need of sharing, storing, and referencing content from any place on the Internet. The client community can follow one another and see what their mutuals have bookmarked. It´s an extremely useful data-sharing tool for workplace teammates who are working with one another on projects.


Social Book MarketingWe Heart It


We Heart It is a designated social bookmarking website, made explicitly for bookmarking images, videos, and GIFs.


It goes about as a social systems administration website.


Where users can associate with one another to share any of the previously mentioned media.


They can bookmark it and save it for some time later.


This specific website’s goal audience is experts, organizations, and non-profits. obliges these areas by offering free and paid memberships to organizations. Where they can distribute on their websites, online journals, articles, newsletters, and social media directly using Scoop. it.




Social book marketing is an effective off-page SEO technique by which you can take the rankings of your website to the next level.


This technique will help your link building, drive traffic on your site, increase social shares and do a lot more. 


Though social book marketing is not that relevant today, you can still use it for link building. 

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